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Chairman Priebus may be in the Driver's Seat but We are the GOP's Ms. Daisy!

I have been reading the comments from the Tea Party movement on new RNC Chairman Priebus. It appears many in the movement are cautious and apprehensive about throwing their support behind the new chairman, especially in light of all that we have experienced at the hands of the GOP/RNC. To those who are concerned, I recommend the review of the comments written by the people who live in Chairman Priebus' own state of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin comments are positive about both the man and his ability to handle the job of chairman.

I have stated in the past, and I continue to believe, that the GOP is the best conservative vehicle available to us right now.  The first equitable and prudent step is to send the vehicle (the GOP) to the body shop!


Why the body shop you ask? In its current condition the RNC/GOP is not sufficient for our purposes. The GOP does not represent our movement's values.  You could say the RINOs in the party confiscated our vehicle and rammed it into a ditch! So, to the body shop it goes for RESTORATION OF THE PARTY.  The engine/Constitution and GOP party principles are in pristine condition.  The real obstacle has been the Rinos behind the wheel. The RINOs battered our vehicle causing it to be stripped of its original pristine condition. The RINOs caused our car to lose its value and endangered the engine.
What is the meaning behind taking the vehicle/GOP to the body shop? It means 'We the People' are the best hope for restoring the Party. We don't simply accept the current condition of the GOP and move forward...we take a stand that states clearly that the Tea Party/ Conservative movement will restore our vehicle to the CLASSIC constitutional principles status the GOP once hailed. The restoring process will require beating out the dents incurred by the Rinos followed by primer and paint. Then we encourage Chairman Priebus and the true conservative elects to take it for a spin at our direction!  

Personally, I refuse to walk away and start over. We cannot build a better mousetrap; other 3rd parties have tried for over 40 years and have not succeeded. I believe WE CAN restore the vehicle and appreciate the value. If we want to win in 2012 and replace Obama and many Senators then we need to become the NEW Conscience of the party. Our last election results where very telling about the power we have to restore this government. We gave the Republicans/GOP power in the House that they have not had for over 80 years.  THE MOVEMENT DID THAT!
After reviewing Chairman Priebus's past experience and all his accomplishments, I truly believe he is someone with whom we can work. We can become HIS CONSCIENCE.  I believe he is sincere in his desire to work with the grassroots movement. Only time will tell if he is strong enough to stand up to the major establishment RINOs and that brings me back to our Precinct strategy. If you want to see major change then YOU need to become Precinct Committeeman. The PC position will enable you to wield the power and influence you need to restore the GOP/vehicle
I am willing to support Chairman Priebus until he gives me a reason to change my decision. I will support the new Congress the same way. This is 2011, the year of accountability and I expect all of you to join me in holding their feet to the fire. I’m a positive person and therefore always hopeful. I still believe we are innocent until proven guilty. I believe everyone makes mistake, however, real character is developed or proven by the way ones handles the errors and how they grow from adversity. I do not believe all Republicans are bad people. I believe there are some really great people in the system trying to do what we have voted them in to do. Up until recently they had little, if any support from the sleeping giant.

Just remember how difficult it is to continue doing the 'right thing' if no one ever notices. It’s even harder if everything you hear is negativity from progressive special interest groups and their media buddies. We are all human and we all need a little kudos from time to time. I recommend that we remember that as we move forward.


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Darla Dawald, National Director

Patriot Action Network

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Comment by Nellie Austin on July 10, 2011 at 9:32pm
Remembere how all the Democrats, Obama, Biden, Geithner and others promised the world would come to an end if the $850,000.00ish TARP was not passed? Well, we didn't get any jobs, we didn't pay off our debt, etc., etc. I truly believe that John Boehner knows what he's talking about and trying to work out for our nation! We must support our Speaker at all costs! In Christ, Nellie Austin
Comment by Letty Bromenschenkel on July 3, 2011 at 10:21am


.. as an  Independent,   I  look  at  every  situation  where a   3rd  party candidate has  been  the  cause for  advancing  the  redical left's  gains ..  the stakes are far too high ..   MN   is an example  .  How the  3rd party has  been  responsible  for  giving  the  radical  left  extremists  control of  a  state and  now  that  once  Great State  has become  a  "WELFARE"  state under Democrat control ..

. The other  party is  satisifed  with  "PLACEHOLDERS"   until they can replace  them with  a  more radical extremist ..  We  error  by not  using  placeholders  as  in  a  cracked  brick  for  building  the  foundation  to  gain  a  foothold ..  When  a  "RINO"  I  bite my tounge  for  using  that  word,   had been  elected ,  we  failed to   immediately  "REPLACE"  that  chair  with a  conservative  in the next  election .. WE  let them  move in ...


RESULTS ..  the  most  radical  corrupted  court  up  n down the  ladder ..   THAT  will  be  the rope than ultimately hangs  us ..   THE  SCOTUS  is  "FOREVER'  .. and  we  allowed the  left  to  stack  the  courts  with the  most  radical  extremists ..  "laws"  congress pass ..   executive orders that  POTUS   signs  can  all be undone .. HOWEVER .. the  radical  rulings of the  COURTS   will  be the  demise  of this nation .  

