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As I prepared to write this months article I felt a bit saddened, and found myself fighting back thoughts that we may  well be on the crux of the Memorial service for the American way of life many of us were fortunate enough to know as children and young adults. A way of life where we were proud to earn  what we had and even to go to the corner store and trough our earnings buy something to reward ourselves, maybe a soda or a candy bar or a snack of some kind. A time void of CD's, cell phones, and so many other items the new generation could not live without. Today I heard they were going to remove the white coral rocks on the way to Kona where so many tourists and many local folks arranged the white rocks on the dark rocks sharing their name and the undying dedication to a loved one or just placed their name. This now proclaimed eye sore was an iconic part of the trip from Hilo to Kona. It appears that someone has more money then they know what to do with and maybe if they would donate it to peoples needs it would serve a much more significant cause. Of course the realization that the minority has the ability to tell all us working stiffs what is an eye sore and what is not. I know this is seemingly insignificant to many, but this was something generation after generation would return to see their friends, families and lovers names on the rocks. Just one more agenda item that is being destroyed in the name of progress. What other shrines are going to be destroyed?


Yesterday I heard the story where one young boy of around nine was told with the rest of his class to draw a town and in the town draw in all the stores and shops as well. The young boy draws in all the shops and stores and then when the Teacher checked it she was shocked to see he had drawn a picture of a gun shop.When asked where the young man wanted to place the gun shop he told them he wanted a gun shop next to the school so if he continued to be bullied and harassed he would be able to get a gun and let the folks harassing him see what it feels like. Well, next day, the young boy comes back to class and the Police come and carry him off to a Psychiatrist. Come to find out this was not sanctioned by the school, the Teacher happened to be married to a Police Officer and she had him come take the child out of school and have him evaluated on the authority of the Teacher and himself. In the interim the child was traumatized, the school had no clue what was going on. If the Teacher was so much in fear because of things and events that had occurred in the mainland she should have taken the child to the School Counselor and the Counselor should be educated enough to know if there actually was a problem and it should have been their call whether the child should have been referred to a Psychiatrist, after discussing it with the parents.

Are the educators so in fear of their young students that they cannot think clearly so they overreact and actually create a more serious problem? Did the parents give up all their rights as have most of us because of Homeland Security and recent laws taking away our freedoms due to fear and a government hell bound on placing us under martial law? Hello Folks wake up and smell the coffee! Where is our America? Our forefathers of the revolution would be rolling over in their graves if they could see us now. I in no way like politics and must admit I have a personal disdain for money and power hungry Politicians, but I do feel we need less government and more self governing. It is time to downsize Federal Government and give back states rights!

Everything the Government touches turns out bad, look at HUD housing, we now have the more slum Lords then we ever had before HUD housing. Look at Department of Education, when will we admit it has failed seriously and is sucking us dry eliminate it and privatize, Charter schools provide a better education with less students and more Teachers who get a better wage. TSA, a real joke and a serious drain on our people, let the military do this job, they are already trained and the cost will not increase yearly. Entertainment, who needs a federal agency for entertainment? If you do not like a program at the movies or on Television, don't watch it, we don't need a government agency to tell us we do not have the freedom to watch it of not. Then there is all the monies expended to operate Green Harvest, how frigging ridiculous! I personally feel this is only a plot to keep the prices of the marijuana high so those in positions within the legal system and political offices  can ensure higher profits. There can be no other reason for the efforts to eradicate Marijuana that I can see, there are more issues with legal alcohol then there could ever be with Marijuana! Now I heard some advertisements about the harmful effects of Marijuana that mirror the scare tactics of the sixties and the sad reality is mainstream society knows these are blatant lies and deception.


What ever happened to We the People and our constitution? What came of our fourth amendment rights? Why did and and so many of us Veterans go off to war leaving our families and loved ones behind putting our lives on the line in the name of freedom when we are merely free to think we are free? When you doubt this be aware your computer, phone and personal conversations may be being monitored and you have no say about it!


On a brighter note, I now have two books on line with amazon e-books, check them out and by on means read them, all the funds go to a worthy cause!


Seriously Concerned!






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Comment by Col. Charles E. Sanders, PhD on April 2, 2012 at 7:14pm

Dearest Juanita,

Ironically my book is titled Welcome Home Vietnam by Col Chuck Sanders. I have asked Darla to have it placed on the Patriot Action site, if i could get one tenth of the people what areprofessed members to purchase the book I could contine ti do our mission under our 501c3 non-profit corporation without having to deal with the government agencies who didtate who you can and can't help. 

Yes your Children's Father is right, Once an Marine always a Marine! We are hard to love and hard not to love, we are mostly dedicated to our country and most of us have attitudes. I believe the only way we can progress is to regress. What I mean is downsize government get back states rights, eliminate the unnecessary and failed dead weight agencies. Return to Mom and Pop shops where they bought local sold local hired local and polkiced the area. We did not need the para-military Police forces that control and observe us, the mom and p[op shops policed the area and protected and served us. A return to basic manners, like yes mam, no mam yes sir no sir and respect for women like opening door, pulling out chairs for them. Make students in school earn their diploma, don't be afraid to fail them if they fail to perform.  The pledge of alligience in school and pray never hurt anyone. If the children screw up, bust their little asses! If they want something let them go out and work and earn it they will appreciate what ever it is more!

My book tells what it was like from my experience being in a war as a young infantryman. Making life and death decisions for others when you are 19 years old and in change. Yes I believe this is the only way to return the nation to it's glory and strength.

