Barack Obama did not bring us to this first circle of hell on his own. He was aided and abetted by 1) an education system with a relentless propaganda agenda, 2) a media oligopoly that has completely abrogated its First Amendment responsibility and 3) a celebrity dominated culture that is largely a product of the first two.

We begin today with a look at:

I. The Education System

In a previous post I covered how the public education system fell under the thrall of postmodernism – simply a new name for all the old socialist/communist/relativist claptrap. Some of the key points:

The amalgamation of the "old" postmodernist left, whose anti-modernist philosophy was based on sophistry, with the "new" socialist left, whose political philosophy was based on delusion, created a new political vanguard with a shared animosity for capitalism.

Key in this alliance is a shared, deep-seated disdain for the philosophical roots of Western thought, specifically the individualism inherent in its tenants.

Since both camps were heavily populated with elite intelligentsia, they were well-positioned to pursue their objectives through the education system. Subjectivity, relativity, and pragmatism became keystones of a new "education philosophy."

That new “education philosophy” is now known as “social justice.”

Postmodernism's education cartel has dictated the terms and conditions of education for decades. They own the education departments in major universities, where the curriculum is likely to include the twelve-volume set Teaching for Social Justice edited by William Ayers.

Yes, that William Ayers; the anti-American, anti-capitalist, unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers who shares the belief with Hugo Chavez that “education is the motor-force of revolution.”

The portal between education departments and your child's classroom provides a conduit for an endless stream of postmodernism's collectivist garbage. Think not? How else to explain the likes of  textbooks like Rethinking Math: Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers?

There is no other explanation.

Running under cover of academic freedom and educational "philosophy," postmodernists have managed to do what other strains of totalitarianism only dreamed of: insinuate their beliefs into every aspect and level of education.

“Insinuation” of that nature is also known as propaganda.

In my old Agitprop series on the government-education complex I explained how academic subjects in K-12 have been dumbed down over the decades. It’s not a coincidence that the reading, math and science scores of America’s children have fallen behind those of 24 other countries. Think about that: we’re no longer number 1, we’re number 24!

Dumbing down the curriculum erodes the need for students to learn critical thinking skills. Less challenging course work was introduced to preserve students’ self-esteem (teaching to the lowest common denominator – for those of you lucky enough to even know what a denominator is) in the misguided belief that somehow self-esteem could stand in for actual achievement.

Political correctness was applied to textbooks which were then “purged” of anything that could conceivably be considered offensive. In addition to being used as an excuse to exclude that of which we disapprove, political correctness was used to accommodate the inclusion of that of which we do approve as well, such as Johnny Has Two Mommies. By the time you’ve cleaned everything up like that, there’s not much for kids to do other than just sit there and absorb.

But it’s the second part of the new academics, the social justice agenda, that is the most insidious. If anyone can persuade me that “social justice” has a valid place in the teaching of math, geography and science I’ll reconsider my position. Until then I will continue to believe that subverting education with the rhetoric and philosophy of “social justice” - in addition to being un-American as it teaches that subjugating the individual will for the benefit of the masses is a superior value – is the ultimate step in the dumbing down of America.

Children are now being indoctrinated from kindergarten through post-doctoral programs. Not in every school of course, but in the vast majority of institutions of learning all manner of subjects being taught are presented against a social justice program running in the background. Whatever the subject of human interaction being taught – business, history, psychology, education, recycling – it is being played against the grinding wheel of America as an oppressive society. Children learn at every educational turn that America, along with the rest of the Western world, is systemically racist, sexist and classist. And as such, America institutionally discriminates against women, non-whites, working Americans and the poor.

So what are children supposed to do? They certainly aren’t going to want to go to work for a company that perpetuates that sort of thing. Maybe they can follow Michelle Obama’s advice and steer clear of corporate America. In fact, why not just voluntarily “surrender” that law license (that they took $200,000 in student loans out to get)like she did and take a job with the government; or a non-profit. Because after all, “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

We should be more than a little suspicious of an education system that presents children with bromides for all of life’s rather complex issues. When all of the possible answers have been neatly laid out for you and all you have to do is choose between the black one (bad) and the white one (good) it does make decisions a lot easier. Although we really need to work on that designation of “black” to designate bad choices. It seems rather racist; but what can you expect from a culture that has oppressed peoples of color from the day the Pilgrims first landed on the shores?

