How did we get this far? Why have we aloud our country to be over run by White people haters? Why have we aloud Muslim extremist in our schools, in our politics? Why have we aloud God to be taken out? It seems like well if everything is going good then we don't need you, God we are ok. We have new cars and new homes we both hve good jobs. So, we don't need you God, But if we do need you we will call.

God is omnipotent, He is evrywhere. This nation hs to turn back to God. Obama is an evil man sent to destroy this country at it's core. We must not let him get another 4 years this November.

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Comment by Linda Marie Herd on January 16, 2013 at 6:17pm

We allowed all this because of what I call hypnotism. When people have enough money they can actually be the people that run the government from the background. For instance, the main stream news lies daily and also lies by withholding the truth and most people just take whatever they report as real and what they do not report, Well, they do not know truth and therefore are acting in ignorance. Also Obama has hit the nail on the head because that generation of which you speak truly did become the drug culture and the people who love the nanny state keep all this going. The fact that the Nation, Mexico, is immigrating to our country, working on jobs under the table while getting entitlements which causes our tax base to tank. We spend more than we have, we tax more because of the entitlements and then those entitlements go to people who are not even paying taxes or into the entitlements. It is a great thing for the immigrants at this time, but they are helping all of us Americans commit suicide as a nation which is the title of an article that came out. If you can, read that on line. Obama and his creators, the Muslims have the well known agenda of destroying us and he is backed by them with unlimited support also monetarily in the world. So, can we beat the odds of all that? I do believe that the Muslims, Elite Bankers, many, many politicians are working towards establishing a New Global Government or New World Order since I have seen videos of all the presidents with the exception of Kennedy starting with Johnson and his corruption of Viet Nam talk about it. They even use the words, A New World Order which was created for the purpose of making money which is creating even more power than they already had. It looks extremely treacherous and I have answers which will not happen for the above reasons. All that I know to do is pass information like I have given to as many people as possible. This new gun regulation is also a part of taking our power, that of the Constitution away from us. Disarm and then go in with the Army, Police, and National Guard out to corral us when this continues to it's end purpose. In fact the National Guard ought to be securing our borders this minute and for some time which would have helped us more than probably anyone would truly know. There are problems, but there are solutions that the elite will prevent. Sorry to be so gloomy, but you are right, Houston we have a problem! and it may be worse that Houston's problem for it was solved and we do not know our future with the Puppet King we now have.

Comment by Anthony W Uphoff on August 27, 2012 at 10:41pm

I agree Michael! I remember Nov '08 after the election results were final at the democratic HQ I heard people being interviewed saying "finally a man that is president that looks like me". The way I was taught growing up that is no way to to determine the character of someone. or on which to base your vote. After hearing several people say essentially the same thing-----it turned my stomach. To think that people have become so duped into apathy it is pathetic. Lets go back for a minute to 1967. When I  enlisted into the Marine Corps.I took the same oath that this idiot did. The difference today is I still stand by that oath I took. I am a Vietnam disabled veteran. I'll tell yall something that, maybe some of yall don't yet (maybe). That war was not lost on the battle field, no no, it was lost right here at Home! The politicians saw fir to support M M O'Hare and her cronies. Plus because they were scared to death of the anti-war movement here back then.they and the CIA created a whole generation of drug addicts. This is not speculation but the truth. From my experiance back after retuning to see this country in shambles. Plus this has been documented by 2 Vuetnam vets. Names are not neccessary. It was called "The Pipe Line". From se Asia to the US. Back to present this kind of crap still exists to this day. But from another area of the world. Now can anybody out there tell me the truth about where Obamanation is from. Yes I do agree that GOD has been so far far removed from the foundation of this country that He Himself has allowed BHO and people like him to take control. O yhea we need plenty of prayer. That is only part of it though. We Christians in this country to start living like Christians and not just pay lip-service to it. Getting real I don't trust any of them. But I pray for them just like the Bible tells me to. .

Comment by charles vlodek on August 17, 2012 at 1:09am

This all started when MM Ohare got the SCOTUS to ban prayer in our schools and then to deprive life to the unborn.Is it any wonder that God has forsaken those that now deny Him.And then we allow the dnc to nominate and elect to POTUS a man that the peoplr knew nothing about and WE HAVE A fRAUD FOR A PRESIDENT AND THERE IS NO ONE IN POWER THATwouldnt even pass securety for a white house grounds keeper and we blindly give him and his party virtual control of our lives..PRAY AND TURN BACK TO GOD before its too late!!


Comment by Pandora on May 15, 2012 at 2:25pm

Because the American People have stayed silent, they havent and still are not standing up and yelling STOP ..because Obam has been allowed by Congress to do whatever he wants to do , because we have a weak Boehner who actually plays golf with Obama ... and mostly America stays silent

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