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I’ve been hearing it since Friday night. I heard it ALL weekend, I can hear it still...


At first I couldn’t figure out what it was. I searched EVERYWHERE. I even looked to the sky for answers. I looked behind trees, mounds of dirt, and buildings on my property, everywhere… trying to locate the noises I couldn’t get out of my head.


Finally after searching frantically for hours, I figured out it was a combination of sounds…


Sometimes it is a distant clicking sound. Click, click, click, click… Sometimes it is a sucking sound like a bathtub draining an overflowing capacity of water. Then suddenly the sound becomes a constant hummmmm…. hummmmm… hummmmm…, a never ending noise that just seems to go on and on and on until my very teeth vibrate in my head. As nightfall comes, the noise undeniably turns into a sound that can only be compared to the muffled cry of a human in agony!


It is so eerie, so mysterious, so freakin’ irritating, that just after a few hours I was quite sure I would just flip out and someone would discover me huddled in my hiding place in a crouched position scratching in the dirt while rocking back and forth mumbling to myself…


Then, I figured it out.


The clicking sound is the stock market clicking off losses as I witness America’s decline into an undeniable depression that will in turn force the rest of the world into a global depression as well…


The sucking sound is the middle class’s life earnings being sucked away into a deep, dark, bottomless pit…


The constant hummmmm is only Tim Geithner… Tim Geithner and his printing machine… it has become overheated and has started to hum loudly as he desperately stands by shoving blank paper into as fast as he can trying to offset this nightmare as he feverishly prints more American Dollars…


Last but not least, but possibly the most disconcerting of all, is the sound I can only compare to the muffled cry of a human in agony. It’s our ancestors… Ancestors from every American generation waling in unison from beyond the grave as they bare witness to what we are doing to this once great Nation. Their wails of agony can be clearly heard as they watch everything they worked for, died for, and spent their entire lives building, crumble to our feet in an unrecognizable heap of ruin. Our ancestor’s wails of agony and despair can now be heard long into the night.


As we all stand amongst the moral decay and financial ruin we have created, 70% of the American population has become either agnostic, Illegal, Socialist, Communist, or simply completely ignorant… Ignorant to what is transpiring right before their eyes. They all stand doe-eyed and confused while we stand strong and resolute. For you see Patriot, we can hear the cries of our ancestors while they can not. We can feel their agony as they watch this once great Nation become a third world country.


What will we do when the ONLY employed Americans are employed by the federal government? What will we do when we find ourselves at the mercy of this government due to joblessness? What will we do when we are forced to turn to government social programs just to survive?


Is this scenario “their” overall plan? Is their plan to convince us all, through bankruptcy and joblessness, that we can't survive without this oppressive government? Are we going to be forced to choose between personal freedom and survival? Is that why I can so clearly hear the wails of agony and despair of our Forefathers?

We are becoming slaves to our government so quickly; I can almost feel the weight of the chains and smell the iron from which they are made...





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Comment by Jay Kay JK on October 8, 2012 at 6:01pm

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Comment by Michele King on August 9, 2011 at 6:11pm
@Catl8dy - Praying for Wisconsin today, praying that the recalled Senators are able to stand firm (and in place!) against this recall. 
Comment by DeDe Athey on August 9, 2011 at 5:50pm


Good luck today, we're all watching... and praying. This is a very important vote to us all.

Comment by Catl8dy on August 9, 2011 at 4:59pm

We're voting today in Wisconsin.

We're voting to keep our recalled  courageous Senators who voted to balance Wisconsin's budget.

We're voting to keep a majority in the legislature and ultimately to keep Gov. Scott Walker who HAS BALANCED Wisconsin's budget.

Where has the sanity gone?

I can't believe the "sheeple" still believe "the one".

I am hearing the same sounds as the author of this article.

Comment by Sandra C. Kessler on August 9, 2011 at 11:22am
Yes we are going to have to choose suvival by fighting for freedom. For we can not survive without freedom. With out survival we can not fight for freedom. So even with all this technology we may have to do underground freedom swell that is in plain sight. For the best way to hide something is to do it in plain sight. Double talk--sounds like our government but it is not. Those that know things must teach it to those who do not.
Comment by DeDe Athey on August 9, 2011 at 8:09am

Delite Gaddie,

Thanks for your support. Of course, not all here agree with you, but that’s okay.

My Daddy is 87 years old. When I look at him and my Mom it reminds me what this fight is all about. They worked hard, very hard, and passed to me a Country that was in reasonably good shape. And now as I look at what I am about to hand off to my children I find it shameful that somewhere along the way I dropped the ball because I was so involved in acquiring “stuff”.

Yes, I will agree we are slowing them down when we throw up road-blocks, but we all know that is not enough. We must find a way to STOP them, take control, and change course. As with all things, there’s a big difference in how some of us measure the success of this journey we are on.

Comment by DeDe Athey on August 9, 2011 at 7:40am


We pay for the schools. How does that make you feel? Like all things, WE ARE PAYING THEM TO DO THIS!!! Now, that SHOULD make you sick, how ironic…

Pulling the children out would be a babysitting nightmare however I have heard myself say, "if I had kids in school being taught for the most part by a bunch of socialists and environmentalist who are advising the children that their parents and grandparents are part of WHAT’S WRONG with this County instead of what we learned growing up, which is RESPECT your parents, I might find myself on a schedule with other concerned parents taking turns sitting in the classroom EVERY SINGLE DAY"... but that's just me.

I am sorry that our children are being robbed of their already short childhood. Our children are our future, throughout history this is one variable that has never changed. We are being robbed each time a teacher successfully brain washes yet another child. Again, another perfect example of how we have been completely unaware of what was really going on around us. It’s not about readin’, writtin’ and arithmetic anymore.

Comment by Delite Gaddie on August 9, 2011 at 4:16am

This is a terrific article!

You summed up my feelings exactly. Of course, our ancestors are crying for this nation that they built for us. It is being destroyed by socialist in the government. Heaven help us!

Comment by Marianne Hart on August 9, 2011 at 1:29am
We have to pull all parents and grandparents together into another group and get them all to keep their kids out of the schools this year. It's the only way to stop what's coming down the line. God Help them!
Comment by DeDe Athey on August 9, 2011 at 1:18am


Marianne Hart,

I didn’t understand it either so don’t beat yourself up, few of us understood what was going on right under our nose, otherwise this never would have happened in the first place.

You’re right about the Regulations and Mandates. Also watch the Executive Orders that are being signed. Chaos, they want utter chaos.

Don’t panic… except for protecting your children if you have any K-12. They are definitely after the kids. They want to steal their innocence. It wasn’t so long ago that these “teachers” would have been arrested off the streets for what they are going to be teaching the children now in school. Age appropriate means nothing to these sick people.

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