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Obama and Putin We are exceptional because we are free

This came to me from a friend with permission to share by the author.

Quite a week with the Syria mess.

Obama draws a chemical weapons red line which he later claims wasn't his. Syria crosses it. We are going to war. The UK votes against supporting the USA. We are voting…


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Korean Military Exercise - Not So Friendly Fire

Dateline: April 1, 2013 by Roger O’Daniel

The B2 Bomber presence in the recent South Korea joint military exercises produced extreme outrage in North Korea for reasons that were not reported.  A mishap occurred that penetrated North Korean airspace.   That mishap angered Premier Kim Jong Un so much that he declared a state of war on both South Korea and the United States.

He ordered his military to cut the hotline across the DMZ to the South.  He also placed North…


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Oil, Religion and Politics - The Next Perfect Storm

Tane Woodley wrote a thesis to earn a Master of International Relations Degree in February 2007. She claims that petroleum and conflict have a long and robust relationship. “Petroleum is unique among the world’s resources. It has more potential than any of the others to provoke major crises and conflicts in the years ahead.” The following link directs the reader to her paper.

Caution: It is a long read, but chock full of important information.…


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The Electromagnetic Pulse - New Weapon of Mass Destruction

By Roger O’Daniel

A lot of scary misinformation is roaming the public media. The threat is real, but usually exaggerated.   A single neutron bomb cannot destroy the infrastructure of an entire nation, a hemisphere, or the entire planet. It is not a “doomsday” weapon.   A Faraday shield can protect…


Added by Roger O'Daniel on April 16, 2012 at 12:38am — 33 Comments

Taliban war room notes

Disclaimer: The following message is fictional, but probable.

Taliban war room minutes

by Fu Ling Yu, Secretary

The Americans and a coalition of troops are about to leave Afghanistan.  They want to remove our leader, turn our country into a democratic republic, stop the opium trade, and “westernize” the Afghan culture to look like Turkey.  They also want to give women equal rights with men with access to education and jobs.  They wish to make sure that Imams do not rule…


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