In the heat of passion during a radio interview, I said,“The NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic Party are more destructive to blacks than the KKK!”

After the radio show, I thought my statement may have been a bit over the top. Upon further thought, I concluded that my statement is true. Before calling me crazy, please hear me out.

The mission of the KKK is to stifle black liberation via intimidation which is exactly what the modern black civil rights coalition continues to do to blacks. Both organizations despise self-starter, self-reliant and free thinking blacks.

The primary mission of the black civil rights coalition (NAACP/ CBC) and Democratic Party is to keep black Americans believing themselves eternal victims of an eternally racist white America. Many blacks have been successfully indoctrinated into believing every problem in the black community is the result of white oppression.

This is why the black civil rights coalition verbally brutalized black actor/comedian Bill Cosby for suggesting that blacks embrace moral responsibility, hard work and self-reliance to solve problems in their community.

This is also why the black civil rights coalition hates two of the most powerful blacks on the planet; Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Thomas and Rice achieved extraordinary success competing without special concessions or lowered standards due to their race. The KKK shares the black civil rights coalition's disdain for such uppity self-reliant “n------”.

As I stated, the mission of the KKK is to suppress blacks. The black civil rights coalition has assisted in the fulfillment of the KKK's mission for decades.

Democratic Party failed-policies supported by the black civil rights coalition have destroyed the black family and sparked epidemic out-of-wedlock births. They have created fatherless black boys who run to gangs in search of male bonding. Blacks are disproportionately represented in prisons, have epidemic high school dropout rates and genocidal levels of black abortions – all due to Democrat led government intrusion.

Yes, monolithic loyal voting for Democrats has truly paid off for blacks. It would be fitting and proper for the KKK to send the black civil rights coalition a “Thank You” card for wreaking such havoc in the black community.

A black man in the White House is the ultimate symbol of America's repentance from her sin of slavery. And yet, to preserve its relevance, the black civil rights coalition strives to convince blacks that race relations have progressed very little since the 1950s. Meanwhile, President Obama is the huge black elephant – or perhaps, I should say donkey – in America's living room proving otherwise.

The NAACP further revealed its true colors when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney addressed its members at their convention.

Clearly, this once-great organization, which comprised champions of civil rights, has morphed into a shameful liberal activist hate group. They do not give-a-hoot about real black empowerment. Their mission is solely to advance a far-left, liberal, socialist/progressive and anti-America agenda. The NAACP has sold its soul for a seat at its white liberal massa's table. This disgraceful bunch no longer deserves our respect.

The NAACP called Romney offensive for speaking about family values, self-reliance, character and hard work – values touted by MLK.

The liberal NAACP audience wanted Romney to give an Obama type speech proclaiming that business owners are rich selfish SOBs! They wanted Romney to vow to punish achievers and redistribute their ill-gotten gain (earnings) to black America. Such a speech would have won Romney a standing ovation.

This is why, as a black conservative, I have disassociated myself from the evil low-rent modern black civil rights coalition. They consistently appeal to black America's lower nature, promoting victimhood-ism, class envy and racial hatred. I refuse to be a part of such a bottom-feeding mindset.

Also, there are grave consequences associated with constantly telling blacks they need lower standards and special concessions to succeed. Such bigotry of low expectations sends a not-so-subliminal message to blacks. The message is blacks are intellectually challenged and inferior. The KKK could not do a better job of negatively impacting the self-esteem of black Americans.

Further insulting blacks is the black civil rights coalition's argument that requiring a photo ID to vote will disenfranchise black voters. In essence, they are saying blacks are too stupid to find their way to acquire a photo ID.

A photo ID is required to board an airplane, cash a check and do a host of other things. But somehow, acquiring a photo ID is too challenging for blacks. It appears the KKK, black civil rights coalition and Democratic Party all agree that blacks are just not as smart as whites.

The black civil rights coalition and the Democrats have a cow when conservative Republicans bring up morality. They are outraged when conservatives suggest that it might be problematic that 73% of black babies are born out of wedlock.

Here is what the Obama administration, praised by the black civil rights coalition, considers black empowerment. Proudly declared as an effort to assist black America, the Obama administration announced it has softened the penalty for possession of crack cocaine.

I suspect the KKK cheered, “Right on brothers! Right on!”

