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Larry Holland commented on Larry Holland's blog post To All Those That Lifted A Finger To Call Congress- KUDOS and Congratulations!
"Well, this was certainly short-lived. Now there is reports that because of House rules Boehner may be forced to stay, and just this morning the news is saying since the front runner left, Boehner will stay on indefinitely!. Is this not the workings…"
21 minutes ago
Red_Dirt posted a blog post
More Orwellian "transformation" ahead. Congress' response will be what?Here's one you'd have to dig deep in the media to learn about. Thanks to the Breitbart team, at least we have an inkling.Obama's UN Domestic Police ForceObama Administration and…
51 minutes ago
Rudy posted a blog post
 The Front Page Cover "I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened".Featuring:Our Navy, our destinyGeroge Will."Know who you are standing with""Show me your friends and I'll show you your future"~~~lll~~~. HOW LONG CAN RAND STAND?   To hav…
1 hour ago
Rudy commented on Rudy's blog post Thursday ~ The Front Page Cover
Anyway that we can help is so rewarding to us. Hopefully you are clear now and will spread it among your unwanted miss guided friends. Maybe they'll wake up before its to late. God bless."
1 hour ago
MOTUS posted a discussion
We don’t know exactly what happened, all we know is that the attack left at least one man down.By all accounts it was an “alcohol fueled” incident related to “nightlife”  shenanigans. Little is known about the perpetrators at this point butt apparen…
2 hours ago
Craig Andresen posted a blog post
By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.netOver the past several months, I have been told, many times, that ours is a CHRISTIAN nation…and that our Constitution most definitely reflects that as fact.Noth…
4 hours ago
george gabriel commented on Craig Andresen's blog post Gun Control and the Liberal/Socialist Collective
"Obumba didn't say it could have been my son, this time! there are over 300 murders in obumbas home state, and he is going to promote gun control. a few days late. But what about the black lives that where lost on the streets of Chicago, don't…"
8 hours ago
Elizabeth Arsenault commented on Rudy's blog post Thursday ~ The Front Page Cover
"Don't get me started on Iran and this nuclear deal.  Obama is not all there in his head.  I can't believe what is happening and then I watch Putin and he confuses me.  He's shifty. He reminds me of one of my step-fathers.  He had two personalities.…"
10 hours ago

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