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RON Barrier commented on Van Guard's blog post Sec. Of Defense Orders Military Ebola Support Team
"Hagel is a buttocks kisser for obama and he will do what ever his master tells him what to do.  Hagel is just another stooge of obama!!!!"
RON Barrier commented on MOTUS's blog post At Least We’re Not Detroit. Or Liberia. Yet.
"If obama was moving his lips during his speech...Then he  was LYING!!!!"
Oct 4
RON Barrier replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion Breaking News: US starts air strikes over Syria.
"The USA will sooner or later MUST send ground troops or we will be fighting them over here"
Sep 22
RON Barrier replied to TONY SALAZAR, SC DIST.#5 COORD;'s discussion Rift widens between Obama, U.S. military over strategy to fight Islamic State
"The entire  world knows that obama is the weakest commander in chief that this country ever had!!!  That is why Russia and ISIS do what they cause they know he will DO NOTHING!!!"
Sep 22
RON Barrier commented on MOTUS's blog post Neigh, William Wallace! Stand down! No Hope, No Change.
"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..........That is what ALL Americans are promised but not under obama!!!"
Sep 19
RON Barrier commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

OOPS: Obama Rejected From Top NY Golf Courses Over Labor Day Weekend:

"What good has obama done for America???  He sure is helping mexicans get  into OUR country.  He is real slow in bombing ISIS!!!!  He is afraid to use the WAR word.  They are at WAR with US and he can not stand up to them or…"
Sep 12
RON Barrier commented on MOTUS's blog post Four Years Hence And It’s Still The Same As It’s Ever Been
"Carter has always been a NUT and always will be a NUT!!!!!"
Sep 1
RON Barrier commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

Do We Have A Sociopath In The White House? ROOT For America

"When you elect a foreigner  to serve as President of the United States of America, then he has no moral responsibility to defend nor protect this nation!!!  Remember that the citizens of America did NOT even like a King in England telling…"
Aug 23
RON Barrier replied to Jimmy Z's discussion • Ferguson Medical Examiner Says Forensic Assistant For Brown Family Is A Fake & Has A Checkered Past
"Does this really surprise anyone???"
Aug 22
RON Barrier commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

Gov. Nixon addresses situation in Ferguson, Mo.

"This so called Governor has already charged, tried and convicted the officer in question  with his remarks.  Every one in this country is suppose to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  He just wants this to be…"
Aug 20
RON Barrier commented on Caterina Grove's photo

Adolph & Hillary

"Hitler had the blood of the world all over his hands and Hillary has the BLOOD of 4 Americans on her hands!!!  They both got people murdered!!!!"
Aug 18
RON Barrier replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion MAJOR UP-DATES: Ferguson Police Release Info That Stands Michael Brown Case On It's Head!
"It is the people in Ferguson Mo, that will ensure that the "N" word will never go away!!!!!!"
Aug 16
RON Barrier replied to Jimmy Z's discussion • Michael Brown Apparently Stole $50 Worth Of Swisher Sweets: Jimmy Z
"And this THIEF was going to be protected by obama and holder.  That is some justice.  America see how prejudice they are !!!!  Al Sharpton the MORON causes nothing but hatred!!!!!!"
Aug 15
RON Barrier replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion Breaking News!! Ferguson Police Release Info That Stands Michael Brown Case On It's Head! UP-DATED!!
"obama and holder both fuel these events.  Al "the MORON" Sharpton only supports violence!!!  The African American community seems to love a bad situation which they USE as an excuse to loot and rob citizens.  They drive to…"
Aug 15
RON Barrier replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion Reverend Al Sharpton gets into tense situation in St Louis
"Al Sharpton is NOT a reverend.  He does NOT act a representative of GOD but that as a representative of SATAN  himself.  He causes more harm and spreads hatred where ever he goes.  A sorry excuse of any race!!!!!  I do feel…"
Aug 13
RON Barrier replied to Lance Thate's discussion Everybody hates the Tea Party, except the People
"The Democrats and this entire administration HATES the Tea Party.  The Tea Party helped this country become a Nation and I want to think that the Tea Party is needed again to take back our nation and give it back to the PEOPLE and not obamas…"
Aug 13

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Birth Certificate To Get Married????

Posted on March 30, 2011 at 12:08pm 2 Comments

Do you have to have a Birth Certificate to get married????  If so, where is Obamas??? Or is he not LEGALLY married???

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At 9:49pm on June 21, 2011, Katie Baker gave RON Barrier a gift
Hospitality Director
Thanks for viewing the Soros video
At 7:13pm on June 3, 2011,
Bill Bissell, Admin
Hello Ron,that comment below was deleted,it did violate No Tolerance policy,even if you did not mean to.We try not to ever sound like the left,and some times we goof up.Thank you for your understanding
At 7:10pm on June 3, 2011,
Bill Bissell, Admin
At 7:43pm on May 30, 2011, Terri Thigpen gave RON Barrier a gift
At 6:05pm on April 7, 2011,
Bill Bissell, Admin

I understand your anger but this comment violates No Tolerance policy,if you clean it up re-post

Now I know he was born in kenya....only A$$holes come from  there.....what an idiot......IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH for attempted murder to our troops......

At 8:15am on April 6, 2011, Janet Lawrence said…

Hello Ron,

Having a blood test isn't mandatory when getting a marriage license, but it certainly is a requirement to have a birth certificate. If he had a passport it can be substituted for a birth certificate.



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