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valerie ruth george
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Apr 10
valerie ruth george commented on StingraySWC's blog post Lest we forgot....BHO says...........
"after listening to how my grandchildren are being taught in school, and my own daughter who leans left and voted for o twice, i now understand they are being brain washed from kindergarten thru college, thats why o is president and thats why we have…"
Mar 27
valerie ruth george commented on Andrew Hagle's video

Thank you Gov Romney for your Grace and Style

"Mr. Romney is a man of distinction and class, very smart in business, loves his family and America, would have made a fine president!"
Jan 7
valerie ruth george replied to Darla Dawald's discussion Obama Controlling Gun Laws Via 23 Executive Actions....Email from Joe Biden
"just like hitler"
Jan 3
valerie ruth george commented on Darla Dawald's video

Senate Rejects GOP Plan To Help Veterans & End Tax Credit For Illegal Aliens - Allen West - Cavuto

"oh yes lets send a man to war, maybe get wounded or dead then lets take away his benefits (THAT HE EARNED) and give tax credits to ILLEGAL ALIENS for breaking our laws, now that sounds like a perfect demoRATS plan, how do they justify this, how do…"
Dec 19, 2013
valerie ruth george replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion Shoebat Interviewed by Dan Cofall about Hillary
Dec 17, 2013
valerie ruth george replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion Shoebat Interviewed by Dan Cofall about Hillary
"hillary yuck, hey hil what about your partner in whitewater scandal, oh yea he killed himself, shot himself in the back of the this point what difference does it make........Chris Stevens, Ty Woods Sean Smith Glen Doherty are…"
Dec 17, 2013
valerie ruth george replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion MSNBC Anchor gets union money
"es schultz is a moron"
Dec 17, 2013
valerie ruth george commented on Darla Dawald's video

Kerry Talks About Obama Castro Handshake

"Rich how true kerry is a piece of doodoo and joseph i love reading you comments and totally agree"
Dec 11, 2013
valerie ruth george replied to Marlene Hessler's discussion IMMIGRATION LEGAL AND ILLEGAL
"Shots you are so right"
Dec 6, 2013
valerie ruth george commented on Thomas Hohenstein's blog post Obama to Address Income Inequality: a “Fundamental Threat to the American Dream”
"Jennifer could not agree more redistribution of wealth is flat out bs, if i work hard to earn  my money i sure as hell am not giving it to some gimme generation deadbeat, yea where do i send my address? bunch of communists"
Dec 5, 2013
valerie ruth george replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion The National Football Hypocrisy League?
"refused this commercial? i think it is beautiful, huh half the players if not more are packing that is when there not beating up girlfriends of shooting another player ain't that the pot calling the kettle black"
Dec 4, 2013
valerie ruth george replied to Darla Dawald's discussion Obama Controlling Gun Laws Via 23 Executive Actions....Email from Joe Biden
"Constance you could not have said it better!!!!!!!! and i fully agree"
Dec 3, 2013
valerie ruth george commented on Kathryn McEwen's blog post HILLARY CLINTON PARTIED WHILE BENGHAZI MISSION BEGGED FOR HELP
"this video has been removed by you tube they of course are liberal "
Dec 3, 2013
valerie ruth george replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion Israeli minister 'astounded’ by Kerry's remarks on Iran
"of course what do you expect from a traitor and liar like viet nam kerry, and of course isreal hating o how un American can you get they both  should tried for treason"
Nov 18, 2013
valerie ruth george commented on Gerry Emery's video


"Everyone especially John Hiott right on, why are people so stupid"
Oct 23, 2013

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Illegal Alien Amnesty & Open Borders, Socialism, Tax Increases, Universal Healthcare, Gun Control, Constitutional Infringements, Immorality/Godlessness
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creatng a weak America, making us easy to attack, the disturbing way the government treats soldiers, rules of engagement should just be kill the enemy period
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At 11:54am on August 16, 2013, Kevin savage said…

America Bless God and God will Bless America

At 3:59pm on May 13, 2013,
Guardian Eagle

Thanks for the Friend Request!!!

At 7:15pm on February 15, 2010, John Riley Smith said…
David Hedrick is a U.S. Marine who became disabled fighting for our freedom overseas. He is now running for U.S. Congress and needs our help!

Hedrick told a Congressman, “Stay Away From My Kids!” at the town hall seen on Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin, etc.

Hedrick is loved by the Tea Party movement and has amassed more than twice the volunteers of everyone else in the race combined! He is the current favorite to win.

Unfortunately, many in GOP leadership say he will not be competitive down the stretch if he can’t raise the funds to compete. They know Hedrick has refused special interest money and pledged to raise all of his funds from individual Tea Party Patriots and 9.12ers.

Currently, the party is backing a moderate behind the scenes. Yet again, the GOP leadership is putting party over principle. We must not let the RINO’s do this again! Because David came from the Tea Party / 9.12 movement and is not part of the Republican “establishment”, they know he can’t be controlled by the party. He is free to act like a Ronald Reagan Conservative.

I am asking everyone to make a donation to this Marine’s campaign and spread this message to every Patriot you can. Hedrick became a disabled vet fighting for our freedom overseas, now it’s time for us to fight for him. Imagine thousands of Patriots donating a small amount and spreading the word. We will raise millions and put our fist Tea Party Patriot in office.

Hedrick joined this race because we demanded it. We must not abandon him now. This is our chance to show this nation that the Tea Party movement does in fact have teeth.

Please support this Marine by donating something and spreading the word. It is time to once again proclaim to the world as Hedrick says, “The United States Constitution will never become a footnote in the annals of history, because freedom is not just our history, it is our destiny”.

Donate here:



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The Case to Impeach Resource:

Take Back the GOP!



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