Comment by Letty Bromenschenkel on July 3, 2011 at 10:07am


Darla, good  job .. 

 Chairman Preibus did  prove himself in turning  WI   "RED"   GOV.  Walker  comes to  mind.. we have him to  thank for  Gov. Walker ..  A conservative  with  amazing political  courage ..  I  am not  even certain  that  anyone  even has an honest  "definition"  for  RINO .. it  is  becoming  an  overused sound  bite  that people  who  are aggitated  about  issues, positions, activities that  they do not even  understand or  have the  ability to  assess  within honest context ..  I too  left the party  15  years ago,  because of the  control by the  "KING MAKERS"   the  old  guard  who  stopped   accepting the voice of the people ..  "THE  DECIDERS"  ..  Rino is  such a  worthless description for the problems within the  Party ..  

 The GOP party has  failed miserably  in keeping the attention of the  people  and  using its voice  on the  critical issues ..  However it is a  framework  that  offers  the best potential for bring  this  country back to basics ..  


I  have  faith  in  Priebus,  I  believe  he is on the same page we are .. We  have to be a wee  bit  patient,  pitch in ..  keep him on  his  game ..  he has a  "MESS"  to  clean up  and he does deserve an honest chance ..  After all .. HE  TURNED  WI    FLAMING  RED ..

Comment by Misterbill on March 21, 2011 at 3:16pm

I am one who, in the past, would gladly have endorsed a third party. I am an independent who, once, was a Republican. The RINO virus that infected many supposed conservative elected officials caused me to strongly favor the establishment of a third party.


I believed then, as I still do, that the reason a thrid aprty would fail is because of those who insisted it would.

 All those concerns were, if not resolved, allayed by the rise of the Tea Party. An excellent compromise. Unite against the RINOs. Hold the GOP to the standards of conservatism and fiscal responsibility and we should wind up with a Congress of officials who live  up to the oath of their office and who will put America's fiscal and economic health first.


There is a long way to go. We still have the likes of Snowe, Collins, Brown, McCain, Lugar and Graham, among others, actively practicing liberal politics, but their numbers, I believe are reducing and their chances to be re-elected are fading.


The Tea Party has done a great job in their short existence. May they strengthen their resolve and their numbers, (I am a member), and continue to hold our conservative officials to conservative principles.


Comment by JOHN W. SAWYER III on March 20, 2011 at 4:03pm

Awwwwwwwww, please; No P.C from the Teaparty. It's" Miss Daisy."


Listen: Neither Republicans (nor Ron Paul) are going to give credence to the Tea Party movement until we hit them between the eyes with a two-by-four. They struggle with a  tax "cut" of a laughable $61 Billion? Are you kidding me? WE represent the wishes of a majority of the American People. We just need more people (like 'moderates' and 'Independents') to come on board. if that means leaving establishment Republicans and Ms. Daisy behind, so be it.When the primary elections come around next year and we TeaParty folks are stuck with the same old roster of clueless "needta" Republican hacks from whom to choose, hold your nose. Or . .. . . .. please take a few minutes to look at one of your own who just needs to be discovered: SAWYER2012.COM

Comment by Moderator~Carl Gottstein on January 27, 2011 at 6:14pm
United We Stand!
Comment by Tanahy Armental on January 21, 2011 at 4:58pm

Very well said darla!  Kudos to you!

N. Director
Comment by Darla Dawald, National Director on January 19, 2011 at 10:31am

While I was traveling on the Tea Party Express tours 2,3,4 I have had many come up to me after the event and say it was because of your emails telling me I needed to get off the couch and become the change I wanted to see so I became a Precinct Committeeman. 


You may think friends and family do not hear your message but don't give up on sending the information to will reach some in time!.

Comment by Richard C. Grimes on January 18, 2011 at 6:26pm

John G. makes a good point.  Since we write the checks,  we should offer solutions and tell them what our expectations are on the various issues.  I have been driving change in corporate America for 20+ years and there are three main parts:

1.  Clearly define the endpoint

2.  Identify options for the transition plan that include timing expectations

3.  Outline the marketing plan or selling points to all stakeholders.   This is the key part, and the most important. 


It should be obvious to all that those currently in Washington do not have all the answers (nor sufficient spine) or drive to impact significant change.  We as taxpayers and donors to the party must start exercising the power of the checkbook and be more demanding of both the party hacks and our elected officials.

Perhaps 12 - 16 "Grassroots Solutions Groups" could be run out of this informal collection of Patriotic Common Sense Conservatives to collect and collate the information.  I bet I'm not the only one that would rather blog about potential solutions than merely complain about the spineless and clueless.  Let's look forward and make are expectations known.



Comment by robert c, kammerdiener on January 17, 2011 at 8:34pm
you are right we can not sleep we must keep a watchful eye on those we have elected

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