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


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Comment by j. d. on July 17, 2012 at 12:46am

Loyd: You can tell your story anyway you want to but the: "KKK" POSITION WAS FIRST TO SUBDUE AND SUBMISSION OF THE SLAVES BY FEAR!



Comment by j. d. on July 17, 2012 at 12:32am

Loyd:  Wasn't 1865 at the conclusion of the war between the states or commonly known as the civil war in the 1800's? Sorry! I forgot the {" 's" - "Apostrophe 'S"  at the end of 1800--- a typo!} and Yes for all the reasons listed plus many many more!


Comment by Charles Curry on July 16, 2012 at 6:00pm

A true BlackMAN.America needs more TRUE BLACKMEN to spread the word about those phoney black heros.

Comment by Ed Watts on July 16, 2012 at 12:03pm

All men are created equal, but they immediately begin to diverge.

Comment by Robert Cole Hansen on July 16, 2012 at 11:37am

Dennis and a few others that have mentioned this statement previously: "All men are created equal." In the eyes of the Lord, yes - 100% correct. But in reality, that is not true. If that were the case, I should be playing in the NFL because I am 6'5", 220lbs and run a 4.5 40. In reality, I am only 5'6", 165lbs and the best I did was be a varsity wrestler in a top 10 D2 college.

Americans at large need to stop with this "everyone is created equal" phrase. America is about equal opportunity. That is the key concept. Is everyone a natural rock star at math, no. But can someone, who is not as gifted at math work hard and diligently practice as someone that is gifted and does not have to study as hard in math, and be just as successful - yes! That is equal opportunity. I know it is an old movie but go watch Gattica starring Ethan Hawk. It is this same premise. We are all not created equal and are subject so some biological pre-dispositions but with hard-work, practice and intestinal fortitude, we can overcome our biology and become and pretty much do anything we want to. Granted, I doubt I will ever be 6'5". The true leveler of the playing field is education. I am not necessarily saying college education, just education in general - knowledge is power. To quote the Army, Be All You Can Be!. If we were all truly created equally, the Army phrase would read, Be Like Everybody Else! The whole "we are all created equally" phrase is the exact phrase that Democrats use to justify their redistribution of wealth schemes. Redistribution is wrong. It punishes the achievers and rewards underachievement. I know you guys meant well but to properly sell a message, it must be clear, concise and with no room for ambiguity. Independent minds and conservative thinkers believe everyone in America should be afforded equal opportunity to succeed or fail on their own accord. I hope that better clarifies.

Thank you. Cole


Comment by Dennis Krug on July 16, 2012 at 11:11am

As long as racial issues are brought to the attention of the people then there will be racial issues. If everyone would just shut up about it I believe that issues like that would solve themselves. I do believe that there will always be people OF ALL COLORS that will have their own racial issues that is human nature but damn it we all have to live together and there just isn't any room for playing favorites. I believe that any institution that favors one or the other should be dismantled and de-funded and any group of white supremists or black supremists should be dealt with RIGHT NOW. Remember "All Men Are Created Equal" and it doesn't make any sense to destroy our selves.


It's been 150 years since the Civil War THERE IS NO ONE LEFT ALIVE from that period GET OVER IT !!!!

Comment by Ed Watts on July 16, 2012 at 10:48am

The successful blacks don't have time for this.  Did you see how many blacks were at Barry's inauguration?  Did you see the mess they left behind?  The best thing about it was it was on a Wednesday, and, despite several hundred thousand people attending, only twelve of them were absent from work.

Comment by Michael Ball on July 16, 2012 at 10:45am

I pray for the day when and if a majority of black people can see thru this as you have.We are all Americans black and white it seems some don't care.Thank you for your Voice

Comment by Gloria Wedemeyer on July 16, 2012 at 10:43am

There are so many black people that achieved the American dream but they are not speaking up.  You only hear the ones who want more and more free stuff.  The blacks who have achieved a normal life should speak up and say that hard work and determination can get you out of almost any negative situation.  If black people have never had the opportunity, then why are there so many who have achieved the American dream and I am not just talking about hugh financial success, just being able to raise a family and contribute to society.

Comment by Gail Funderburk on July 16, 2012 at 10:34am

You are the true American success story.  It is an honor to have you out front in the Tea Party. 

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