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The way things are right now, the Tea Party is going nowheres. The election was certainly a heads up, and the issues we've been pushing lately are not gaining any traction..except with us. Benghazi is yesterday's news. If the NRA & Tea Party people had supported a way to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unbalanced instead of a unrealistically costly armed guard at every school, we'd gain some real influence...besides there have been shootings at theaters and other places.

I have an issue many of you could support and that is bipartisan...if thousands of  Tea Party people support it, we can claim as it our own...besides my being its author...and it will do wonders for our it is.

The policy of many doctors & medical facilities (or any service business) to demand a blank check; that refuses to reveal prices before service is received & incurring obligation to pay, is arrogant, unethical and must be outlawed. Undoubtedly the blank check demand inflates the cost of medical care and impoverishes millions of patients who are cash payers, pay a percentage of the bill, receive a service uncovered by insurance, and anyone with increased insurance premiums due to medical care inflation. The blank check demand  is often made at a time when the patient is desperately seeking pain relief. To do so is akin to extortion.  Should an agreement signed by the patient, under duress, to pay any amount, chosen by the doctor or hospital, be legally binding? The scope of what is legally binding in a contract is NOT unlimited. You cannot sign a contract to have someone murdered. You cannot sign a contract to sell yourself into slavery, a form of unlimited liability. And you should not be able to sign a contract or have one forced upon you to accept the unlimited liability of a blank check. That's unethical because no one has unlimited wealth and it is dishonest to pretend you can pay any amount.

That's part of the overview at

If you agree, please go there and sign the petition. Please pardon me for using a very liberal website to advance my own interest and justice. The petition has provisions for situations, both when the service is known in advance and when it is that doctors cannot reasonable object.

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