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Obama to Give Wind Farms 30-Year Pass on Eagle Deaths

The Obama administration is about to approve a rule that will ensure the death of golden and bald eagles for the next 30 more years. 

Hundreds of thousands of birds die each year flying into the deadly turbine blades atop the soaring towers that compose wind farms. The rule will give wind farms thirty year permits for the “non purposeful take of eagles-that is where the take is associated with but not the purpose of, the activity.’’ The take of eagles is also a euphemism for the slaughter of them.

The wind farms fulfill Obama’s ambitious pursuit of developing renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, some bird species being destroyed by the turbines are not renewable.

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Comment by Linda Grette on December 10, 2013 at 10:29pm

This is tragic. These beautiful birds have long been a symbol of American freedom. Wind farms skyrocket our electricity bills. Another dot to connect to the controlled destruction of a once great country. Don't put up with this. Death to tyranny.

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