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Hello Taxpayers: Say Goodbye to Another 2.2 Million of YOUR Hard Earned Money!

That's right, 2.2 Million of your tax dollars so Obama can play. 2 new Secret Service Busses (RVs) at a cost of 1.1 Mil each so Obama can campaign across the 57 States he thinks there are in the USA! Don't worry about the campaign laws

that prohibit using tax dollars for individulas campaign- King Barack is exempt from it, or any law, because he says its so! And our Jesters of the Courts, agree!

Hello Monarchy. Goodbye Liberty!


Oh, and by the way he'll be soooo tired from campaigning and doin that prez' thing, he's gotta take a ten day vacation

to Martha's Vineyard- Lodging @ $50,000 a night + expenses (food,wine,partaaaying, security and all the convoys he takes with him add,about another 5 million to the party busses he just bought and you got a Royal Paaartaaay for sure!

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Comment by james r whitefield on August 16, 2011 at 10:21am

Friends always remember their is only one difference in rebubs and dems and that is their method of operation. The dems want the whole loaf NOW the rebubs are willing to take one slice at a time and if we raise too much fuss they will wait and try  later when they think we have forgoten. Remember the average voter and a goldfish are very much alike they have a very very short memory. JW













































Comment by Joseph R Gibbs, Jr on August 15, 2011 at 11:18pm

i agree with the founder of Starbucks Coffee shops. his suggestion is that we the people and corporate America start witholding campaign fund contributions until the elected congressional members start promoting the Peoples agenda instead of the Party agenda. wonder how long it would take them to get the message?

I am in, how about you?

Comment by Deborah Alleman on August 15, 2011 at 8:08pm
again where is congress on this? using tax dollars to campaign and they say NOTHING !!!! what a bunch of j******'

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