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unise aurelia mendez commented on Darla Dawald's video

Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told

"So the bottem line can be; this war is land being fought over by an American Citizen and china and the nevada feds are on the side that is against the American Citizen. WOW!"
unise aurelia mendez commented on Darla Dawald's video

Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told

"If the government is not for the People, Why should the People be for the  government?  "
unise aurelia mendez commented on Darla Dawald's video
Elba M. Saravia commented on unise aurelia mendez's video

Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner

"Unise Who put out the list of people whom received money from hamas, maybe is a demonic-RAT plot to destroy. Darrel Issa, maybe not, understand that this thugs in power are wicked. they give us a list of lies for sure. ."
Apr 10
unise aurelia mendez commented on Van Guard's blog post "Ways and Means" Refers Lois Lerner To DOJ For Criminal Investigation...
"Darrel issa was on a list to be paid by hamas to keep these crocks from going to prison. Just look at his record. Whose gone to jail that he has questioned or taken "action" against. WE HAVE INFILTRATORS!"
Apr 10
unise aurelia mendez replied to Jimmy Z's discussion • Teacher & Student Fight At Santa Monica High School: Jimmy Z
"Corruption. Is everywhere! I didnt see the fight but I hope the student got his butt kicked, and the superintendent is just planting more corruption in that school by defending this criminal.  Selling drugs is a crime, you know! "
Apr 10
unise aurelia mendez commented on John Pastirchak's blog post The Good News: ObamaCare Enrollment Reaches Goal of 7-Million Sign-Ups... The Bad News: Possibly Fewer Than 1-Million Have Paid
"Why are we allowing that communist valerie jarad to run our country? Who the heck said "ILL MOVE OVER AND LET YOU COMMUNIST WOMAN NOW RUN OUR COUNTRY"? Why is she standing there behind o as he spits out his 7553rd lie to the American…"
Apr 3
unise aurelia mendez commented on RAMJR's blog post Sunday, Phil Robertson Gave A Church Service, To A Small Group Attending...This Is Huge...But Not Many Are Reporting This
"I'm so proud of this man! When God talks about homosexuality in Lev. , in the same chapter He talks about not "laying with your Father's wife" not "laying with a beast" He is telling man to use SELF CONTROL. Don't…"
Dec 23, 2013
unise aurelia mendez replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion Uber-BIGGEY! How To Beat Voter Fraud
"A friend said to me the other day, "In my Country Romania, when the Communists took over, no one was in the dark. Everyone knew. In America, they do not know. They think they still elect thier officials. They think thier votes still count. Just…"
Dec 19, 2013
unise aurelia mendez replied to Darla Dawald's discussion Benghazi Whistle-Blowers, Accusations, Denials, and all things Benghazi Coverup....
"Every HOT POTATO that Issa "prosecutes" turns into a featherly light piece of paper that with one extra blow flies away untouched into the wind! Ever notice that? Just look at his record. Its like he is there to catch the TRUTH before…"
May 7, 2013
unise aurelia mendez commented on Bob B's video

Mark Levin - The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government-Its Called Obama

"All we heard for the the last four years was "Do it at the ballot box" "Make sure you vote" "Get your neighbors to vote" "No revolution, just VOTE" Thats all we heard! Then we all voted. We got our neighbors…"
May 7, 2013
unise aurelia mendez commented on Darla Dawald's video

Fort Hood: NO Purple Heart for YOU, not fair to the Muslim.

"And we are shocked when our Solders lose it and disaster strikes! They have Nidal Hassan for a Doctor, Advisor and Help when ever they need it. So WHERE can our Solders turn?? Thats why so many are suffering from PTSD. Our government has sold out to…"
Apr 2, 2013
unise aurelia mendez commented on Darla Dawald's video
Apr 2, 2013
unise aurelia mendez commented on Roger O'Daniel's blog post Mass Murder - Lessons to be Learned
"The lesson here to be learned is they are programing people to do these horrid crimes obviously and for an agenda. Proof?? What would a 20 yr old guy have against children? Who has an agenda that can profit from crimes like this?? We are NOT living…"
Dec 18, 2012
unise aurelia mendez replied to Prof. Charles Xavier's discussion Overturn Obama VIa ELECTORAL COLLEGE – Directories for Local Secretary of State, GOP, Senators, Congress
"FAST ON SUNDAY FOR A MIRACLE ON MONDAY!! ( There are two petitions for a RECOUNT with over 300 names already in D.C. without ANY HELP WHATSOEVER from the conservative shows or media or FOX. That's AMAZING!) FAST ON SUNDAY!! FOR A MIRACLE ON…"
Dec 14, 2012
unise aurelia mendez replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion Buh-Bye to Rove and Morris
"Irish Lass, You are 100% incorrect. On the other hand, Dick Morris and Rove, 100% correct. I will tell you how the Obama team "got it right". As we were in Vegas doing precinct walks for Romney we ran into an obama 'walker'.…"
Dec 14, 2012

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My Name is Old Glory, Long May I Wave, Dear God In Heaven, Long May I Wave

America is a CHRISTIAN NATION before God and the world...





