"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." ~ Gandhi

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"The truth is treason in an empire of lies."

First off, each and everyone of us CAN make a difference. Right now, our nation needs us. We can no longer sit and do nothing! Each of us must take action. How does true change start? Look in the mirror!

04 JUL 2009 - Guest Speaker - Asheville, NC Tea Party - click here
23 JUN 2009 - Patroitic Grillers Picnic - Alcoa, TN
14 JUN 2009 - Veteran Appreciation Day and Parade - Maryville, TN
04 MAY 2009 - Protest at the Knox County Tax Assessors Office. Video
27 APR 2009 - Guest Speaker - 912 Group - Knoxville
25 APR 2009 - Guest Speaker at the END THE FED rally in Nashville, TN. National Website - click here - Interview with Channel 4 WSMV of Nashville.
19 APR 2009 - Attended Oath Keeper Ceremony @ Lexington Green, MA - click here
18 APR 2009 - Host of Patriotic Resistance Meeting in Knoxville, TN
17 APR2009 - Appeared on the Steve Hall Show - Knoxville - Channel 12
16 APR 2009 - Guest on Let's Talk Frank Radio Show - 850AM - Knoxville
Quoted in Knoxville News-Sentinel on front page story.
15 APR 2009 - Organizer and MC of the Knoxville Tax Day Tea Party to included two TV interviews and two live radio interviews. Accepted position as TN Coordinator of Oath Keepers by Stewart Rhodes, founder.
11 APR 2009 - Guest on George Korda Show - WNOX Radio - Knoxville
10 APR 2009 - Guest on Billy Kidd Show - WIMZ Radio - Knoxville
09 APR 2009 - Guest on Let's Talk Frank Radio Show - 850AM - Knoxville
07 APR 2009 - Guest on Phil Williams Radio Show - WNOX - Knoxville
04 APR 2009 - Guest Speaker - 912 Group - Sevierville, TN
02 APR 2009 - Featured Guest on Hallerin Hilton Hill Radio Show - WNOX
23 MAR 2009 - Guest Speaker at 912 Group - Knoxville
21 MAR 2009 - Host of Patriotic Resistance Meeting in Knoxville
25 FEB 2009 - Accepted position of TN Director of Patriotic Resistance

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Donnie commented on Rand Cardwell's group TN Patriots - 7th Congressional District
"  Gibson County Patriots,      On September 29th a coalition of 63 Tennessee Tea Party groups called “Coalition for a Constitutional Senate” met in Cookeville Tennessee. The purpose was to vet the 4 Republican…"
Oct 5, 2013
Patriot joined Rand Cardwell's group

TN Resistance - 6th Congressional District

Includes Bedford, Cannon, Clay, Dekalb, Jackson, Macon, Marshall, Overton, Putnam, Robertson, Rutherford, Smith, Sumner, Trosdale and Wilson counties
Mar 25, 2013
Donnie joined Rand Cardwell's group

TN Patriots - 7th Congressional District

Includes Cheatham (divided with 5th), Chester, Decatur, Fayette, Hardeman, Hardin, Henderson, Hickman, McNairy, Montgomery, Perry, Shelby, Wayne and Williamson counties
Aug 1, 2012
Elmer Gantry commented on Rand Cardwell's group TN Patriots - 1st Congressional District
"Timothy "TimoChe" Hill: Republican Corporate Socialist "
Jul 21, 2012

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At 6:58am on February 10, 2011, David Tucker said…

Hi Tony,


I just saw your messages to me and am now answering as best I can.

I've never lived in Florida.  I already belong to the Tennessee Resistance group.  I'm a devout East Tennessean who's veins are filled with orange juice, and that goes back for 6 generations on both sides of my family line.