Pre-conditioned responses (aka “Pavlovian”) to predictable questions and problems takes a lot of the tediousness out of thinking. And applying them in your daily life does alleviate much of the need for analytical skills which allow you to visualize, articulate, and solve both simple and complex problems on your own. And that’s a good thing, since the new American social justice education system is apparently doing very poorly at teaching all of those skills.

People who still know how to apply statistics might have fun looking at a correlation between the implementation of the Bill Ayers model teacher education and training program and the decline of the core skill scores of America’s children. It could prove instructional. My guess is that this failure of basic education has been a ticking time bomb for at least 30 years.

You see, the fix has been in for so long that our children are now being indoctrinated by teachers who were indoctrinated before them. As the gray-hairs retire they are being replaced with younger teachers who are themselves products of the postmodern education system; they don’t need anywhere near the amount of retraining as their predecessors to “teach to the test.” Rather than teach skills that allow students to “visualize, articulate, and solve both simple and complex problems” on their own, they are spoon–fed platitudes, bromides, politically correct factoids, half-truths and lies.

Is it any wonder that the 18-35 demographic voted overwhelmingly for Barack Hussein Obama? It was like Kismet: he fed back all the same vapid platitudes, bromides, politically correct factoids, half-truths and lies they had been taught their entire lives. They were in love!

To explain why the over 35 demographic also voted for Obama, I need to move on to the next source of societal breakdown: the Media.

Know Thy Enemy, Part II, The Media: coming tomorrow


Today’s post is second in a series. Previous installments:

Know The Enemy: Prologue

Cross-Posted from Dewey From Detroit

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Comment by Pat Cunningham on March 5, 2013 at 4:03pm

I believe the Media allows Obama his Sins because they feel the Liberal who comes after will not be so militant and divisive. Or at least I imagine they are praying they aren't. The problem is what Obama is doing will take so much more undoing, than anyone can even imagine. Obama is not enlightener, he is a destroyer, not an Achiever but a Destructor. Even if we Conservatives were able to win 1n 2016, the damage done already would be monumental, and the emotional damage almost irreversible. No, no, we must win in 2014 then impeach this Tyrant, this Devil. If not anything else will be moot!

Comment by Art Penticoff on March 5, 2013 at 12:50pm

Obama wants to change America into a socialist country where people are controlled and manipulated by a totalitarian government. A big part of that transformation relies on a school system that indoctrinates students into believing this change is good. Another big part of the transformation is to disarm those that don't believe the government should take away our freedoms. With only 4 years to gain control, you can bet that our muslim POTUS will step up the pressure. 

Comment by Lu B. Pierce on March 5, 2013 at 11:36am

We need to pass a law that will change the voting age to 21 - when you are considered an adult with the exception of those fighting in the Armed Forces.  We also need to have the pledge that Congress has pledged on the Bible to uphold being repeated every day by the Congressmen as well as the pledge of allegiance in every classroom in America.  Next we do not allow the Government to take part in any religious, marriage, or other areas where they have no right to be interferring.  These remain personal to the people.  Next we need a law that states the state legislatures CANNOT go without a balanced budget with a penalty if it is done.  Next the same with the US Congress!  Penalties to be extremely high!!!  Back to basics we go!!! 

Comment by Michael Miller on March 5, 2013 at 10:30am

Beverly C - Each of your points is well taken. Yet, the reality is that nothing is going to happen to properly address these truths as long as Obama and those like him are in power. And Obama is going to stay in power as long as he can pander to the indoctrinated, entitlement, union, radical environmental, racist, Marxist, atheist, culturally immoral and "insider" segments of our country. All the foregoing is great testimony to just how successful the "radical left" (Marxist, Communist, Socialist) have been in their "cultural revolution."

