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I am a member of a sailboating email group. We are all very up set. There are 338 American sailboats in Mexico that have be confiscated by the Mexican Government.  These are boats that people live on and travel the world over in many cases.They for the most part belong to middle and lower middle class Americans and a few wealthy.  The boats range in value between $15,000 and several million dollars. They are documented by their owners with the United States Coast guard. These boats have the same legal status as a US oil tanker, a container carrier or even a Cruise-liner. Now and then a boat in a foreign port is temporarily confiscated and the US Ambassador goes to see somebody and it is handled. My group has been trying to get the press to put this before the public to see this failure of the United States Government. It is the duty of the Government to protect shipping, ships and all other vessel of  United States registry. Our Government is doing nothing.  American vessels sailing the seas of the world depend on the US Navy, and the Coast Guard to set such a strong precedent that no other nation will take American boats. More recently American coast guard has enter Somalian waters to protect American shipping.  A friend talked to a boat about a thousand miles from Samoa on short wave radio last night.  The captain said when they heard this on I think BBC. He said it ran a cold chill up his back. They feel abandoned. The news has it all over the world. I have not seen it on the news here in the states.  Back in history an American ship entered Tripli and freed the American boats that had been taken by the Barbary Pirates.  In more recent times battle ships anchored in harbors of Caribbean nations for the confiscation of only a few boats. The vice president should, along with the Secretary of state negotiate to stop this and failing that they should threaten Mexico and go farther if necessary. It is the duty of the President to order a quick resolution to this. I have been told that the Government of Mexico is embarrassed over this as these are rogue agents that have gone over to drug cartels. They are guarding the boats while Americans are living on them. This is very dangerous somebody is going to die.
This is just one more failure for this administration to protect Americans under international law and the law of our own constitution.  I can’t guarantee this is all correct information as much of it is coming from Voyaging and cruising sites some of which originated from American boats in Mexico. If anyone here has connection with the press it might be a good thing to try to get them to shed some light on this.              Doug

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Comment by Todd D. Little on January 14, 2014 at 11:24am
Have you thought about asking rush Limbaugh, Glen beck, or even savage? Then I would email it to Bill O'Reilly or Bret bair
Comment by Douglas G. Pollard Sr. on January 14, 2014 at 10:40am

Apparently I over stepped my bounds by posting this. I mentioned it on a boat Blog this morning and am receiving some pretty nasty mail from people I would consider Liberals. They are saying to shut my mouth because if this story gets out it may make the Mexicans mad and the situation down there may get worse. MY thinking is good luck with appeasement as it has worked so well in the past :-)  I also think this is far more important than the 338 boats there. It could have world wide implications if this becomes a pattern..

Comment by Todd D. Little on January 14, 2014 at 12:03am
Sorry to hear that Douglas. The media would rather discuss Christie, rather than pinpoint Mexico is a trouble spot for US Citizens. They don't discuss Mexicans are invading the US, either. Shoot Judicial Watch came out with a top 10 list of corrupt politicians, MSM says nothing. I will hit Fox with your story. Maybe something will get out. Obama is going to Mexico here soon, probably to discuss the furtherization of dividing the US. EPA, just gave away land in Wyoming. He is probably going to give Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California and new Mexico. I heard up to Oklahoma, then Canada will get north of Oklahoma. In a new free trade agreement.

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