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NBC Olympics Coverage Calls USSR “One of Modern History’s Pivotal Experiments”! 'WTF,..REALLY'?????????


I am reminded of what Pavlov said about the Soviet experiment. “For the kind of social experiment that you are making, I would not sacrifice a frog’s hind legs!”

The Communists didn’t sacrifice a frog’s hind legs. They sacrificed millions of people and entire countries. They shot stray children, destroyed an entire generation of writers and scientists. Among the people they shot were my great-uncles.


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Comment by Bill Hallbert on February 9, 2014 at 9:14pm

There's another thread regarding this issue in Breitbart:

and a great comment that summarizes our (cultural) predicament

RMthoughts - The fact remains, communism’s ideology continues to ensnare the minds of the West and many of our leaders. Many think the fall of the Soviet Union was the end of communism but fail to see the lasting and insidious nature of the socialist revolution in the West. It seems to me, that the Soviet Union had to fall for the victory of communism. Though the Soviet Empire has fallen, the West remains in an equally powerful cultural battle, which the architects of the socialist revolution themselves anticipated. The socialist revolution in the West has been greatly influenced by the tactics of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci. Writing in the 1930s, Gramsci recognized that the culture of the West, stood as robust obstacles to a communist economic and political takeover in Europe. Gramsci proposed that a takeover of the cultural institutions—the achievement of cultural hegemony—was the necessary first step to the eventual takeover of the political and economic structures of a free society. This strategy meant that socialists should tirelessly work on the takeover over of universities and education, media, churches, and undermine the family,of the free world and open the path for the economic and political aims of the socialist transformation. The fundamental transformation Obama spoke of. I would submit that the “cultural hegemony” of the socialist revolution is being accomplished at an alarming pace. The increasing loss of ground in our culture to socialism and its allies is creating a growing threat to the political and economic freedoms of America and Western democracies. The errors of communism are legion, and we are living many of them.

Comment by Larry Holland on February 9, 2014 at 7:51pm

Liberals love murderous dictators and commies (Marx,Stalin, Mao, Che,etc) thats why we have our problems now.

Comment by Ralph V. Cutolo on February 9, 2014 at 8:22am

Jeez, I'm guessing we're not in Kansas any longer Dorthy!!!!!

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