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The current events in Czechoslovakia known as the velvet revolution are identified as such because the Communists are handled there with velvet gloves.

This gang of rude, spiteful, lazy, cunning criminals seizing power over a state, fanatically persisting for 41 years in breaking down families, confiscating properties, spilling blood, destroying the nation's wealth, spoiling environment, brainwashing generations of their countrymen, then retreating from their crimes as if nothing had happened and coming out of it without any judgment and punishment.

And that's not all!
Imagine this! Another clan of the same gang, a bunch of chronic opportunists,
hypocritic exploiters, crafty pretenders, arrogant scoundrels, national outcasts and international adventuters joining the revolution and continuing their bloodsucking as if no evil had ever been done.

And this is not all!
Imagine this - these moral, mental and spiritual degenerates not repentant of their evil past, but proudly persisting on their paty affiliation and in free elections voting again for the old
criminal party.

And that's not all!
Imagine this! Now these comrades trying to actively sell the idea that to blame for their crimes are whose who were persecuted, expropriated, deported, jailed, tortured and killed; those who for decades were denied food, shelter, education and the hope for a normal life; those whose thousand-year Christian culture was ravaged and their
God blasphemed.

Vaclav Havel has resurrected president Thomas G. Masaryk's Christian principle "Jesus, not Ceasar!" Czechs and Slovaks who have survived the forty-one years Communist inferno have no problem with this statement, but first the Communists, present or past, must be removed from all leadership positions!

After all, didn't all tyrants meet justice after the Nazi holocaust?

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"Their worst than sick scum. They are demons."
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"I really doubt that beheading those women prevented ISIS from marrying them anyways.  They are truly some sick scum."
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