BREAKING NEWS! DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE RESPONSE? 37 Page's Forcing Nun's To Accept Abortion?

Just how EVIL...with a Capital E, is the Obama Administration's division of Department of Justice? The response from a sentence from a Supreme Court Justice, is being forced, in bypassing a mandate against religious organizations, specifically 'The Little Sisters of the Poor', to have to accept abortion as normal and ethical.

This is just breaking, and I'm sure more will have more than I have at this time. Fill free to add to this.

One of the LARGEST PUSHES AGAINST CHURCHES, and commonsense...God, please bring Your power of love and life to these murderers of love and life. Bring shame on their hearts, and through Your heart, conviction on MILLIONS to stand.

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Comment by Eileen G. Jones on January 3, 2014 at 7:20pm

We are in a time of Sodom and marriage, pro abortion, anti Christian and Jew, removing of crosses and the ten commandments from our public view, taking away our first amendment rights of FREEDOM of religion, sexual proclivity, perversion, pedophlia...I mean how much is GOD going to put up with before he brings down the hammer of wrath on us ??????

Comment by RAMJR on January 3, 2014 at 1:11pm


This hits home for me, in so many ways. First, a have a sister who was adopted from an adulterous relationship. The woman had a love for the mistake she made, in sin, but saw through the life she held responsible in her actions. That is dealing with shame, restitution and discipline, in a way this world just doesn't think any more. Instead the, the excuse and exploitation of women, and children, are the normality...especially assisted through government, and the expansion of immorality.

My sister now is married and has two beautiful children.

I have another sister. Not adopted. And through her sexual immaturity and ignorance and pride, got pregnant and had an abortion. She came to the family, after the fact.

She was not supposed to be able to have children, after that...but, once again, in not having sexual maturity, she got pregnant...but chose to have her son, while her boyfriend was in jail.

I would have hoped she would have seen her older sister, in the actions she took...but she didn't.

She still hasn't learned she isn't mature enough to have that value in her in sin, and aided by my mother in catering to her grandchild.

I didn't want to get close to him...because my sister uses people...and he would become a tool for her.

This is something I am dealing the fact I am supposed to forgive...but in doing so, have gotten used even more by her actions, using him against me. He would have been better off adopted...but I'm afraid she would not have chosen that opportunity.

My sister has had many medical problems, due to the abortion...and a doctor friend of mine said that because of many women turning to immoral lifestyles, many diseases are increasing. Cervical cancer for one.

The clarity of why God made ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, IN MARRIAGE FOR LIFE, shows many medical benefits also, let alone sexual morality.

It amazes me, the men I know from my past growing up, and the fantasies they hold onto in comparing their wives, or women their husbands, a fantasy, or past...over the reality covenanted to God in marriage.

An estimated 35% of all abortions, come from those claiming to be Christians and or followers of God.

This goes much farther than just one man, women's 'rights' or sexual immorality....this is the key to Satan's expansion, through the next generation enslaved to the value of government....that can claim to be 'Christian', as most will...but will see the pit of hell one day. in the reality, even calling themselves ministers, pastors, preachers, priests, etc.

That value is taught, from an early age. Watched, daily on cable, in magazines, in the paper, from movies and celebrities that get married one day...and the next day divorced, not even knowing God doesn't recognize ANY marriage, outside the first, of a man and women, unless of adultery or death in their division.

Sorry, going further than I wanted, but sexual immorality is a lot bigger, in what God put in place, and we compromise into 'lifestyle' and 'legalism's.

God Bless

Comment by jan on January 3, 2014 at 12:42pm

When I reflect on this dilemma, I ask myself.....When the people voted in an administration that says we are not a Christian nation, will God come to our aid or will he let us go the way of Rome.  It is too bad that citizens of the USA have forgotten their roots of a Christian Nation and forgot what happens when you elect a person who is at least a Marxist or possible facist.  We need to look back into our souls.  This can only be done by a nation not an individual as the Nation spoke in the last election.

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