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Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair - includes video links - adult comments by Larry

I received this today from a friend.   If this is true, this is a big WOW regarding Barack Obama.


After clicking on the download link below, play the video below the picture of a young Barack Obama and his friend, Larry Sinclair.   If you have not heard of Larry Sinclair before, you are about to meet him when you see this video clip.


Here is the book he wrote about his affair with Barack Obama -



Where is the Main Stream Media that virtually crucified former President Bill Clinton for his involvement with a young Intern by the name of Monica Lewinski?

Click the link below the picture of Obama and his Ex on The Blogmocracy:

or…. on You Tube  - 

Well, the pieces to this puzzle are starting to fit together.   I don't believe the DNC can be very proud of their vetting process.   Wonder how soon this will be pulled from the Internet?

This quite amazing, that someone would video these accusations.   His life must be in serious danger, even if the story is false.

If there is any truth to this it should cause a s*** storm.   If it were about anyone other than Obama I'd say his goose was cooked, but never forget who we are dealing with.

I bet no media, except the Internet, will even mention this, let alone report on it. Notice how close the two men are sitting on the couch.  I agree with one of the comments posted:  I have never sat that close to another guy unless I was in a crowded train, etc. With plenty of other space, most men who are not homosexuals, will never sit that close to another man in such a casual setting.  This guy doesn't look like some Republican henchman.  Watch the video and decide for yourself.

The drug use is another separate issue.   The man on the video is willing to publicly submit to a polygraph regarding his allegations.   You would think that BHO could at least call the man a liar if his allegations are not true.


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Comment by ken on April 26, 2012 at 2:56am

ya know obama created this story to get the gay vote,he's a gay pimp,he's a womens right pimp,he thinks he's americas pimp,and he's laughing at the people who fall for his phonyness,this is the kenyen who came to america to get a good laugh,but 7 more months and it will be over,and maybe some fine day africa and all the ''poor'' blacks in this country will own up to their responsibilitys and bring things back to right,until then the bill will keep piling up,and they will pay wether they want to or not.............

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