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Obama eligibility issue-a letter to the CIA-join in

Feel free to send an email to the CIA....Email address below.

--- On Tue, 5/19/09, RICHARD M. KEEFNER wrote:

Subject: Barry Soetoro's birth certificate?
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 12:18 PM

Re: Obama & the eligibility issue:

Dear Sirs, Madams & Leon Pinetta,

If you cannot or will not investigate this crucial & imminently dangerous issue, who will? I never dreamed the CIA would cower to any political entity. You must know that Barry Soetoro's pretending to be the President of the U.S.A. is a National Security Threat.

By his associations alone, he shows he is a communist & worse a radical Muslim. I and many believe he is bent on the destruction of the U.S.A. as we currently know it. Why do the authorities of this country ignore this matter? Is there no longer any allegiance to our country & the constitution?

You are charged, by the people of the U.S.A. to investigate, diligently & report openly on this issue of great National Security! You are required to fulfill your oath to protect & preserve & defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

This man cannot even receive the weakest of Security clearances, how can he be entrusted to the nations utmost top secret levels of information?

How can he lead us & our military in keeping us safe & secure, when he is not loyal & proud of America & displayed such contempt by refusing to raise his hand to his heart while the National Anthem played in full display of "Old Glory"! How long did it take him to wear a lapel pin?

We here in Illinois & elsewhere have convened "Citizen's Grand Juries" to indict Obama for both "Fraud & Treason". We hold these indictment documents sealed until an entity brave enough & with courage will come forward & take us serious, to do us justice. Not just for us, but for our children & future generations, your families included.

Time is of the essence as our country is heading in a direction of change we cannot believe.

Please, help us, make us & keep us proud of you, the CIA. Extend to us this courtesy to let us know we matter too.

I will be glad to present you with the Illinois Citizen's Grand Jury indictment for you perusal & determination to follow up on, investigate & procure the proper prosecuting entity to get at the truth & end this reign of fear & terror that we feel in our hearts for the loss of the greatest country in the world & history.

Richard M. Keefner,

Hodgkins, IL 60525

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Comment by Richard M. Keefner on May 19, 2009 at 5:58pm

If Obama is not a Natural born citizen, born in Kenya, as is implied, or if his records show he is a citizen of Indonesia, Is that foreign enough? We need their intelligence gathering expertise.

The FBI is also slated to receive a letter. There is only so much time in a day. It would be appreciated if those of you who have the info on what to do should be doing it & give us the lead. I talk to a lot of people here & I find more than is necessary, critics all too willing to advise. We need help & action, if we get enough maybe we will hit on the right action.


My grammar is what it is, I do not pretend to be an English major, however I never seem to have a problem with people understanding me. I try to improve as I go. I do ,when I am moved to do & have no tolerance to wait for someone's approval of my grammar. I do appreciate your offer & will keep you in mind. No offense taken. I'm fightin' mad not writen' mad. I want them to know I am so mad I can't see the grammar before my eyes, besides & no offense intended, English was my worst subject in school. I guess some people have it & some don't.


Rich Keefner

PS: Now I am feeling self conscious.
Comment by Dennis on May 19, 2009 at 3:39pm
Unless there has been a change recently, the CIA does not investigate these matters. Their duty is to collect foreign intelligence data.

It would be more appropriate to send this letter to the FBI who does have the responsibility to investigate this matter.

I would also include the House Judiciary Committee and other members of Congress. Years ago the House used to have a committee called the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Like their name says they investigated crimes against America. Congress did away with this committee in 1975.

Congress has the ultimate responsibility to correct the eligibility matter with Obama. Their feet need to be held to the fire. My Congressman, Jeff Flake, told me that has already vetted Obama's citizenship. Now there is a brilliant constitutional interpretation for eligibility!

If the American people don't stand up and demand answers by the time Obama is voted out of office America won't exist as we know it today. Obama's Change is for the Worse!
Comment by Elizabeth Miller on May 19, 2009 at 2:30pm
As a patriotic American, let me applaud your efforts to talk some sense into DC. As an English teacher (amongst other things) let me encourage all who write letters to officials to take care to tighten up your grammar and punctuation. You know how they already slaughter conservatives as ignorant, uneducated, and so on; let's dust ourselves off and send as clear a message as possible.

Having said that, and with no offense intended, I would certainly be glad to proof (not for content, just for grammar and punctuation) a letter for someone if I can be of service.

I'm new to this forum and eagerly exploring what's here.

God Save America,

Comment by Donald F Beach on May 19, 2009 at 2:24pm
I have stated from the day this organization was formed,the only way we can beat this imposter is to expose him.If we don't get it done soon there will be nothing left of our once great country.

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