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These Events Reveal How Obama Is Creating An Islamic CaliphateDinesh D'Souza was right...Share Tweet EmailL. Todd Wood — June 16, 2014Pages: 1 2It is not hard to understand why our Dear Leader wanted Dinesh D’Souza in jail and came at him with the full force of the Justice Department. A so-called routine review of his campaign donations unearthed an irregularity, and Mr. D’Souza was prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Who has their campaign contributions routinely reviewed anyway? Perhaps if he had been an illegal immigrant, or a Democratic operative like Jon Corzine, his crimes would have been overlooked. But he was neither and is now convicted. However, in President Obama’s eyes, Mr. D’Souza’s real crime was not illegally funneling money to Republican politicians–it was exposing the President’s dark agenda. For you see that in D’Souza’s movie, 2016: Obama’s America, he exposed for the world to see that Obama wanted to create a Muslim Jihadist caliphate across North Africa and the Middle East. For this, D’Souza had to be prosecuted.Many on the Left laughed at D’Souza’s claims. Even many on the Right thought he was a little “out there.” But as I have written on these pages many times, the results speak for themselves, no matter what you believe about President Obama. If you are intellectually honest, I don’t believe you can look at the evidence and come to any other conclusion but that D’Souza was right.So let’s take a look at the evidence. First, let’s start with the so-called Arab Spring. Here, you had a chain reaction of events where dictatorial leaders across the Muslim world were violently thrown out of positions of control. However, if you examine these events with a critical eye, what you see is that strongmen had held in check Sunni Muslim jihadists with a boot on their neck for decades. When this restraint was removed, the Muslim Brotherhood and other similar groups came to power. In Egypt, for example, after Mubarak’s ouster, there began a march towards Sharia Law. Why do you think the U.S. government was so angry when the Egyptian military threw the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi out of office, put him in jail, and outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood across the country? Is there any other explanation except that Obama wanted the Brotherhood in control?In Libya, the strongman Gaddafi was removed from power and killed in a movement backed by NATO forces in 2011. In the ensuing power vacuum, Islamic jihadist extremist elements are filling the void. In fact, once again, the military has launched operations against these Al Qaeda-backed forces to remove them from the country. Why do you think we really don’t know what happened in Benghazi? Why do you think this administration is going to such lengths to cover up how four American’s died? In Hillary’s words, “What difference does it make?” I think if the truth ever comes out, we will find that America was supporting jihadists in the country to allow them to rise to power, in spite of their terrorist links. Obama cannot let this get out.Read more at
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