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Mission of Mercy by the US Air Force

The US Military is not just about warfare.  These people also do great things to help others in life-threatening situations.  Here are a few examples:

Our US Navy docked an aircraft carrier in Indonesia when the tsunami devastated their coastline population.  Their nuclear power plant powered emergency facilities of their largest port city.  Their helicopters provided medical help, food and safe water to villages trapped further inland, evacuated the seriously injured, and treated them in three hospitals onboard the carrier.

When the earthquake hit Haiti, the US Air Force used Golden Hawk surveillance aircraft to map the area and determine where help was most needed.  Medical paratroopers parachuted supplies and personnel to aid the victims and provide emergency relief in inaccessible areas.  The airport, built to handle 13 aircraft per day, was upgraded by the US Military to handle 113 aircraft per day, with::

  • Transport and storage of relief supplies,
  • A beefed up runway to handle large cargo aircraft,
  • Fuel from harbored military vessels to keep these planes flying, and
  • Other rescue operations.

Our US Military saved countless lives and empowered humanitarian groups to accomplish their ministry to one of the poorest nations in our hemisphere.

The US Military continues to help Japan to overcome the damage from the tsunami and earthquake that devastated their nation, including the damage to their nuclear power facilities.

A US Air Force group called "Guardian Angels" were preparing for a training exercise that turned into a real rescue mission.  Here is their story reported in the "Daily Report" a publication of the Air Force Association.


Guardian Angels of the 563rd Rescue Group at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., parachuted into the Pacific Ocean and treated two critically injured Chinese fishermen after their fishing boat caught fire and sank. A Venezuelan boat picked up the Chinese fishermen and radioed for help, which prompted the 563rd RQG to respond. "We were preparing for the [Angel Thunder] training exercise when we were notified of what was going on," said 1st Lt. Ben Schmidt, 48th Rescue Squadron combat rescue officer, in a May 7 release [of "Listpilot" an Air Force web publication]. "As a Guardian Angel, this is what we are trained and equipped to do, so there is no better way to show our capabilities." The Guardian Angels, consisting of combat rescue officers and pararescuemen, flew nearly 11 hours in an HC-130J, parachuted over the Pacific, and boarded the Venezuelan boat, where they assessed and stabilized the injured fishermen, according to a May 4 release [also in Listpilot]. Once they reached Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Guardian Angels airlifted the fishermen to a burn facility in La Jolla, Calif. Angel Thunder, the world's largest combat search and rescue exercise, kicked off May 4 and will go through May 17.


Did you hear or read about this in the "lamestream" media?  No?  Why is that NOT newsworthy?

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