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Greetings Fellow Americans. I am honored to write to you.I have made the suggestion that "Arrest Obama For Treason" needs to be the new national battle cry! If it were just me saying that I would never suggest such a thing but the fact is I hear it from almost everybody I run into. ( in all walks of life, standing in line at the store and everywhere I go ) I hear this from many people that voted for him, I don't even bring it up, they just say "I voted for him and now I think he should be arrested for treason" This is so common place it is not even funny! I urge you to put in your own search of "Reasons Obama Is Guilty Of Treason" on the net ! READ THEM! Most make so much sense it will amaze you! So here is a suggestion for helping along what needs to be done: (And I should add this needs to be done without hate. Hate just gets in the way of what you need to do)If all "Tea Party" and other groups would just chant this (Peacefully) a few times at each meeting then tape it and send in the videos to as much media as you can this would have quite an impact! Please, organizers of tea parties, this is something you may want to think about. It would be very simple to do and what an effect! It would look like there is a national cry to arrest him and they would be right, there is! I hear it every day from all walks of life, all races, just about everybody I run into. So lets quit being so wimpy and get it going. Just remember to chant loudly (But peacefully) at all meetings, "Arrest Obama for treason! - Arrest Obama for treason ! - Arrest Obama for treason! and get it on tape. Oh and remember, just speak the truth without fear.
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Mary commented on Eric Odom's blog post August 2016 GOP Primary Pre-Debate Poll – PLEASE VOTE!
"I'm for Trump.  He is not beholden to anyone.  He couldn't do worse than Obama"
10 minutes ago
Eric Odom posted a blog post
The first national 2016 GOP Primary Debate is coming up this week and we’re running a special pre-debate poll to see where readers stand. We’ll run the same poll/survey after the debate to see if candidates won or lost support as a result of the deb…
1 hour ago
Larry Holland posted a blog post
This is the 3rd and final in a series of information on Americans who rose to greatness in their time and took the necessary steps and hard work to become great and inspire a nation with their courage and bravery and devotion to country. This is Gen…
1 hour ago
Larry Holland commented on Virgil Pattarino's blog post Enjoying The New Tyranny
"Virgil, I couldn't agree more. It's not quite that bad here in Ohio, but we have our share of useful idiots. Our Governor, Ksuck, keeps living in the past when he was a Jr. Senator from DC and passed a budget, all he is now is an Obama enabler RINO.…"
2 hours ago
MOTUS posted a discussion
I guess Barry didn’t have time to read my post yesterday about Global-Climate-Warming-Change being a hoax. Tomorrow he’s planning to go ahead and lower the boom on coal plants (just like he promised) with yet another historic stroke of his pen:The E…
3 hours ago
Guardian Eagle commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Thank God Mr Cruz is in Washington
"Great blog my friend, keep up the good work"
4 hours ago
Rudy posted a discussion
Demand the DocumentsStephen F. Hayes and Williams Kristol..     {} ~ To paraphrase Lincoln, if we could first know where Iran is and whither Iran is tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it. To evaluate the…
4 hours ago
Virgil Pattarino posted a blog post
I don’t know about the state you live in, but here in California, it’s like living in an occupied country. It is almost as if a conquering army invaded our state in the middle of the night and eliminated our representative government. And if the Mar…
13 hours ago

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