At 2:20am on July 28, 2010, Chuck said…

At 7:42pm on May 31, 2010, Steve C Homan said…
how are things Rand ?
At 12:11pm on April 17, 2010, Eric A. Sharp said…
Best wishes to your sons Rand.
At 11:05am on March 20, 2010, ljsk said…
I have recently moved to another state, but will be traveling back and forth. Do I resign from one state group or is it OK for me to remain a member, and join the other state too?
At 3:13am on September 18, 2009, Lewis Edinger said…
Lew: Now you are talking…I’ve written both of my senators. Senator Specter does not even respond…not even a form-letter; Senator Casey responds with these form letters always saying how his views always look at the bigger picture but I should continue to express my views and concerns to him. What a bunch of BS…but they are both Democrats. They have both lost my vote…I want them out. Especially Senator Specter, he can’t even make up his own mind which party he represents; he keeps changing party affiliations in order to have the best odds of re-election. He is really a piece of work… Later, S

Senator Corker, I believe you are one of the "good guys" and that you should be reelected.

Accountability & transparency isn't evident if my respondent is correct, i.e., "Hogwash."

Are all Senators using the same "form letters" as he claims?

If so, I suggest you hire or promote a knowlegdeable person who can respond to & address your constituents' concerns on a personal level.

Let me be clear. Business as usual is no longer acceptable to us. Fire your hogwasher. Close that business. We want a new one with a sign that says, "Open to the American public."

We want to know we're being listened to by each of our representatives. It's time to cut bait, get more creative in communicating with us. Need ideas? Just ask us if you need some. Lew

Lew, I get the same form letter from my Senators. Hogwash. "L"
At 12:46pm on August 13, 2009, james r shelton said…
Sir, heard on lst nghts radio show r constatution was suspended 1938 ?? Missed the guys web sight had 2 take care of birds. dnt really want to listen 2 sevrl hrs repeat to catch it. Where cn I find pls. ? THNX
At 3:13am on August 9, 2009, Maryanne Dattoli said…
Hi Rand - I am having a difficult time with your post about basically free speech issues. I am a newcomer of sorts to his site and I am confused. I do not know if what I posted (FEMA/DHS matters) is the cause for the warning. Other sites have the capability of contacting the party privately whose post they feel is out of line.

Since you are called Oathkeepers I fail to recognize why anyone would have a problem with a posting on information that definitely concerns any and every level of law enforcement that might be called to serve at a single one of the locations and/or issues referenced. I would certainly agree if I felt any conspiracy theory was in play. That is not the case.

Two arguments for you. If there was nothing to the facts that have been presented why would anyone find it necessary to manipulate the material and/or the links to the artcles and/or remove them completely (not because they are not factual but because they do not want the information known). If FEMA and DHS are not fully prepared with a plan to open and operate concentration camps in the USA why are there at least two postings by the government for "Internment Specialists"? The WorldNetDaily has demanded an answer to this question. And lastly, why do we have an unknown number of UN troops on our soil that seem to be in no hurry to vacate our premises (now in 19 states and counting)?

My request to you is simple. If your post is directed at me, please advise me personally rather than the group. What I post anywhere in the Resistance is all about constitution (leaves no stone unturned - everything happening is contrary to the dictates of the constitution), education (we do not all know everything we need to know because we may not know where to look), inspiration (if no other inspiration, then to make us angry enough to get off our arses and do something positive to take our country back). I look forward to hearing from you, personally. God bless.
At 2:38pm on July 21, 2009, James R. Denman said…
About the 9/12 March in DC?? Just joined yesterday here in TN
and am overwhelmed by all this information. Notice that here in
the 8th district we have no leadership designated yet, and do not
know yet if I want to take on this much responsiblity at this time,
but am praying over it. Will let u know in couple of days
At 11:18pm on July 20, 2009, Phil 3% OathKeeper said…
Rand, call me asap. Tonight, now if you can, have important state news for you...Best Regards, Phil...

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Constance Hingert commented on Eric Odom's blog post Why You Should Care and Keep an Eye on What's Happening in Ferguson, MO
"It is difficult to keep track of all the scandals"
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