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Unpopular Opinion but Worth Consideration (??) About Roberts

Like virtually all Conservatives and TEA Party supporters, when the SCOTUS Obamacare decision was issued, after the complete shock had subsided, I was as angry as I can ever remember being. How could something so profoundly destructive to the United States have actually happened? The SCOTUS had been the last hope of Conservatives throughout the nation, and then, the Court seemingly took what I thought was a completely untenable position that would, in my estimation, effectively destroy…


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The US WILL Bailout Europe...but why??? BHO's Re-election, of course



I’m trying to write a letter devoid of all emotional reaction and based exclusively on facts! Not ever very easy for me but this is a subject that every freedom loving American needs to understand on a factual, not an emotional level.


FACT: The Eurozone, as an entity is DEAD. The heart is still beating but only the ventilator is maintaining that heartbeat.


FACT: The Euro, as an ill-conceived currency, is as dead as the Eurozone. How…


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The PARTY OF LAWYERS...Is it D or R??

Regretably, the post below is not my work, but was sent to me by one of our Gulf Coast TEA Party members. Frankly, I knew I had a general distrust (and sometimes distaste) for lawyers, but I really couldn't put my finger on it...exactly. I know there are SOME good lawyers and I don;t mean any offense to any of them, but the piece below does EXPLAIN a whole lot:



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Is it Time to Question: Has the Administration Committed Treason??

Is it Time to Question: Has the Administration Committed Treason??


Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “Treason” as follows:


  1. The betrayal of a trust
  2. The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to…

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