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National Platform

National Platform

1.  We aim to unite the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party by agreeing on a common platform.  We support candidates who based on their words and actions have demonstrated a commitment to reducing the size and scope of government.  We are committed to taking power from Washington and giving it to the states.

2.  We aim to replace the current GOP leadership by defunding the Republican Party. We will to take back the Republican Party from the Progressives who have infiltrated the GOP.  #DefundtheGOP #AnyoneButBoehner #TheProgressivePartyIsThe3rdParty

3. We aim to take back the White House and Senate and increase our numbers in Congress, not by forming a third-party but by placing a Conservative candidate on the ballot in all upcoming elections.  #FreedomWorks.Org

4.  We understand that Americans are desperate for jobs and there should be no greater priority. We will level the playing field among labor markets to bring American jobs back from overseas.  We will use economic sanctions and other means necessary to ensure an equal playing field for American firms.  #jobs

5. We will require government contracts be awarded to American firms only.  We are committed to creating new jobs by removing oppressive regulations and tax laws.  #jobs

6.  We are committed to repealing ObamaCare.  We believe it’s a job killer and will bankrupt our Country.  We believe free market solutions are the answer as well as frivolous lawsuit reform, confiscatory inheritance tax reform and prescription drug reform.  We will make all health related expenses automatically 100% tax-free  (no income tax income and no sales tax) .  #KeepYourDoctor #ProgressiveLies  #RepealObamaCare  #Choice  #FreedomWorks

7.  We will enact legislation eliminating all special exemptions for congress. We will halt all pay increases for congress until unemployment is below 5%.   We will reform the government pension plan to make it more in line with the public sector.  We will enact term limits of 12 years for members of the house and senate and implement an “icongress” which would allow congressional members to work and vote from home.  #DCcorruption #Entrenched  #TermLimits  #iCongress #ThrowTheBumsOut

8.  We will implement a flat-tax because it is the fairest way for a free and equal society to tax its citizens. #Fairtax #Fairness #Jobs #GovernmentAgencyUsedAsPoliticalWeapon

9.  We will enact a balanced budget amendment because our leaders are incapable of balancing the budget and paying off our debt. #BalancedBudget #FailedLeaderership #NoMoreDebt

10.  We will emasculate the IRS and protect American rights from abuse by the NSA.  Americans should not fear their government. #Tyranny #Abuse #Unfair #GovernmentAgencyUsedasPoliticalWeapon  #FlatTax

11.  We will reform the school curriculum to reflect a Classical education combined with a heavy emphasis on Information Technology and Engineering training as well as trade school development and promotion as an alternative to college.  We will promote textbook costs/content reform with a new emphasis on the use of “itextbooks” and the heavy use of technology to cut education costs. #educationreform  #iTextBooks #LearnATrade #HomeSchoolingWorks  #PrivatizeEducation #ReformEducation

12.  We will deport illegal aliens and secure our borders.  A means to citizenship already exists and is in use. #Fairness #LegalCitizen #NationalSecurity #Jobs #DronePatrol

13.  We will enact economic embargo’s on the racist countries who (among other things) are intolerant of homosexuals, persecute Christians and deny women equal rights. #NoHaters #NotAcceptable #SilentNoMore #21stCentury #Corruptleaders #Sanctionswork #HypocriteLiberals #WheresTheLeft?

14.  We recognize that Islamic Fascist are the enemy and they will use “peace” as a tactic.  We will support Israel at all costs. #SanctionsWork

15.  We believe the American Military must remain the strongest military in the world and that our willingness to use our military is the greatest deterrent to evil.  We are a check against American interventionist who seek reasons to risk American lives needlessly.  #SupportOurMilitary #SupportOurVets


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