Progressives should be called “digressives” or “regressives”

Progressives assert that they are the standard bearers of leading society into the next evolutionary development - that their "high minded ideals will bring about a utopia of peace and prosperity. But if this were true, wouldn't we as a nation be freer, more prosperous and have more opportunity than we did 100 years ago when they took the political helm? Instead we seem to be “progressing” back to the same oppressive ideas that inspired our forefathers and kicked off the American Revolution in 1776. 

The Dictionary defines progress as:

PROGRESS. noun \ˈprä-grəs, -ˌgres

1 movement forwards, esp towards a place or objective
   : a state procession
   : a tour or circuit made by an official (as a judge)
   : an expedition, journey, or march through a region
2 : a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal): advance
3 : gradual betterment; especially: the progressive development of humankind

But to become gradually better or more advanced as a society, the direction we should be progressing towards is more freedom and less government. To go in any other direction would simply be moving backwards towards the failures of the unevolved man of the past. Where more restrictive micro-managed control, more dependency, less individual freedom and less privacy and ownership were the standard – where the elite had privilege and the masses were at their disposal. 

There was no voice to represent them nor was there any power or opportunity for them. They were subjects and mere property and their only purpose was to serve the privileged. Someone who is a progressive, please explain how this social paradigm and construct is progress?

To make man subject to his government rather than the government to be subject to man is a return to a feudalistic construct rejected by philosophers, intellectuals, ethicists, and theologians alike. The idea of man being the master of his or her own destiny and not subject to an oppressive and tyrannical government has been the dream that each has tried to inspire in the masses for ages – the concept of freedom, and self-rule – that opportunity is available for those who are willing to try and have the skills to compete. 

The Democratic Republic of America with the Free Market system operating under the constitution is the dream of great thinkers throughout history. Those aspired ideas have not failed – what is failed is when equality of results is forced through legislation and regulation which in the end only favors the cronies of the legislature; thereby creating a crony corporatist culture that favors the privileged and elite, shuts off any competition, retards the market and currency and has to keep legislating special interest laws to placate the growing special interest groups. With each new piece of legislation and regulation, the original construct cannot work – since their ego’s and pride will not accept any responsibility or blame, they blame the free market, they blame the constitution or blame you having too much freedom – they blame everyone but themselves. 

The only thing that will fix this nation will be to return to the construct that made this nation great and implement the fully unrestrained dream that all the philosophers, intellectuals, ethicists, and theologians as well as founding fathers shared. If we are truly going to progress or be by definition progressive then we need to progress, evolve and advance towards the ideas of Autarchy, Personal Autonomy, Emancipation, Enfranchisement, Self-Rule, Manumission, Redemption, and Individual Sovereignty. Our goal should be, if we are really about progress, to downsize the government to such a level that a flat tax of 7% would be all that would ever be needed to supply all of our needs as a nation. If we are as evolved as the Ivy League intellectuals claim we are then this should be their goal in education – not to embrace Feudalism 2.0 AKA socialism. The goal from those who know should be about removing more and more constraints, equipping the individual to be disciplined and equipped to the level of complete and total self-reliance and zero dependency. 

But see the Ivy League intellectuals aren't being intellectually honest with you because everything they promote is increased dependency, governmental supremacy and collective control and uniformity. Dissenting ideas are not embraced and explored for understanding, they are demonized, dismissed and silenced at every level. That is not progress - that is old school monarchical totalitarianism. It is tyrannical oppression in the truest since. Anyone advancing the cause of freedom, individuality, unity in diversity, creativity and Non-dependent Personal Autonomy would be the true progressives as all of those ideas are about evolution of society to a higher and more civil level. The antithesis of that only leads to one place: a privileged elite ruling over the enslaved masses. 

Take back the definition from the so called “progressives” and start labeling them “digressives” or “regressives” - as they seek to digress the highest dream of the great philosophers, intellectuals, ethicists, theologians and our founding fathers of freedom, freedom, individuality, unity in diversity, creativity and Non-dependent Personal Autonomy and desire to regress us to a devolved societal state where an privileged elite rule the masses.

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Comment by TeaParty Patriot (TPP) on January 23, 2013 at 6:15pm


'rats should be called what they are . . .  Regressives.

They wish to return the people of the US to a monarchy or oligarch where they alone are in control.  They fail to realize that in colonial England there were just a few ROYALS and nobility the vast majority of the people were in dire need of the essentials.  Oliver Twist was a fairly good representation of what life was like under a monarch.  I dont want to return to that.  DO YOU? 


