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it seems that the press and Comrade Obama's regime chose to ignore the happenings in Venezuela were several people are tortured, killed and thrown in prison daily just because they despise the socialist government being imposed upon them.

Troops are being sent from Castro's Cuba to help the government put the demonstrations down as well as troops from Bolivia both with communists regimes. South America is exploding very few countries have not accepted the Socialist/Communist way. We have leftist government in most of Central and South American Countries including  nations we considered allies and our friends as Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru.

Remember when the foreign policy of the United States was based on Teddy Roosevelt pronouncement: "SPEAK SOFT AND CARRY A BIG STICK" . The United States was respected in the world and our enemies feared us. Now we seem to be timid and conciliate every time . Is time to grow a pair again and demonstrate to the world the American way.

Our enemies keep concentrating in South and Central America, backed up by Iran and our enemies they have sent planes ,built military bases, placed missiles in strategic locations all the while John Kerry and Comrade Obama keep talking about Global Warming as the biggest threat to our country.

I ask you to pray for Venezuela, is happening the same as it happened in my birth country of Cuba.

I will tell you it is happening in this country as we speak.



Rafael " Ralph" De Cardenas

Cuban by birth

American by CHOICE

Okie with pride

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Comment by Rafael de Cardenas on February 19, 2014 at 12:58pm


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