Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile
Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Christian Science Monitor [via Scott Peterson] reported today that "...Iran has unveiled its own copy of an American stealth drone it captured in late 2011, claiming to have cracked the 'secrets' of the bat-wing craft and added weapons capabilities..."

The report essentially says Iran has a stealth drone and aims to use it against its enemies, i.e., the U.S. and Israel. According to the report the drone has the "...'bombing capability to attack the US warships in any possible battle.' The story in Persian was headlined: 'America’s nightmare has become reality.'

The article by Peterson goes on to report that while U.S. officials claimed Iran was incapable of replicating a "captured" drone that crash landed in Iran a few years ago, nevertheless, Iranian mental giants were able to "reverse engineer" the captured drone and built one for themselves.

Of course, the report leaves out that you or I could have easily duplicated such a drone with a model airplane kit and a few materials picked out of the debris we might have in our tool shed or garage.  Granted, it might not look as sleek and shiny as the captured drone, but it would be as lethal, if we were so inclined to build it that way.

Of course, you or I might find other uses for that toy, the model airplane.  We might use it to mount a camera on it to take panoramic pictures of beautiful landscapes.  We might even use one to help us deliver pizzas to hungry customers.

And if we happened to be running a not-so-small country, and found one of these model airplanes that we could "reverse engineer" to develop one of our own, why, we could find all kinds of uses for this magnificent machine to help us do all kinds of things, like map our cities, towns and villages; deliver medical aid to remote villages; warn our remote towns and villages of impending severe weather conditions; use them for news or sports reporting.

That's what you or I would do.

Not Iran.  [nor your illustrious Commander in Chief]

You would think that they would rush to their public relations podium with news about how they would advance their country and their culture, and their standard of living with this brand new technological miracle that happened to land in their country by the grace of God.

No sir. Not Iran; not the little socio-paths, chomping at the bit, salivating, panting to mount a nuke on one of those portable remote-controlled little vessels.

They rushed up to that tele-prompter and said they were going to blow us to Kingdom Come.

Well isn't that special?

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Comment by Matthew Ribarich on May 17, 2014 at 12:18am

How many "patriots" bothered to assist those that were going to Washington DC for Operation American Spring?

Ok, let's say you did not know, don't you think with the country collapsing that maybe you need to get out more? We as a nation might not make it through to our next election if everyone's choices is laying in a hammock.

Ok, let's say you knew. What exactly did you do to assist those people going to Washington to save this country for YOUR children?

Is that how Abe Lincoln acted? Betsy Ross? Frederick Douglas? what the H makes you or me any damn different during this time of great need for ALL of us to act and 10% are acting. Do only 10% of the people benefit from freedom? I have even had it with RUSH, BECK and Hannity! We needed them to support OAS and they did not, PATHETIC, simply PATHETIC! We can't go to CBS or ABC or PBS! We needed them TODAY!

Comment by Shirley Warren on May 16, 2014 at 6:48pm

I say if they don't want to follow through being a Tea Party Leader then they shouldn't be in that Leadership position. Put someone else in that knows how to delegate and let the others be the ants building the hill. There is something for everyone, but we all have to be responsible and accountable to one another.

I find the problem to be.....Obama knew exactly what the plan was 6 yrs ago. He has Cjar's, and every other illegal Muslim in TOP PRIORITY positions that they all have been working on for this long.  WE THE PEOPLE wanted to give Obama a chance to be the kind of person he wanted to impress the people with and still does, but most of us have seen through him with his actions.  Now, 6 yrs later those that voted for him are starting to see what a piece of crap lier that he is, but it is to late.  He has done 6 yrs worth of destruction to this country.

Skip you are absolutely RIGHT when you say go to the colleges and talk to the young people there. Half of them don't know their history or what is even going on. They stumble and stammer when they are asked a question and they don't know the answer then they laugh and think it's funny.  They're to lazy to do the homework when it comes to who it is that is running for office and they just vote when they don't know who or what they are even voting.  It's disgusting to see college students that think because they don't know that it's funny.  It's not funny....they have put our country in the hands of criminals.

Comment by Matthew Ribarich on May 16, 2014 at 5:11pm

Skip, I hear what you are saying, but think about it, our side is the most unorganized and the other side is organized, and co-ordinated. Our side has 10,000 different groups each going in their own direction. Their side has all of this type of group covering a specific area connected and co-ordinated horizontally and vertically. I contacted about 30 Tea Party groups in CA, VA & AZ  27 were unaware of OAS and only two Tea Party Leaders bothered to call back (Sorry poor management skills)And those are Tea party Leaders!

Comment by Skip Peters on May 16, 2014 at 4:58pm
We don't need to be worried about Iran? We have Obama doing more damage then a missile attack. The best thing we could hope for is that Israel does what they need to do, to end Iran's power. John Kerry will have the laser on the target for Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Matthew, I feel the same way as you do, but there are many Patriots working at getting the vote out working in teams forming watch groups at voting booths many are writing stories in there local papers and all over the country there are Tea Party groups still having meetings. Training people on the Constitution and attending meetings in local and state government,igniting on local levels. Perhaps you haven't seen any because your seating home to much. Go to meetings meet the people that are in Washington serving you, and your area. Do you know your Congress man/woman or you Senators how about your Governor, Lt. Governor how about your State Senator or your Delegates in your state, by name. When was the last time you met with your local mayor or Commissioner. I have to agree there isn't enough if this going on because if there were, being in there faces they would know were we stand. So start a group and if thats not for you just go and meet people on the streets, and tell them what is going on in there country. If you really want to know were to start talk to college kids it won't take but a second to know then. And what needs to be done. I know there are many on this site that has been to Washington DC many times. And to meet with the Party's running for office. If you don't vet those that are running, who are you counting on Nancy Pelosi ?
Comment by Bob Velon on May 16, 2014 at 2:54am

How about this for Iran, Flat,black and glow in the dark.....

Comment by Matthew Ribarich on May 15, 2014 at 4:04pm

Ask yourself this question, how many of the people making statements here are actually DOING something besides sharing opinions? isn't it time to get active and involved or is everybody just going to make excuses why they can't do something?

What are you doing? Or are you going to leave it to your neighbor to stand up for your country?

Are you going to DC to participate?

Are you doing anything to assist those going to DC or do you want them to front the entire Bill?

Are you standing on freeway overpasses with signs?

Are you standing on street corners with signs?

Are you making flyers?

WHAT are you doing about this corrupt Gov?

Time to talk was last year, this is a New Year, ya know?

Operation American Spring, get involved or sit and watch TV.

Comment by JYuma on May 15, 2014 at 3:41pm

Scorched Sand?How about a Glass Parking Lot? That would end All their Nuclear Thoughts.

Comment by Matthew Ribarich on May 14, 2014 at 4:09pm

The footsteps of America are there now and they will hear us in two days!

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Organizers are expecting as many as 30 million individuals to take part.

Comment by Tana W. Bernard on May 14, 2014 at 3:21pm

Should Iran try to use this against America, they should be turned totally into scorched sand.

Comment by Shirley Warren on May 14, 2014 at 12:49pm

Betz, I sort of thought the same thing.  Something has got to give where D C is concerned.  That imposter POTUS is giving us away like giving candy to a kid. We've never had any other President that has lost information about our Military and now this.  You know there has to be a nigger in the wood pile. Don't get me wrong I'm not being racist as I have mixed in my own family.....there are niggers in every race, These kind are the ones that always have everyone in a turmoil and now we have the whole world in one.  I still think he and Putin are working together.

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