Comment by David Alan Finkenbinder on January 23, 2013 at 12:53pm

That, Marc, is one of the biggest lies that the Marxists have ever told, that the poor used to have all of the money until the capitalists came along! When has that ever been true? Never, and by definition if the poor used to have all of the money they would not have been poor. Since the dawn of human history and even before, there was always an elite which held the economic purse strings, and it is still true today. Why else are so many people having such a hard time making ends meet? True, western society has willingly enslaved itself to the power brokers by buying into the tenuous dreams of materialism and consumerism, but the fact remains that we are still slaves to the same moneyed elite that has ruled the world for thousands of years, and as long as humanity governs its own affairs this will remain true. The statement of the Christ that "the poor will always be with you" comes to mind. We are still economic serfs working our butts off to enrich the lords of the manor.

Comment by Marc Jeric on January 23, 2013 at 3:00am

Seems that at least one half of the country believes the 160 years old marxist maxim "Expropriate the expropriators!" According to this philosophy the poor used to have all the money until the capitalists came and stole it from them. Logical - right?

Comment by Marc Jeric on January 23, 2013 at 2:56am

Of all the nasty murderous communist regime existing today the worst is that of North Korea - and they call themselves People's Democratic Republic. In the same manner our communists, socialists, and ecoNazis call themselves liberals, progressives, Democrats...

Comment by Steven Newman on January 22, 2013 at 11:02pm

Some REAL American history the liberals have either forgotten or WISH it wasn't TRUE!

Comment by Pat Cunningham on January 22, 2013 at 9:59pm

How about good old pus, never mind the regressive or regressive. They are swamp pus maggots and they know it. They are trying to destroy this Country and by extension the World and they are two dumb to realise it. If the United States ceases to exist then China and Russia will play top of war over the World. The Dark Ages will be a fact of life and most likely would see the light of day again. 

Of course we can do something about it but, we are to busy fighting amongst ourselves. Barack Obama just called our bluff and made good Candidates to be president bow out. Congress reads to many polls and are afraid to fight back against Obama. We need somebody to stand up and even more than that WE THE PEOPLE, need to stand with them. Politicians can't do it on there own.

If we don't get loud and proud we will loose this Country and it will be our fault. Now what we need to do is get a good Candidate. Need to start a poll on the five best perspective Candidates. Then a top flight panel needs to ask them questions on how they would solve Barack Obama. It is a good place to start, and NO it ain't to early it almost to late!     

Comment by Kathleen St on January 22, 2013 at 9:09pm

We cannot make progress unless and until the standard of living on the dole equates to what true public assistance means.

The dole life is better than what life is when you make minimum wage.

Work needs to be rewarded not the reverse -- free cellphone, section 8 housing, food, doctor, babysitter, college, taxi, medicine, etc.

Yet those working cannot afford lobster and steak and the dolesters can.

We need to regress and go back to a limited standard of living when not working and reward those who do.

This means bring home the assembly line from countries that do OUR work and do not pay taxes or social security.

Comment by Michael Gries on January 22, 2013 at 7:44pm

Well done.   This post deserves greater intellectual analysis.   Would make a great classroom topic for discussion.

Comment by thx 1138 v2 on January 22, 2013 at 7:43pm

The problem with intelectuals is that nothing they do has to work in the real world. It only has to pass muster in the academic world. I forget where I heard this but it explains the problm quite clearly.


"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is."


Marxism sounds good: from each according to their abilities; to each according to their needs. What could be more fair?


In practrice, however, it boils down to who decides. Does the individual decide what abilities he wants to develop or does the state? Does the individual decide what his needs are and how to fulfill them or does the state decides what his neeeds are and how well to fullfill them? And when it comes down to it, the state is made of people so the decisions "the state" makes are based on political connections and nothing else.


So if "the state" decides they need more air conditioning technicians in the neextx ten years and you and your family have few or no political connections your choises will be limited to becoming an air conditioning technician, not the doctor yuou would prefer to be. While air conditioning technicians are in demand, you will be paid a "fair" wage. When they are no longer in demand you will be paid a pittance for the rest of your life.


"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is."

Comment by Neil SANKEY on January 22, 2013 at 7:41pm

Let's make them EGRESSIVE and kick them all OUT!

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