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Helping Those in Need Where There is Corrupt Government

There are many who scoff at sending funds, materials and supplies to third world countries because of their corrupt governments. And yes, I know that we have many folks even here in America, who are very poor and need help.

I know from first hand experience that the only real way to get supplies and…


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My Missionary Trip to Haiti

Today I found a message on my Facebook page from Darla Dawald, who our National Director here at Patriot Action Network.  Her below edited message and description of the new ministry efforts reminded me of the time I spent on a mission trip to Haiti.  My story of the time I spent in Haiti follows Darla's note.

We don't post requests…


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Spiritual Checkup for Christians

Thoughts for today . . .

My friend Babs came by to visit with us yesterday and I was in a lot of back pain and have been since our return trip from the mountain states.  We drove over 6,000 miles with over 130 hours behind the wheel.  She was so kind and gave me some back pads and liquid pain reliever and when I woke up early this morning, I noticed…


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God is in the "Details"

I recently received a prayer request from Pastor Adonai, who is building a church in Harare, Zimbabwe.

"We are currently building a church toilet, please keep us in prayers."

Seems like a very simple request ...…


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We Were Almost Hit By an Airplane

(STOCK PHOTO on left)

As most of you know, I have had to take a vacation from blogging to take care of our environmental business.  However, I wanted everyone to know of an event that took place yesterday, which had to be the most bizaare of my entire life.

Jake and I were headed south on Highway 35…


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Thanks for your prayers

Dear Friends:

Many of you were wondering where I have been and what happened to me.  So ... here goes.

I have been working 12-18 days, 6 days a week between two jobs, our environmental consulting business (we keep our oil and gas producers out of trouble with the EPA and other governmental agencies) and the our latest project, a news headlines business at right180.com.

Because of overworking myself, three weeks ago I had a heart attack, but thanks to the good Lord and…


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The Mixer: A True Story Dedicated to Mama and Mothers Everywhere

Giving and Receiving.  This is such an important part of our lives and developing who we are as individuals.  In today’s society I see so many of the youth just wanting everything they see.  It seems they are the “Give It to Me Now Generation”.  They are used to receiving, but have they been taught the blessings that they can receive in giving?

I recently sent money to one of my sons to buy a reciprocating saw he was needing to do some projects around his first home that they recently…


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Need Healing? Come to Dallas May 4th!

To all of my friends:

I know Dr. Loretta personally and can attest that she is the "real deal" and not a phony as so many others pretend to be.  I have friends who are coming all the way here from South Carolina.  

I will also be singing the song I wrote and recorded, "I Imagine The Eyes of Jesus".…


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The Mouse & The Mousetrap



A mouse looked through the crack

in the wall to see the farmer

and his wife open a package.



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Just before Jake and I were married a prophet said to us that we would go through many hard times, but no matter what happened, we were Never ... Never ... EVER to give up. 

He was right on ... that was followed by an unusual flood the day Jake …

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West Virginia Residents Desperately Need Water After Chemical Spill

I make my living as an environmental consultant for small independent oil and gas owner/operators.  I have filed literally tens of thousands of Tier II Chemical Reports for companies over the past eight years and am familiar with federal, state and local environmental regulations and reporting procedures.  After reading numerous reports on the chemical spill in West Virginia, there have been many "facts" misrepresented in these…


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A Christmas Wish For You from The Baker Family

Dear Family & Friends:

Let me begin by wishing you all a lustrous and joyful Christmas.  In all the advertising hustle and seasonal bustle of Christmas, it is easy to get discouraged as the message of Christmas is lost somewhere between the electronic toys and AA batteries (and…


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Thanksgiving – Keeping The Dream Alive

By: Dr. Jake Baker – Right180.com

There are a lot of stories I could bring you on this Thanksgiving morning.  Most of them would be about corrupt politicians, evil people undermining the Constitution, subverting our way of life, mocking God and generally bringing darkness to an already darkened world.  I could tell you about racial animus, knockout games and mayhem.  But not today.  No shadowy figures, not lurid tales of inky intrigue.  No, today…


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WARNING: Christwire.net is anything but Christlike

We are indeed living in perilous times.  We can't depend on the Main Street Media to report the truth because when paid enough money or it does not fit into their political agenda, they refuse to report the facts.  FOX News is no longer "fair and balanced" and is leaning more and more each day to the…


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Allen Godin's Mother Passed Away

We received news that Nellie Godin, mother of Allen Godin, passed away yesterday afternoon. She turned 83 years old March 13, 2013 and had suffered from failing memory, dementia, and other physical ailments that had been operated on in the near past. She had previously had breast cancer which had resulted in double mastectomy in the 1980's. There were signs the cancer had returned, but she refused to be treated for it.



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Billy Sol Estes - Key Witness to JFK Murder Conspiracy - Knew Who Took the Fatal Shot

My husband Jake and I were going to be producing a film on LBJ's involvement in the JFK assassination with After Eden Productions Director, Jaco Booyens, who had met several times with Billy Sol Estes prior to his …


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10-Year-Old Sends Letter to News Station Explaining He Wants to Be the ‘Legs’ of God — When You Hear How, You May Just Cry

tobias-letter-about-stroller-7-e1380295441498 By:  Urbanski

Tobias Bass has some mighty big dreams for a 10-year-old.

You might assume that this Edmond, Okla., football player and jiu-jitsu practitioner since the age of 5 might have designs on an athletic career.

Yet despite his shelf full of trophies and ribbons, Tobias wants to be a pastor when he grows up. In fact, he …


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URGENT!!! Call Senators NOW to vote NO on Cloture!

This is our last best chance to stop ObamaCare.

Call these Senators NOW and tell them to stand with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Tell them that you know that a vote YES for cloture is a vote for ObamaCare.  

Some Republican Senators are trying to tell their constituents that to vote YES (along with Harry Reid) will defund ObamaCare.  THIS IS A…


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The Cast is Off!

The cast is off and I now have a wrist brace and am beginning to type a little with the left hand.

However, I now know why the Dr. calls the rehab PT ... I do declare it stands for pain and torture ... but as the old saying goes "no pain ... no gain."

I am progressing very well thanks to everyone's prayers.  Each of you have meant a great deal to me during this recovery process and I just wanted to say "Thank You."

Continuing in His Service,



Added by Katie Baker on September 25, 2013 at 10:40am — 6 Comments

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