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Dianne Feinstein Is Scheduling Another Senate Gun-Confiscation Hearing... And This Time Around, She's Not Going To Allow Pesky Pro-Second Amendment People, Like You, Spoil Her Party.
     The Washington Times reported that Senator Feinstein was apparently "unhappy with the list of witnesses" who testified at the last hearing and "says she plans to hold a separate hearing with witnesses more inclined to back gun control."

       Why hold another hearing...? The answer is simple. The American people are winning the battle to stop Feinstein and Barack Obama from eradicating the Second Amendment, but they believe that they can win if they simply change the national dialogue by stifling any and all voices of dissent.

       Oh yes... she'll hold her new hearing... she'll stifle any voice of opposition... and she believes her lackeys in the media will give her the political cover she needs to trample on your God-given Constitutional rights.

Even in Washington, it should be apparent that legislative attempts to subvert the Constitution of the United States should not be open for debate. They should not be open for discussion and they should never reach the floor of either House of Congress... PERIOD!

The American people already believe that far too many politicians in Washington are feckless and have an opportunity to prove there worth. Senator Dianne Feinstein's so-called Assault Weapons Ban is unconstitutional and the American people don't want to "debate" the bill, "effect a compromise" on the bill or attempt to "improve" the bill.

WE The People want this bill filibustered and want representation that  will filibuster this attack on the Constitution until it is defeated for good.

Allowing such an outlandish assault on the Constitution to even hit the floor of the Senate is a clear and present danger to our God-given constitutional rights!

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