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The time has come for all Americans to demand that the government get out of the way of our success as a Country once again and stop the restrictions imposed by the Politicians in DC on Drilling for Oil. In the 08 election everyone was on the band wagon to start to Drill and it looked like it would happen, even my wife thought it would I didn't agree as once again it was a slogan to give the Voters False Hope, ( yes we can type of hope).

We've taken back Congress and many state legislatures and Governorships as well and now we have issues that need to be addressed and addressed quickly so my proposal is this, we can generate Hundreds of Billions of Dollars worth of jobs and savings not to mention permit monies for allowing the Drilling for Oil and Natural Gas wherever we believe it is in Alaska, Dakotas, Montana Etc. thruout the USA and we need to do it now.

We must demand our newly elected officials whether State or Federal begin to work on this and thereby save our Country from Financial Disaster that all the experts and Beck are talking about 24/7 and none of them are coming up with an answer to solve this problem when it's right in front of us in the way of our own Natural Resources if we can only get the special interests in and out of govern- ment out of Our way.

I hope all of you who read this will not only comment if you chose to but also begin with emails, phone calls, letters and visits to the offices of our elected officials and have them get this fixed. I realize many say this would take years however once the World realizes we're no longer going to finance the wealth of the Arabs and other enemies of ours and thereby cut off funds of some of the terroist groups as well due to the monies they receive from the governments that we buy Oil from the price will drop quickly and when it drops so does the price of everything else we buy and use just by announing that we're going to begin to Drill for Oil at Home, it will change overnite.

I know this will work and work quickly just on the simple basis of supply and demand, you know increase the supply and the cost goes down and we have the supply of oil right here at home if we'd only use it and believe me when we do that the World will change dramatically and so will the future of our Country, so please join me in this and begin now not after the new Congress takes session but right now while they still listen to us before they get back there and begin the DC shuffle, that is shuffle us to the back of the line when it comes to listening to us rather than the lobbyists and other politicians in office.

We all need to strike now before it's to late so please begin this movement for the One and only Issue I believe we can all agree on together as Americans the Solution is in Our Hands and we need to take it up and promote it No more Imported Oil Now. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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Comment by Crossroads With Van on November 10, 2010 at 5:02pm
Hi GC; at this point only really interested in a quick fix to our fiscal problems which are choking us to death and can be fixed without alot of so called experts advice. God Bless You; Van the Radio Man
Comment by gcsteven on November 10, 2010 at 4:58pm
Why not "OWN" it all,..?
Join the Coalition to Pass Capital Homesteading Now!
Comment by Crossroads With Van on November 10, 2010 at 4:50pm
Hi Mel; thank you for your support; I believe we all need to get behind this now before the politicians there and oil companys pollute the newly elected officials and keep oil at the highly inflated prices it's at today at our expense. God Bless You; van the radio man
Comment by Mel Frost on November 10, 2010 at 2:40pm
AMEN.....and, pass the ammo, please.


Don't forget to be specific when you demand some action !!!

OPEN ANWAR in N. Alaska to exploration, and PRODUCTION if any is found...
This uses the existing TAPS pipeline...and, they still have the 24" pipe stored for the gas line !!..

OPEN THE GREEN RIVER FORMATION to initial production and processing in WY, CO, UT, MT.
This is an OIL SHALE, shallow/mine'able, formation...has 3 times the oil in place as OPEC !!

OPEN THE COAST LINES OF AMERICA to exploration and PRODUCTION if any is found !!
The "not in my backyard" (NIMBY) effect needs to DIE, along with any "deals"...
Oil produced in AMERICA needs to stay in, and be refined, in AMERICA!!..

The oversight system of MMS/USGS is needs to be transfered to the US Marshalls ..
AND...only Petroleum engineers or well experienced oilfield hands need MBA's allowed !!
SAFETY shall become the ONLY BASIS for operations offshore, anywhere !!

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