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'What Ever Happened to Right and Wrong'?

Long time no see! I hope all here are doing well. I check in to see what others are saying, every now and then, but my focus has been on changing me...and it's not political in foundation. It's God.

Over the past few month's, I have had many 'friends' who have either left their churches or 'double downed' on staying. Those who 'doubled down' decided to stand in the immorality and blasphemy many churches are standing in...and to be honest, it took years for my eyes to see I was sitting…


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Biblical Or Cultural Christian...Facing The Mirror

I won't get into great detail, but over the past ten years, I came from a place I could care less about God, even to the point of not caring if I lived or died...to a place I know, would never have gotten to without God.

I wrestled, with the value am I truly a Christian...and I came to the wisdom, through God's Word, I was a 'Cultural' Christian, that of the value Luke 8:14 describes:

"The seed that fell among the thorns, stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way,…


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Finally, Secretary of State, John Kerry, Tells The Truth...But It's Not What You Think...

Once in a while, the shades come off, the curtain falls down, and the truth, slight as it is coming from Democrats lips these days...but when it exposes both them, and the sources crumbling away from actual facts, it's priceless...

king kerry

Photos: John King via CNN, John Kerry via Rush Limbaugh

Secretary of State John Kerry probably…


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Once Again, The Media Prints What Turns Out Another 'Hate Crime' Fabrication/Lie...Before The facts Come out

Amazingly enough, many sources that call out hate crimes, against homosexuals, nine times out of ten, turn out to be agenda driven and flat out lies.

The problem is, most 'reporters', 'journalists' and 'media' could care less about truth. And when the sources are liars, well, you get a trifecta  of ignorance, arrogance and agenda, all wrapped into one. What we now call 'Freedom of the Press' to lie and not be shamed, held in restitution and or disciplined in their part of aiding…


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Rick Perry Shares Another Side President Obama Hides From The Public...And Threatens State Governors

The Governors of America, at least some, took part in their own summit...and shared why states rights are going to be the next tactic to infiltrate Socialistic values upon individual states.

Gov. Rick Perry shared a bit of the value that President Obama told him he would, and would not do.

I hope someone actually taped this, but for now, this is all that is being released...

Rick Perry shaken up by Obama’s disturbing threat to governors in…


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Sarah Palin Sends 'Shock & Awe' Via CPAC!

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went ROGUE yesterday!

Sarah took shots at the media, the president, Secretary of State, television perversion, 'false flags' in the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party calling themselves the Party that protects women and children...while holding the doors open to Planned Parenthood and perverts that become President...and everything in between...especially “hope and change.”

“Something happened, and that hope and change went…


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The Value Missing In American's Today, Is Like Captain Kangaroo Never Existing

For those under 40, I doubt they will know what I'm talking about...and that's because that guidance wasn't around much longer than that time-line.

I think about all the imagination a show like that took...with not that much cost in the value you got from it.

Bob Keeshan was asked in his book, why he felt compelled to do a children show. His answer gave a more revealing nature than even the question asked.

"Everyone involved with the show…


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Window's XP Computers & 95% Of ATM'S In America Alone, Will Soon Be A Hackers Dream!

Not much is being said about this, except that banks are behind closed doors trying to work out a deal for upgrades from Microsoft, to keep hackers from infiltration of ATM'S alone!

If you have an old computer, Windows XP, you soon could be hacked in whatever you have on your computer.

Bank accounts, credit card numbers and emails will be open hunting season on XP Computers, and not a lot is being said.

95% of bank ATMs face end of security support…


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The American Era...vs. Error...CPAC 2014 Sent Us A Message. A Lot Of Errors We Need To Get Rid Of.

Era, the definition of which is a period of time identified with a certain quality of, and for, life. Memorable dates, or events, of a fixed point in time.

Error, which defines an even better clarity of quality. That of an act or condition of ignorant or imprudent deviation from a code of behavior, an act involving an unintentional deviation from truth or accuracy, failing to achieve what should be done,…


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'Trolls' Are Starting To Show Up Here

A word of warning to members here. Not all that visit this site have our best interests at hand. Some are here to plant stories, misinformation and outright lies to create division, and lowered the standards, in verbiage replies.

Yesterday, I posted on a movie, world wide, calling out 'Honor Killing' (feel free to look at it), and one woman replied I was lying, in the email I got showing someone replied to my post.

