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Was show host booted -- or did he decide to leave?

Chad Groening

A group which opposes the spread of radical Islam says WMAL in Washington, DC, has caved to the demands of an Islamic supremacist organization, making it the first "sharia-compliant" radio station in America.

Former Congressman Fred Grandy (R-Iowa) told Accuracy in Media that he was recently forced to walk away from his popular morning drive-time talk show after WMAL's management insisted that he avoid discussions about radical Islam. The station management also banned Grandy's wife Catherine (known on the air as the outspoken "Mrs. Fred") from appearing on any future broadcasts.
The station denies those charges, saying Grandy resigned of his own accord and adding that it was not contacted by any organization seeking to restrict Grandy's broadcasts.
But James Lafferty, chairman of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force, claims he heard from "two very good sources" that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) played a part in Grandy's leaving. He contends the station caved to browbeating from that pro-Muslim group.

"It is America's first Sharia-compliant station -- and [the station's decision is] not being driven by advertising or anything else," he says. "It's CAIR pressuring the management of the station, who in turn turned around and tried to pressure Fred Grandy."
According to Lafferty, Grandy is a "man of character" who chose not to yield to that sort of pressure. "And this, in fact, proves the point that he's been making on the show about the ominous efforts of CAIR and groups like CAIR to change America," he adds.
Lafferty reports his group has launched "Call out WMAL Days" to encourage people to tell management they will not listen to WMAL until Grandy and his wife return. They plan a protest outside the station's studios on March 9.

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Comment by joseph r carreiro sr on March 8, 2011 at 10:08pm

Mixing Sharia Law onto the American scene or building the Mosque at Park 51 in New York would be the same as Mecca allowing an infidel to build to build a Chriistian Church in the center of their city. It is an impossibility there and should amount to the same pollibility in the USA.All this would be is an even exchange.Think about it.This is not a religious argument,it a political ideology.All religions are search modes to find your God,Higher Power or whatever name you give to your search.How can you be correct if you state that my Religion is better than your or min is the only way.Think seriously about this.


Comment by Roy Duncan on March 8, 2011 at 9:37pm
The new race card in America is the Muslim race card. It is surpassing the original race card, the one that got obama elected. I'm sorry to say our African American brethren are being forgotten again. Since obama a staunch  Muslim this is just the beginning of the muslim race card. It will become the most powerful race card in America. since 98% of African Americans voted for obama in '08 he's taking them for granted and forgetting them.
Comment by nita on March 8, 2011 at 9:25pm
citizenwarrior website read all artical and old post  about shria @banks,Dr.katesview

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