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The Political Framing of Gov. Christie

I'm not particularly fond of Gov. Christy because of his implicit endorsement of Obama in the last election, but with all the media hype surrounding the traffic incident on the GW Bridge, I can't help smelling a rat. A rat that does not believe in letting a crisis go to waste, a rat out to frame Christy (KGB style) and throw as much mud on him as possible to clear the way for a Hillary candidacy.


Mainline flow did improve....

But the media showed little interest at first....

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Red_Dirt replied to MOTUS's discussion Let’s Try Something New, Let’s Go Left
"Just another reason to cancel the cable."
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Brock Peterman commented on Rudy's blog post Monday ~ The Front Page Cover
"If George Washington hadn't imposed his will on things the Constitution would never have survived ratification.  It is extremely important to have quality people as president.
The slogan from now on should be "No more Obama's!""
7 hours ago
Brock Peterman commented on Rudy's blog post Monday ~ The Front Page Cover
"If I had the financial backing of some moneybags/continental congress I would be."
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