Of course this may not make me a very pop[ular person, but then in reality I could really care less! THis is my opinion and I am sticking to it! If my spelling is a bit off so what! The content is more important anyhow and I feel confident my point is gotten across!


Semper FI!


Comment by Juanita Padberg on April 1, 2012 at 5:18pm

Col. Saunders, Thank you for your service, and if no one has told you "Welcome Home".  My children's father was (is) a Marine.  He always says, "Once a Marine, Always a Marine". He too served in Vietnam 1967-1968.

What you have written is all so true.  I no longer recognize the America I grew up in. I know the cellphones, computers, all the extra channels on TV are suppose to be progress, but I wonder some times, if that progress is really good or right for us.

I have grown children, and grown grandchildren.  I have great-grandchildren, and unless things change now, they NEVER have a chance of growing up in a FREE AMERICA.!! My Daddy died 40 some years after WWI. He was wounded twice there, and died as a result of his shrapnel, he carried all those years, moving, hitting his heart and killing as though he was shot all over again.  I don't want the America my Daddy died for to disappear for ever.  I don't know what the solution is, but I WILL NOT LIVE IN A NON-FREE SOCIETY!!

Comment by Col. Charles E. Sanders, PhD on March 31, 2012 at 3:12pm

Dear Robert,

Thanks for taking time to read my article, like it attempts to get the point across, We the people need to take a stand and now to prevent just a event as I described, but it won't happen by sitting back and talking about it It won't happen by trying to pick apart articles that have a message or being concerned if something is misspelled! After twenty years in the Marines I do not give up, but I will bring to the attention of Americans what I see happening.



Comment by Robert James Burkholder on March 31, 2012 at 7:44am

I wear a simple pin I fashioned a year ago-after some common thief in his misguided passion stole  the Mojave Desert Cross Memorial from Sunrise Rock -in a fit of rage  over something Justice Kennedy had said in Salazar v. Buono.of that Memorial . PUT OUR CROSS BACK Mojave Desert Memorial 1934-2010 STOLEN. I will not hold my  breath  waiting for someone else to do the right thing and put our cross back. What matters is it was put there by men like John Riley Bembry To honor  the dead of all Wars(and especially, no doubt ,those of WW I ) There is now a record of court cases where our constitution has been misconstrued by the very people entrusted with its defense. And our Memorials are being removed. The new Memorials are more a tribute to that failed soviet Communist system -as noted by the kin of "Ike " Eisenhower and a planned Memorial purporting to honor her dad,yet reflecting the very system he opposed. Camp smith Cross, Schofeild Barracks Cross at KoleKole Pass, the Mojave Cross, Mt.Soledad , The Memorial on Big Mountain in Montana -tribute to the 10th Mountain  Div. troops of WW II. Once accepted for what they are--Now deemed politically incorrect. What has happened to us indeed. " appeal to arms,and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us! ... We are not weak ,if we make a proper use of the means  which the God of nature hath placed in our power.Three Millions of people armed in the Holy cause of Liberty,and in such a Country as that which we possess ,are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us....." If Patrick Henry wasn't a Marine  he sure spoke like a Patriot.  We have forgotten what we posses. Have stayed too long in the supine. We have set the Code taken  when we were soldiers and Young upon a shelf with our boxes of mementos. We have forgotten --or neglected "I will Never surrender of my own free will...."  I will Not have any Memorial service until after I am dead and  cannot rise to the occasion. Neither should we have one for our Country till she is dead and forever gone.

Comment by Col. Charles E. Sanders, PhD on March 31, 2012 at 3:01am

I am so happy and humbled to receive all the good constructive comments from so many folks. Semper Fi ! to those who will understand and  may we all work together for the good of America adn our way of life!



Comment by Marc Jeric on March 31, 2012 at 1:48am

Good write-up, Doctor!

Comment by Robert L. (Bob) Green, Jr. on March 31, 2012 at 12:53am


Chuck, I could provide a litany of very serious issues that are either the direct or indirect result of leftist policies and the 2008 presidential election.  Too many Americans were totally duped by the pretty snake oil salesman; and, his promised "hope and change" morphed into "hopeless change!"  The following quote from a commenter on another site "nails it!" 


"Modern liberalism, as embodied in the Obama presidency, is the defender of the status quo. And the status quo is a road to economic ruin.  Political forces cannot redistribute the wealth that the economic system does not produce.  As for today’s liberals, it takes a dedicated species of moral cowardice to cling to an ideology that they have to know doesn’t benefit America in the long-term.

Lastly, I am now convinced that the economic and spiritual destruction this president is trying his best to inflict on my country is multi-generational theft.  The constant bombardment of stupidity emanating from this regime is purposeful.  It has to be.  They want us, the citizenry, to throw up our collective hands and say 'We give up!'  No group of educated people can accidentally be this anti-American." -- Kathy Beck, Comment, 10/14/11

Comment by Bill Bissell, Admin on March 30, 2012 at 11:45pm

I am firmly convinced with good confidence that the LORD is telling us ]DON"T BURY HER YET FOR HE WILL HONOR VALLEY FORGE]Just get ready for what HE is about to do.Remember trust the LORD and do not attempt to understand what HE has up HIS sleeve.

Comment by JO DARLING on March 30, 2012 at 10:33pm


Comment by Col. Charles E. Sanders, PhD on March 30, 2012 at 10:23pm

Ted Varney,

Thanks for your comments! You were in college while I was in Vietnam, I am always glad to hear from a brother or sister in arms!


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