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HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF. The same genepool that rioted in the 60s in cities from coast to coast is at it again.  And, the same bad news bears are stocking them.

People pay attention.  Sure as God made little green apples, this will get a lot worse.  WHEN, not IF the handouts dry up, as they are not sustainable at their current levels, the riots we are watching will break out once again.  One big difference is that Ferguson is not an innercity.  It is a suburb.  The riots of the 60s were in innercities.  But the aboriginals followed the same trend of Americans everywhere that chose to escape that mentality.  The 'social or antisocial' mentality that drives these aboriginals relocates along with their bodies.  

THIS TOO CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.  The term 'entitlements' is one of the words this group is totally familiar with.  They have been told they are entitled and they believe it was stamped on their forehead when they arrived.  They are entitled and you must accommodate that entitlement.  If you don't there will be H*ll to pay.  

They (their groups, their gene pool) destroyed Newark, NJ, Asbury Park, NJ, Los Angeles, CA, and hundreds more.  When I visited Washington, DC, for the first time in the late 60s, it was shocking and horrifying that OUR Nation's Capital could be in such destruction.  Street after street with over half the buildings burned out, gutted.  There were tents all over the place.  I was in my mid 20s.  I wondered what kind of people would do such stupid stuff.  It's like the little kid that has a temper tantrum and destroys their favorite toy.  It's nothing short of STUPID in the umpteenth degree.

In the 90s a minority coworker expressed dismay that there was no shopping in Newark.  We are talking even supermarkets.  I asked her who had destroyed the ones they had.  She said they had.  I then asked, 'why would anyone reinvest their life savings to build a store there to risk the same thing happening all over again'.  Her answer was that the prior investors had made a lot of money off the people before they destroyed it.  I asked how she knew this.  Everybody knows they make lots of money, was her answer.  So, I tried again.  "If it were your money, would you build a store there and chance it?"  She had no answer.

The only peaceful solution I can see is to taper off the handouts.  They are unsustainable at the current levels.  For them to stop at once guarantees the same destruction again.  IF the benefits are reduced 5% every 3 months, it enables the recipient to be notified to prepare for when they will disappear.  NOTIFYING them upfront when signing up that this will be the case, also lets them know this is not a lifetime situation.  In fact, at that rate, it will take 5 years to zero out the handouts.  But, it is at least a start.

It may very well avoid the destruction that is surely ahead.

It's only one plan.  Surely there are better ones.  Do you have one?.

Only an idiot would stand by and watch other idiots destroy property and lives.

It is coming and it is coming soon.  The handouts are paid for with money borrowed under the National Debt.  The ability to borrow IS DEPENDENT ON THE ABILITY AND WILLINGNESS OF OTHERS TO LOAN.  That is nearing an end.

What's your plan?

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Comment by Deborah DelBuono on August 18, 2014 at 3:04pm

My plan is to require anyone who receives Welfare to waive their right to vote. It is an inherent conflict of interest because no welfare recipient is going to literally "bite the hand (party) that feeds them". The politicians count on this. When LBJ first enacted welfare, he said, and I quote, "I'll have those Niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years". And does anyone think that Obama would care about the illegal aliens if he didn't think they would all become Democratic voters. This insanity has to end.

Comment by Rich Knoch on August 18, 2014 at 8:56am

The State Police rode into the scene and for one night let the Rioters have the streets till 1:00 AM so they could destroy more property and rob more businesses.

This "hands off policy" failed.  

Today I heard the National Guard would be moving in to insure the safety of Ferguson citizens.

The problem, as in most Riots and Thievery Debacles is not local folks, but it's those who move in to take advantage of the situation; i.e., Al, Jesse, New Black Panthers and their "shock troops".

As Marsha stated, the average folks of Ferguson and other American Cities always attempt to do the right thing, while imported "Rioting Shock Troops" have a totally different motive.

Unfortunately, "doing the right thing" isn't newsworthy in the Lame Stream Media.

Comment by Marsha Clark on August 17, 2014 at 8:54pm

I live in Ferguson the media is painting a negative image of our city. The folks arrested for looting were not from Ferguson but neighboring communities and some out of towners. We help our neighbors in time of need the City of Ferguson has a local food bank and we offer  financial assistance to Ferguson residents in need. We had a food drive today where is the media coverage !

Comment by Phil (Bulldog) Johnson on August 17, 2014 at 4:59pm

Sorry, but at this time, I cannot reveal my plan, but rest assured, I have one!

Comment by John R Headrick on August 17, 2014 at 3:58pm

Both Holder and Obama should drown in a pool of hog blood.... Pray for it!

Comment by Cherie on August 17, 2014 at 12:03pm

Imagine gun sales are exploding.  Good for the weapon industry.

Comment by Cherie on August 17, 2014 at 12:01pm

 My extremely sweet, and very elderly mother, trying to be politically correct and unsure of just what is allowed to say in this crazy world, inqired why the DEMOCRATS were burning and looting...lolol...I said:  "Yeah ma, the Democrats are just restless a-holes tonight".

Comment by Marlene on August 17, 2014 at 8:07am

Fear that this will happen IF or WHEN barry gets removed should not prevent America from doing what is right.  He is ineligible to hold the office AND he has done a lot of harm to the country.  Some of that harm is already irreparable.   The irreparable part, in small part, is the National Debt and the wasting of trillions of dollars.  That is not easily undoable.

Comment by phylmike34 on August 16, 2014 at 11:44pm

if we try to remove obama as president in any way this will happen all over the country too,might be part of the reason the congress lets him do whatever he wants.

Comment by Joseph Bell on August 16, 2014 at 10:46pm

At a gun show I went to today, One of the topics was Ferguson and how the New Black Panther Party took over the Police Chief's  Press conference and the looting and rioting going on before any facts were in at all in the case. Folks were arming up!

 Folks are somewhat scared but prepared to defend themselves from the violence promoters and racists such as the New Black Panther Party and the growing race warfare promoted by Eric Holder and Obama and their minions like Al Sharpton.

 Make no mistake, The New Black Panther party is very dangerous, But not when faced with armed resistance!

 For far too long, We have been silent while our good name "conservative" has been drug through the mud time and time again, Being called racist, bigoted, homophobes in the most vile manner- 

 We have been silent way too long not to demand an end to taxpayer entitlements   paid for on our hard work and our labor-

 We have been silent while Obama and the DOJ have fermented racism and anger  to support the Stalinization and radicalization of America-

 We have not taken to the streets like we did in 2010 to demand we be listened to-

 We need to right now, Be resolved to play dirty just like the Left does- Play for keeps with personal attacks just like they do! To go after them just like they do to us!

 If the politics of personal destruction  is the game they play, We must match them! Personally destroy them just like they do us!


The time is over to be run over time and time again and Ferguson can be the teacher-

 The New Black Panthers didn't pay when they intimidated voters in Pennsylvania in 2009 and didn't pay for their take over of the Press Conference in Ferguson either!

 This we can point to that as  Justice is not color blind!

 Until Leftists are destroyed, This nation will suffer a thousand cuts from those that hate the very fabric that held us together for hundreds of years!

 Perhaps the time has come for us to start carrying Billy clubs and daring the Left  to mess with us! 

 Time to quit lying down and being run over folks!


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