NO, not to vote!

For Food Stamp users to buy groceries.

Fox News reports:

Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., introduced the SNAP Verify Act, which would require individuals who receive acceptance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to present a photo ID when buying products at stores that accept food stamp recipients. 

Meanwhile, Republicans passed the "Farm Bill' that includes subsidies for Big Ag that will artificially drive up sugar and milk prices. It also funds the "Food For Peace" program and gives Billions to pork projects including funding the Failed ethanol fuel additives program which is a big boon to Republicans in corn producing States. (See the recent studies of ethanol effectiveness.)

Now, we can all agree that Food Stamp fraud is a bad thing, and that steps need to be taken to ensure that the SNAP program is being used wisely, however this nightmare is bad enough for the disabled and needy, now they want to take away one of the things that Ronald Reagan stressed should be afforded every American, Dignity.

It seems like a simple enough "fix", but as with everything the GOP is doing these days it assumes fraud on the part of every recipient instead of going after the people actually violating the law, or God forbid, scrapping a program that instills government dependency from the start. 

I'm sure you know someone who has had to use the Food Stamp program thanks to this economy, and you probably know of people who abuse the system, there's one in every crowd. But, do you really believe that the thing that is going to reform the Food Stamp program is making the person whose name is on the card, usually a woman, the only person in the family who can use the card?

The proposal by Rep. Patricia Morgan, R-West Warwick, would apply to those using electronic benefit cards to redeem other public assistance too. It would be up to retailers to check the photo ID against the name on the government-issued EBT card. 

How often do the retailers check the type of card being used these days anyway? How much more time will be used while other customers wait to check those IDs? Will they have EBT only checkouts, kinda like the black only bathrooms of the post antebellum South?

Some of the people that are for this ridiculous feel good measure would have you believe it will stop fraud in its tracks, they must think that a person won't buy the groceries and walk out the door to the person they need cash from and take the 50 cents on the dollar for the items they bought. As this story from Rightwing News points out, it's the criminals stupid!

You cannot change a system that is designed to enslave people and take away their morality and personal responsibility; perhaps one day soon Obama will run this country into the ground enough that welfare subsidies will dry up.

Ronald Reagan understood that by bringing everyone down to the lowest level you don't show respect for anyone. This is a case of lowering those who need help to the level of the criminals that should never have been added to the program to begin with.

It would have been nice if these self righteous Republicans had thought about fixes before passing the Trillion dollar "Farm Bill" mess and before Democrats could use issues like this to make Republicans look like heartless bas!@&ds and lend even more support to the Democrat's re-election efforts this year.

This is not an issue that I ever wanted to debate on the side of recipients, but then I never thought I'd ever have a debilitating heart condition, or years of unemployment that goes with it. My wife does work however, and I watch our 2 year old. At 49 years old it seems a little odd, and it keeps me from other forms of work, but we're not paying someone else a full time wage to watch our children either. Yes, we do receive assistance because we could not afford to pay our bills and eat as well. I appreciate the people who don't have a choice in paying for the system, which is why I stand against it. The proper place for this kind of help is the churches and your neighbors. (That is if todays neighbors were the respectful people of yesteryear.)

I would rather the Food Stamp system was completely defunded and the money returned to the pockets of generous Americans to distribute though charity and food shelves, but feel good measures like mandatory ID checks won't help, it will only drive the fraud farther underground and make life a series of "Papers Please" moments for the innocent. Kind of like the ID check I have to go through to pick up certain medications in a State that allows doctor assisted suicide. The Democrats are nothing if not ironic. Or is that moronic?

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Comment by Dexter on February 16, 2014 at 3:46pm

Another example of the corporate GOP playing second fiddle and little brother to the main Subversive Party, as if that will assure they have a seat in two-holer government.

At some point there will be no more Food Stamps, or any other 'Social' programs, to pick the pocket of the working man and an ID will only be another reminder of how phony it all is.

I still have my ration book from WWII, with some stamps left in it, because there was no money or goods at the time for all the good my government did for me besides making their friends rich (I sometimes go to swim in their pool).

There wont be anything left this time for anyone, not even them. Aren't they being clever, not even a pyramid r two.

Comment by Kenneth Fisher on February 11, 2014 at 8:54pm

"You cannot change a system that is designed to enslave people and take away their morality and personal responsibility; perhaps one day soon Obama will run this country into the ground enough that welfare subsidies will dry up."  That day, which is fast approaching, will be the day that "Cloward/Priven" comes into full effect, which is Obama's plan all along!

May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!

Viva Cristo Rey!

God bless, yours in Their Hearts,

Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director

Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

Comment by Jeff Johnson on February 11, 2014 at 1:54pm

If the GOP wants to create an I.D., it certainly needs to be a verifiable, unalterable VOTER I.D., THAT IS THE EXACT SAME, STATE, BY STATE, nothing less, nothing more.

