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NOTE- I'm finally getting my bearings back after leaving back in Sept.

For those who are involved elsewhere on the "w.w.w." I wish to help you either allieviate, or prevent problems with your personal information becoming too accessible. I am NOT faultfinding! This has become as critical as getting rid of the current regime squatting in the whitehouse. Those PAN members who remember me from early in 2011, may already know that PRIVACY is a hot button with me.

Even if you make a blog "private" or for "friends only", that can be compromised if the friend has contacts outside the protective umbrella, and may inadvertently provide your info elsewhere by a post or (as WP likes to call it)  a "reblog". I hesitate to even mention things such as my home city. Once on the web, IT IS OUT THERE, and cannot be retreived! Any so-called  "profile" I post is about my position, or stand. I do not put anything I don't want the Gov't to be able to track online.

For my posts on this subject, here are their addresses on WP:  This explains why I came to be on Wordpress

I'd follow up on the reference to startpage!


Technology Gov’t Increasingly Getting Your Private Info From Internet Companies


Posted on October 3, 2011 at 2:59pm by Liz KlimasLiz Klimas

You may know your private information is being collected by sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and more — often you’re giving it license to collect it. But what you may not know is that this information, which has really only become as available and easy to obtain by the government in the last couple decades, is being requested more and more.

And when sites are asked for information from the government or law enforcement, Reuters reports, they essentially have one choice: give it up.

Last week, The Blaze reported Facebook, Twitter and Google are in the midst of figuring out their policies regarding user information and protecting freedom of speech. While Reuters recently interviewed a Web expert detailing the very reason sites like these are developing standards for how and when they’ll share information:

“When the possibility exists for information to be obtained that wasn’t possible before, it’s entirely understandable that law enforcement is interested,” Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf told Reuters in an interview.

“Then the issue would be, what’s the right policy? And that, or course, engenders a lot of debate,” said Cerf, who is recognized as one of the “fathers of the Internet” for his early work in areas including communications protocols and email.

Governments Around the World Turning to Internet Companies for Personal Information

Vint Cerf

Interestingly, the administrative cost for finding and providing this information when requested, Reuters continues, is getting less and less. Google charges $25, Yahoo $20 and Microsoft and Facebook hand it over for free.

Reuters also reports that some governments are even requiring Internet companies to “collect more data and keep it for longer.” Katarzyna Szymielewicz, executive director of Poland’s Panoptykon Foundation, said that the country has a “very controversial data retention regime” requiring data storage for two years.

Online privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian said that Internet companies and telecoms in the United States probably receive 300,000 requests from law enforcement each year.

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