With all the publicity can Zimmerman get a fair trial? I don't think so, and here's why. 1) The media has milked this for everything it's worth. 2) The public is in fear of what would happen if Zimmerman would be found not guilty or acquitted. 

3) The trial has already been influenced by President Obama and Erik Holders office. So for these three reasons I don't feel Zimmerman can get a fair trial.

Will this be another Rodney King result? Violence, burning the cities, riots? By the way, Rodney King has spoken out about the Trayvon Martin in the LA Times:


Dr. Manning of ATLAH is speaking out against Zimmerman and the so called RACE issue also: Cold blooded vicious murder...


What do you think?

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Comment by tom dodd on April 15, 2012 at 12:53am


...I DO hope if there is rioting, that there's some way to charge Sharpton and others for inciting a riot...


Comment by Lonnie William Lynch on April 15, 2012 at 12:27am

If anything were to go wrong, like rioting in the state off Florida I would blame all of those that had a hand in the lies that came out from the beginning of this mess. Al Sharpton and his ilk, The New Black Panthers, the Governor of Florida for not getting envolved and moving the agitators out of the state, and for allowing a special prosicutor to not use the grand jury.. There have been many thing that have been done wrong or not done at all.. and everyone of them have been politicaly motivated... and that is just BS !!!

Comment by Ron Erni on April 14, 2012 at 9:53pm

Mr. Zimmerman will be buried under the jail regardless if he is guilty or innocent. The media has already tried and convicted him re; Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Anderson and the rest of the far left have done a bang up job of that. But the real reason is not because of the certainty of black rioting. It's the fear that white's have tired of this double standard of "racism". If the blacks go beyond burning down their own neighborhoods and businesses in their "communities" and venture out of that comfort zone they will be met by a sleeping giant. I live in Florida and can tell you of many cases involving young black males killing white residents, tourists and law enforcement officers. There were 2 high profile cases like this going on just as the Martin/Zimmerman case exploded but not a peep from the media on those stories. Right now Sanford is a powder keg, if Zimmerman is found not guilty or there is a mistrial, anything but guilty then you can expect a race war that could escalate across this state and even the country. This is not L.A., there won't be any pulling of whites from the vehicles and drop kicking their heads before smashing a concrete block on it afterwards. In this state, much to the disdain of the Progessive Party (a term taken directly from the Socialist Party) 9 out of 10 homeowners owns a firearm as this is not a police state like N.J., MA., N.Y. Here the 2nd Amendment is recognized. Before anyone screams these are the words of a Southern born Republican, they're right! But also remember well over 2/3 of this states population comes from somewhere else, primarily the northeast. Should this go bad, the blood will be on the hands of Al Sharpton and all the other race baiters who have done their best to make a bad situation even worse. The only ones that have shown the faith of true Christians are Trayvon's parents and my sympathies go out to them as well as my prayers. As they have said, this is not a white, black, hispanic, latino or asian thing and I agree with them. Hopefully the justice system will prevail.

Comment by Sandy Barringer on April 14, 2012 at 9:49pm

Will Zimmerman get a fair trial?   No.  I've followed this event from the beginning, and the facts were never told, only lies by the media.   I had to dig and dig to find the facts about this case.   Since the PD, after 5 hours of talking with Zimmerman, let him go, that shows that the PD determined that Zimmerman had acted under the law.   This should have been the end of this incident, period.   When the Feds stepped in, I knew Zimmerman was going to be hung out to dry--for following the gut instinct  of defending himself.  .   Excuse me, but since when is a criminal case that is under local police jurisdiction suddenly a Federal issue?   No Federal law was broken.   This is when the governor of the State should have stepped in and demanded respect for state sovereignty, and if sovereignty wasn't respected by the Feds, then the gov should have called out his police forces and state guard.  Many of our State governors need to be demanding respect for state sovereighty or running Feds out.   The Feds don't have Constitutional right to be doing this.  But, the blacks made such a fuss, and we have a black in the Whitehouse,   so what do you expect? 

     Either way this verdict turns out, we are all going to be dealing with blacks bent on making trouble.   If Zimmerman is acquitted,  the blacks are likely to riot and tear the place up because they didn't get their way.   If Zimmerman is convicted,  the blacks will then get so uppity and self-righteous  that they are going to be knocking all non-blacks into the gutter, and worse, and thinking they can get away with it--because they just did.  Either way, we'll have to watch our backs.  There is no good at all that can come out of this mess.   In my neighborhood and State, we are watching the blacks closely and anticipating trouble no matter which way this goes.  

Comment by tom dodd on April 14, 2012 at 1:53am


...THE ONES wearing the suits are the most dangerous...


Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 14, 2012 at 1:50am

There are thugs wearing hoodies and then there are thugs wearing three piece suits.  The ones wearing three piece suits have mostly given themselves titles Like THE REVEREND ** ******** , usually of some supposed Christian Christian denomination that was invented for the purpose of convincing people that they are under the subjugation of "the man", while insuring their subjugation by the enemy of man.  Then there are the thugs wearing paramilitary clothing and carrying a baton, who will be glad to take over where THE REV.s left off.  All this overseen by the administration of the first black president.

Thank the real God for sensible, black citizens and voters who are not being taken in by these noisy race hustlers.

Comment by PETER D SOWATSKEY on April 13, 2012 at 9:50pm

I like Wes Mc Kay's comment on page three.  Assuming he has it right we, I think, can do a few more things than he suggests.  Though I am in agreement with his points.

We can contact our county emergency center; ask them what kind of a plan they have in place?

We can also go to a meeting on the city or township council and ask them what their plan is and who is their contact with the county office?  Also ask them how many weeks they can feed the nieghborhoods when the grocery stores close?

Local firehalls are part of any plan.  Stop there and ask what you can do if an emergency occurs.

Communications will eventually be a problem.  Get your Ham Radio license, at least the first level (there's three levels.)  A two-meter radio costs less than $100.00 antenna and all.

The idea here is to not be the only one trying to hold off the Mongol Hordes.  Get help.  The people helping don't have to agree with your politics.  They just have to help.  Everybody who writes on these pages can take charge.  Take charge!

Peter Sowatskey  amazon.com/kindle/greenergreen

ps  Get ABSENTEE BALLOTS for the elderly in your circle come NOV

Comment by Lonnie William Lynch on April 13, 2012 at 1:07pm

I think that you are correct tom dodd, let do it the Korean way, those folks know how to send a direct and real message that they were not to be fooled with.. Lets acquit the man and bring out the guns on any and all rloters.  That is an area where we could stand to learn a few things.. We have always been too easy on those folks !!

Comment by Karla Payne on April 13, 2012 at 12:44pm

Check your headline: you mean "fair," not fare.

Comment by tom dodd on April 13, 2012 at 12:33pm


"He will not be acquitted."

...I FEAR you are correct, Garry...


"An acquittal would spark an uprising that would make the Rodney King incident look like a Sunday picnic."

...THIS IS also probably true... IF SO, then perhaps we should take a page out of the King Riots and do what the Korean businessmen did:  arm themselves and then shoot all looters and trespassers on sight!  DIDN'T take long before the rioters stayed away from the Korean section of town...


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