Photo I.D., State Hologram & That better match your State Drivers License or I.D. number 2, when you walk in the polls. 

One would need all of this information to be eligible for any Early Election Voting.

There is a plethora of purposes for true personal I.D...

Big Gov. already knows who we are.? > except for those that are actually here illegally or those who are Jon Doe, AKA, or those that are here strictly to do America no good... 


Comment by Bob Jentiluuci on February 11, 2014 at 11:30am

They ought to put a bar code on products Food Stamp People can by the rest they must pay cash. And you thought Voter ID was a problem, wait till they hear this one. I hope you pass this idea around, then get out of the way cause the s*** will hit he fan, enjoy.

Comment by Dr. Bradford H. Bryant on February 10, 2014 at 11:42pm

Yes, I remember the powdered milk, cheese and butter that we used to get before food stamps. Le's do it again.

Comment by Phyllis on February 10, 2014 at 11:38pm

What the hell is wrong with illegal aliens showing photo ID's to spend OUR money. I think they should have to show proper photo ID to even sign up for food stamps. If you ain't a citizen of OUR country, go back to your 3rd world country and collect welfare. NO food stamps to anchor babies and illegal aliens EVER

Comment by wandamurline horn on February 10, 2014 at 8:01pm

Sorry, I think people should have to go and pick up their my elderly grandmother used to do....she got bacon, cheese, flour, salt, coffee, instant milk and a few other stop the fraud, stop issuing credit cards....have an outlet to give out the "food" credit card, no fraud.  And I am the only person who can use my credit card because mine is the only name on it....why should food stamps be any different.  Actually, I believe that food stamps and government goodies should be scrapped.....if someone gets hungry enough, they will find work to provide what they need.  The kids get three meals at school, so the only hungry ones would be the adults and have you seen the food stamp recepients....they usually weight about 250...of yeah, stop the food stamps for illegals also.

Comment by anonamus on February 10, 2014 at 6:53pm

I have a big problem with those who are against anyone proving who they are. I am in my 70's and asked for ID when I purchase beer or tobacco products in my local grocery store. The same holds true in our package stores and when I use any of my credit cards except when I pay for gas at the pump. I'm not sure about McDonalds I

pay cash for my coffee. I cannot deposit or withdraw any of my funds from my bank without scanning my debit card.  So all this talk about disenfranchizing some people is all garbage.

Comment by Barbara Carpenter on February 10, 2014 at 4:52pm

They should have to show an ID.  There is way too much fraud.

Comment by Allen Godin on February 10, 2014 at 4:31pm

I'm glad those who are buying alcohol out there are complying with the law, I can't afford alcoholic beverages, and I'm sure I can't afford a lot of other things you take for granted. Unlike those who have learned to "Work the system", I've never abused money, but even showing GOVERNMENT ISSUED IDENTIFICATION for purchasing alcoholic beverages is a point I will argue against. Has any ID provision of the law stopped a crime?

How many teenaged alcoholics and drug abusers are there in the U.S.? How many people have walked onto Military installations in the recent past and killed Americans? Yes, even in the case of voting, how much fraud was there in the States that require ID in the last election? Would it make a difference when people gripe and complain and do nothing? The Republicans are the ones who accepted the decree of a judge that they couldn't contest the results of elections in 1981 - 82 even if vote fraud is evident, (Check it out Here) so pass all the ID laws you want there's no one to stop the fraud.

Now, if you want to continue to demean others with ID checks to accomplish their daily chores I suggest you think about the consequences of your actions. I for one will never take a job where I can go to jail because the Police State wants to ensure compliance of a bad law to deny people access to a thing without a GOVERNMENT ISSUED IDENTIFICATION CARD and I'm made the Bad Guy because I wasn't paying absolute attention for the State. (I may want to pray for strength to out up with the people I'm trying to serve.)

I can see now that there is no place for Freedom in America. One side will force you to do it their way and then there's the Democrats. Good luck on whatever it is you people think you want by trashing anyone else trying to raise the plight of the innocent and not working to create a nation where a man can create his own job because of the tons of regulations he has to overcome to comply with your wishes. 

The next time you read a post about how Democrats and Republicans are the same think about which one you are because I've gone beyond the petty politics of greed and corruption and I embrace Liberty. How we will get there if everyone is not included? For a people who are sick of taxes, you certainly make it the point of your existence. What will you do if no one pays taxes anymore? How will you measure the worth of your fellow citizen?

OK, I've had my red faced moment. But I'll conclude with a thought. Should churches pay taxes, or are they just leaches? I want to know where we're drawing the line before I continue to advocate for charities.

By the way, count me as a disgusted Veteran who apparently wasted 7 years for those too lazy to serve their nation.

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