Posted on September 15, 2012 at 3:00am

Is Rahm leaving the WH to go cover up the crime trail in Chicago?

We already know that every "innocent" action taken by this administration has a sinister plan or cover-up behind it. So, why would Rahm be leaving to go to Chicago? To use the tired excuse that so many politicians use when something is festering on the horizon is a joke. " I want to spend more time with my family"??. Does he mean his and Obama's crime family in Chicago? Knowing that they barely escaped being put on the witness stand in Gov. Blago's case and that there is so much evidence to… Continue

Posted on September 22, 2010 at 6:42pm

Just keep praying

Im sure lately many have found themselves on thier knees a lot more than they are used to, or more than they ever imagined they would ever be. And there are some days that it looks like God is not listening. I know. I feel it too. Sometimes I am like "God, really??" I hear people saying things like " I never thought in my lifetime I would see this" and " I have never been so close to God as now. I pray all the time". Yet another day, another obama hit. Another day, another prayer looks…


Posted on June 19, 2010 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

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At 7:20pm on August 14, 2011,
Bill Bissell, Admin
I want to see proof of this comment,I smell a false comment here.
At 7:20pm on August 14, 2011,
Bill Bissell, Admin
unise aurelia mendez replied to Darla Dawald, National Director's discussion 'Iowa Straw Poll Results In: Michele Bachmann Front Runner!'
I smell ACORN, now known as other names, at this weekends Iowa straw poll. The Bachman people handed out free tickets to eat food at her tent if they promised to vote for her. So the obaminites got 2 gifts for 1. A free meal and a vote for a Rebubli…
At 9:29pm on December 17, 2010, Carol Wood said…

Hi Unise --- do you know this Srgt?  If so, do you know how to contact him?


At 3:09am on July 22, 2010, Sovereign Individual said…
Any relation to Rafael Mendez? I used to "try" to play his trumpet music.
Thanks for the invite.
At 5:32pm on February 15, 2010, John Riley Smith said…
David Hedrick is a U.S. Marine who became disabled fighting for our freedom overseas. He is now running for U.S. Congress and needs our help!

Hedrick told a Congressman, “Stay Away From My Kids!” at the town hall seen on Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin, etc.

Hedrick is loved by the Tea Party movement and has amassed more than twice the volunteers of everyone else in the race combined! He is the current favorite to win.

Unfortunately, many in GOP leadership say he will not be competitive down the stretch if he can’t raise the funds to compete. They know Hedrick has refused special interest money and pledged to raise all of his funds from individual Tea Party Patriots and 9.12ers.

Currently, the party is backing a moderate behind the scenes. Yet again, the GOP leadership is putting party over principle. We must not let the RINO’s do this again! Because David came from the Tea Party / 9.12 movement and is not part of the Republican “establishment”, they know he can’t be controlled by the party. He is free to act like a Ronald Reagan Conservative.

I am asking everyone to make a donation to this Marine’s campaign and spread this message to every Patriot you can. Hedrick became a disabled vet fighting for our freedom overseas, now it’s time for us to fight for him. Imagine thousands of Patriots donating a small amount and spreading the word. We will raise millions and put our fist Tea Party Patriot in office.

Hedrick joined this race because we demanded it. We must not abandon him now. This is our chance to show this nation that the Tea Party movement does in fact have teeth.

Please support this Marine by donating something and spreading the word. It is time to once again proclaim to the world as Hedrick says, “The United States Constitution will never become a footnote in the annals of history, because freedom is not just our history, it is our destiny”.

Donate here:
At 3:09pm on February 6, 2010, Leslie said…
Hi Unise.....Welcome to ResistNet! This site is one of the largest online pro-Constitution activist sites on the net. You will find the administration here warm, professional, and punctual.

Please note the New Member Welcome page which gives an overview of the organization and will help you get off the ground in your activity.

Also, I would like to encourage you to join your State Group and Congressional District Group if you haven't already. Please take note to see if there are any District Coordinator openings in your congressional district. If you have the leadership bug in you, we encourage you to fill this position and gather your local patriot talent and start planning to take over your electorate. Our objective to meaningful action is to build a viable grassroots force. We here at ResistNet are equipped to offer the direction and tools you need to lead a successful group.

If you are here to build a network of friends, please feel free to add me to your list. This is a good way to expand your influence when sharing ideas in blogs and discussion forums.

Should you have any questions, never hesitate to ask and I will do everything I can to help.

I look forward to working with you in our Cause for Liberty. Again, welcome aboard.

Resistnet Welcome Committee



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