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Socialist Takeover of America

Our country is being taken over by socialism, I hate to see it and I really do not want to believe it but it is happening. Socialists have been wanting to transform this country since the beginning of the 20th century. Nothing could really be done because of lack of money, power, and organization. So over time the socialist have been gaining money and power and structuring themselves to put their plan into action. Some of the most prominent groups with the best funding and the most power making this happen are ACORN, SEIU, Green For All, The Apollo Alliance, etc. These organizations are funded by people like George Soros and you the tax payer. Who has friends or has even been involved with these groups? The current President of our country. The only way to take down the strongest country in the world is to be the person running the country. This administration is like a virus infecting a body, taking over little by little, destroying it's defenses and consuming it's resources. Obama along with the far left wing has been doing this by taking over manufacturing and financial sectors of our economy, our backbone. Diminishing jobs, taxing more, health care control, everything is slowly being taken over by the government until we have no say on anything and we must rely on the government for our very existence. This is really happening and most people do not see it and those who do not want to believe it. Don't forget Obama is also a constitutional lawyer so he also knows all the loop holes to push government control on all of us.
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"To get a driver's license, I had to show my notarized birth certificate and my social security card.
To get my social security card, I had to furnish my notarized birth certificate and other documents.
To register for a little league sports team, ch…"
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"wiki has a little info about those cluster boxes;
Comprehensive reform packages considered in the 113th Congress include S.1486[74] and H.R.2748.[75] These include the efficiency measure, supported by Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe [76] of endin…"
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"Can anyone provide me a rational explanation as to why a police department would need bayonets?"
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"I am curious to see some evidence of a foreign acquisition of the USPS. I spent some time researching and could not come up with any references."
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