Bottom line: Unless there is a new "great awakening" and this nation comes to repentance in Christ, we will continue on this rudderless free fall into economic and social chaos. In other words, as we as a a nation continue to abandon The Lord, we will see His blessing that have, since our Judeo-Christian founding, been bestowed on this nation, continue to disappear. The rise of the left, and it's horrendous impact, is just a symptom of our nation turning it's collective back on God.


Comment by Pat Cunningham on March 5, 2013 at 10:16am

First of all, "Make No Mistake, There Is A Conspiracy Going On In This Country!" Not only by Barack Obama but, by the Media as well. The winning of the Presidency by George Bush in 2000, may very well have been the trigger but once Liberals took back the White House and Congress they would never again relinquish it.

Hillary Clinton was the standard bearer in 2008 until Barack Obama came along. He represented the ultimate Liberal Candidate so they tossed Hillary. Now, no matter what the Liberal Media will protect Obama no matter what he does. If Conservatives ever do take back this Country, and I seriously doubt it, they will need to have the largest investigation in American History.

Actually it will be up to We The People to take back this Nation. The Liberals will do any and everything possible to keep it. I believe it will take a Revolution to rest control and we do not have the stomach for that.

I assume Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will bring on a cataclysmic situation that will force us to change. Military Government will have to take over until the Emergency caused by those nations is resolved. All I can say is God help us all!   

Comment by mike on March 5, 2013 at 6:49am

It is time to end the brick / mortar school system at least for high school,busing,administrative,salaries / benefits have made the current system cost prohibitive.If Universities can educate online ( most college bound high school students are already taking college course online) it time to at least move high school to online.

Comment by Bob Lee on March 5, 2013 at 1:45am

Many people here hate the School Systems, but how many people here belong to, or run for, PTA Offices? Even more importantly, how many people run for School Board? The School Boards do all of the hiring and firing of Teachers, Principals, and Administrative Staff, along with approving the text books to be used in Class.

Comment by Gail Steelhammer-Cohen on March 5, 2013 at 1:17am

Lower spending - get rid of the Education Dept

Comment by Beverly C on March 5, 2013 at 1:11am

The first thing that has to be done is to get the Federal government out of local schools get them out of our lives period!  Get rid of teachers unions!  Get rid of any teacher that is or has been a member of a union. STOP spending billions of the taxpayer dollars on this ludicrous idea of busing students. Spending money on buses, drivers, and fuel! What does this accomplish now? There is NO longer segregation. The federal government and its busing has made sure that all schools are equally bad. Get control of the cirriculum and the text books and as others have said,  GET RID of the ACLU or find a way to remove their control.  I think that we have already lost all control of anything at the federal level and that it will now be up to the individual states, the governors, and the state legislatures to tell the Federal Government to take a hike. We are fast approaching a point of NO return with this country and we either take steps now to get the Federal governmnet out of our lives and back to Washington or it is time for massive Secession. There is NO other way. If Obama is allowed to appoint one more Supreme court justice to accompany  the many Federal Judges he has appointed, this country will be in the hands of a dictator that will be all powerful.  We are on the edge of Marshall law. Obama and Homeland Security purchasing millions of bullets, and now 1700 fully armored tanks for domestic use. Obama wants to disarm American citizens, and to confiscate our property. Homeland Security has been building detention camps.  Just what do you think he is going to do with these?  Its NOT to continue the  Democracy that we have known for the last 200 yrs!   ANDREW BREITBART DIED BECAUSE OF WHAT HE KNEW ABOUT OBAMA and the corruption of this administration. NEVER FORGET! 

Comment by Ruth Vickrey on March 5, 2013 at 12:33am

Definition of 'Oligopoly'

A situation in which a particular market is controlled by a small group of firms.

An oligopoly is much like a monopoly, in which only one company exerts control over most of a market. In an oligopoly, there are at least two firms controlling the market.

Read more:

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