I'm not limiting what I post to anyone. I just want the truth…


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If American's Really Wanted Our Children Protected, This Would Be The Normality...And Not News Worthy

When I use to go to another church, on the way driving back home I would always stop and get a Sunday newspaper. Not for the article, but for the coupons (and to be completely honest, sometimes sports pages).

What I faced, in getting a newspaper, was a beggar who would always come up, as I paid for the paper. It cost a dollar, compared to stopping at a store, getting out, waiting in line and paying, many times 2 to 3 dollars instead.

I would feel that twinge of guilt, as I…


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Senator Mitch McConnell Is So Scared, He's Returning Back To Smear Tactics.

Others here have probably seen the prop that Mitch McConnell used at CPAC...Here's what you didn't see, before he went to CPAC...

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Despite telling the media for months that he's way ahead in the Republican primary race against conservative Matt Bevin (R-KY), Mitch McConnell is now lashing out with desperate attacks.

It started earlier this week with a deceptive campaign mailer that was designed to trick voters and to smear Matt Bevin. Here's how United…


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It's Time For Morality & Honesty In The Reflection Of All Area's Of Leadership...Over 'Honorary Doctorates'

Why are American's so screwed up? One reason, in my opinion, is 'honorary doctorates', the defining of which is recipients of degrees not earn through graduation in academic achievements, but given in exchange for money, for time and or using their influence, over deserving a degree, in sweat equity, time, financial investment/debt and actual honor...In my opinion, an oxymoron included in the word 'honorary' in this value.

So many can call themselves 'doctors', 'reverend' or, in my…


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Calling Out The Evil Of Muslim Guided 'Honor Killing' (Murder)...Just One Part Of The Evil Of Islam

I understand there are those Muslims, who live in America, that abide by American laws, Constitution and values of freedom...but 'freedom' is a complete redefining for most Muslims, outside America.

One such 'freedom' is that of murdering their own children.

Now, I know it;s not at the value that women line up to abortion clinics because they have the right to have sex, wherever and with whoever they want to...and pass the bill on to taxpayers...Muslim's actually wait till they…


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A Name, More Christians, And Those After The Whole Truth Of Environmentalism & Social Justice, Should Know

What is the real reason that NASA no longer has a voice for commonsense...but pushes Sharia Law, Social Justice, Environmentalism, Global Warming and Climate Change? Because those values have forces of evil, immorality and government, including economic and religious, control as their goal....and those that were moral, were honest and were willing to put their voice and feet on the line to take a stand against them, would show their nothing but liars, to the point it has become a 'religion'…


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Kingdom Of God...vs kingdom of man...

America, in all the natural resources in the water, on top of the land and deep within the soils and foundations, has given us riches that would keep those, in guidance through God, the 'Shining City on a Hill'...but that representation is limited, in the values, immoralities and ignorances we allow to govern, to listen to and believe their lies, and liars, that value brings to America, and more importantly Americans,

Earth is not the Kingdom of God. Now it is the holding pattern of…


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Where Are We With God? Suffering Produces Endurance, Which Gives Us Character, Which Gives Us Hope

I forget that the purpose I am even here, has NOTHING to do with me really. It has to do with the purpose God created me. And many times His purposes will bring me to my knees, in the defiance and actions I take in my life.

One of the best verses to clear up why God's children are here, is actually pretty clear about why.

"...we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope…

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True Authority, In All Area's Of Life Here On Earth, Comes From God Alone...The True 'Chain Of Command' God Put In Place

All people must come to grips with authority.  There has to be a chain of command, someone has to be in charge.

There is authority in all values we hold to...but, the most important, that actual put both government and church into place, comes from the authority of God...and that authority given to His children, called Christians.

All Christians,…


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Sex Trafficking In Based In Sharia Law

Sex trafficking is expanding all over the world, and one of the key planters of this value, is Islamic law.

It is becoming less and less hidden, in plain sight...and that main reason is because Sharia Law is becoming more and more accepted as normal and moral.

When a Muslim wakes up to the hatred and perversion they have aided in their silence, and or brainwashing of their mentors, parents and those that surround them.it is a wakeup call to the values falling and failing inside…


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So, President Obama Tells Supporters They're Doing 'God's Work'...And By That Shows He Know NOTHING About The One True God

False leadership, false Christians and false words, can easily be seen under discernment and actual source God gives all of us to ignore, and or read, learn and follow.

It's first and foremost, not the value of covet, lying, bearing false witness, taking the Lord's name in vain (out of content, context or saying, "Thus said the Lord", when He never did).

It's a daily, if not hourly event for the leadership within this country alone.

It is what has divided commonsense,…


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