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Are there any good Presidential candidates?

I'm looking for somebody who will confront our 3 biggest domestic problems

1> Our suicidal foreign trade policies that have destroyed most of American consumer product manufacturing, the good jobs that went with it and of course our economic health.

2> The miserable health of most Americans due to their junk food diet. The real problem in the USA is not access to medical insurance but the miserable health of most will bankrupt us no matter what thieving plan the liberals can come up with. Not only will it bankrupt us, but devastate us in other ways...low math & science scores of our children, autism and altzheimer's epidemics, diminished pool of fit young people eligible for military service are what you eat.

3> Decrepit and antiquated democracy...which prevents 3rd party candidates from gaining influence or power and allows the Democrats and Republicans to take turns at incompetence and corruption....the reason why progress is so slow in coming


I don't know of one Republican candidate who offers some hope on problem #1. They're all free trade idiots. If I am wrong, please tell me who.

Even the libertarians...who offer a fresh voice on many issues...unfortunately can't see the limitations of their narrow vision version of libertarianism. There is another type of libertarianism called Wholistic Libertarianism that is practical and has a conservative bent on many issues...I will get to that on another post. Unfortunately, Donald Trump was the only one who acknowledged the evil of our trade policies....but he came with too much celebrity baggage and dropped out.

I'd also like somebody who won't trample on liberty......Romney is certainly out, he's defends his mandatory medical insurance in Massachusetts. That's a recurring them with Republicans....claim to be Republicans and conservatives but are closet liberals.

Let me elaborate a little on #1. The principle of equality before the law must also be respected in foreign trade policy.

Our policies must not be structured so as just to benefit special interests...Wall Street, the big agricultural companies like Monsanto, drug companies at the expense of American workers. The only exception to special interests could be our defense industries. Non reciprocal trade deals that allow unequal tariffs and market access, sabotage of the currency markets while handing out plums to the special interests so they can gain market access & profit in Asia are part of the bad trade policy. It's true that low priced consumer imports have restrained inflation. But to everything there is a limit...and that limit was exceeded long ago when our domestic consumer product manufacturers were almost completely driven our of business. Their demise is the real cause of the current economic depression...if there were lots of workers with fat paychecks, housing wouldn't be in the dumps. And how do the Republicans candidates respond...all they can talk about is spending cuts or tax policy....that's good for preventing national bankruptcy and the demise of the dollar, but it won't bring back the jobs. For the libertarians....they should realize that interaction with foreigners cannot be same as with citizens....citizens are entitled to the protections offered by our Constitution, foreigners NOT. Only citizens are signatories to the social contract embodied by our Constitution. Whatever crosses the national border must be subject to the scrutiny and control of the Federal government. You should have a right to buy anything domestically produced, but not unlimited rights to foreign merchandise.





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Comment by SimplyNatural on May 30, 2011 at 8:57pm

David, yes your diet is your personal choice...and I would never have the government violate this most basic liberty. But there are things that government can do...that are needed, required and don't violate liberty...things

that will better inform American consumers and lead them towards healthier choices. Do you doubt there is problem...when so many Americans are obese, including the children...headed towards expensive diseases

>Stop the FDA from violating freedom of speech and eliminate its power (by law) to enforce the ridiculous doctrine that only drugs (as opposed to foods & supplements) can cure or treat disease. Freely made, informed consumer decisions ultimately yield better results than those made by a panel of experts who may be corrupt and or biased against new ideas....that was the case with the Catholic church & Galileo 400 years ago and the case today with the FDA.
>Stop the persecution of alternative health care providers by the government and the AMA
>UnNatural warnings on all foods that are not 100% natural, in the largest font used on the package...that includes genetically modified ingredients.  Toxic warnings on all foods the government can prove are damaging to health, again in the largest font. These disclosures should also apply to restaurant food. Also mandate the disclosure of all the BPA in can linings that is not purposely added as an ingredient
>Medical malpractice reform AND a nationwide public access website that lists all malpractice suits against doctors and hospitals and their outcomes
>Require doctors/hospitals to reveal their pricing before a patient incurs any charges (with exception for emergency procedures)
>Eliminate the prescription laws as a violation of personal liberty
>Stop the fluoridation of the public water supply because it violates liberty and is actually detrimental to health.
>Mandate that any so called medical insurance policy that allows for premium increases on the basis of past claims (with the same company) be prominently disclosed before the policy can be sold and that this policy be prohibited from advertising itself as "insurance"
>Mandate that medical insurance policies prominently disclose all conditions they do not cover, before they can be sold
>Mandate an organic diet for the military and any foods provided/ subsidized by the Federal government for public school consumption...phased in at a practical rate


Comment by SimplyNatural on May 30, 2011 at 8:47pm
Yes I admit out of control government spending can or will destroy us...but can't you also admit that if we still made things in this country...we wouldn't be in such a mess...indeed a lot of that government spending you & I detest wouldn't happen because the unemployment lines would be much smaller. As for me I can't support any candidate who is do nothing on the foreign trade abuses. Either he is a libertarian idealist or a pawn of Wall Street....I don't want either. I want somebody who's for liberty, nationalism and common sense.
Comment by Jim Fosnock on May 30, 2011 at 8:37pm
It comes down to this DO YOU want obummer for another 4 years?
Comment by Larry Holland on May 30, 2011 at 8:33pm

Sorry SN, but I think there are a lot worse problems this country is facing than those listed like our Constitution being ripped to shreds and we witness it every day, and the out of control spending and massive debt this country has amassed and generations to come will not be able to repay, and the bankrupting of this country is pretty important also. As for candidates, look at what kind of bosses they were and whether they were successful or not, and have a record to prove it!  Don't let the media hype pick our candidates!

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