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di - OR commented on Andrew Hagle's video

Many factories in Greece stop as country struggles for EU aid

"Bankrupt because of over taxing, overspending of government, overgrowth of government, corrupt Communist agenda's!  Communism always ends up this way, it is always a nightmarish experience for common citizens.  Too sad that history is…"
May 3, 2013
di - OR replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion Nanny Bloomberg Denied A Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant
"Too bad it's not true!"
May 2, 2013
di - OR commented on Luan Francis's blog post Why Young Americans are Turning To Conservatism by David Owens
"Yes, well, down with RINO's, up with true conservatism.  I sure would be nice if there were enough young people to be committed to bringing our country back to our previous prosperity, both spiritually and economically."
Apr 29, 2013
di - OR commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

Ted Cruz says GOP senators yelled at him "at the top of their lungs" for derailing gun control

"Thank God for Senator Cruz, what a patriot.  I guess there is nothing more frustrating for a Rhino or a Dim to have to stand on principle and so what is right, dang!  Really laughable!  This is some very welcome good news,…"
Apr 29, 2013
di - OR commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

Piers Morgan PISSED OFF after Losing Gun Control Debate

"AR-15's, I hear, are better than a shot gun because they don't kick back like a shot gun.  Law abiding citizens should be able to defend themselves from those who want to slaughter them.  The police can't foretell when…"
Apr 27, 2013
di - OR replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion Obama says "God Bless You" to Murderers
"Despicable.  I just can't wait when he (obummer) has to face Christ, face to face, eye ball to eye ball and try to justify these blood  thirsty choices he has made.  I can't wait when Christ says to him, "you did what…"
Apr 27, 2013
di - OR replied to Darla Dawald, National Director's discussion Isn't the Tea Party Against Taxes? Where is the outrage? Do you have any fight left in you?
"Our government is nothing but a bunch blood thirsty, greedy bunch of power mongers.  I've signed a bunch of petitions.  I don't think anyone is paying attention.  Our paycheck has gone down significantly with more taxes.…"
Apr 27, 2013
di - OR replied to Michael CHILDS, Admin II's discussion Health Care Scams For Seniors............
"obummer-care is a socialistic (Communist) take over of our country.  The health industry is the largest, most lucrative industry in our country.   Plus, implementing it will totally bankrupt our country, it is costing about 4…"
Apr 22, 2013
di - OR commented on Michael CHILDS, Admin II's video

Obama Turns Boston Bombing Memorial Into Personal Pep Rally

"He's just a liar and a fraud, I can't stand to listen to his lies and phony crapola."
Apr 19, 2013
di - OR commented on MOTUS's blog post The father said Dzhokhar is "a true angel...Beware:The Angel of Death is at Hand
"Incredible that we actually give visas and educate terrorists who want nothing more than to kill and/or maim us.  Can anyone spell S T U P I D?"
Apr 19, 2013
di - OR replied to Michael CHILDS, Admin II's discussion BREAKING!!!!!...... Bomber Suspect's Dad Tells Him to Surrender, Warns ' Hell Will Break Loose' if Son Dies.......
"Too bad, too sad this boys brain was filled with erroneous evil mush and hate."
Apr 19, 2013
di - OR replied to Michael CHILDS, Admin II's discussion The Bomb and The Bomber @ Boston Marathon
"There is NO Patriot that would do this.  This was an anti-patriot, terrorist action, period.  Hello!  This was Patriot Day!"
Apr 17, 2013
di - OR replied to Michael CHILDS, Admin II's discussion UPDATED!!!!....BREAKING NEWS!!!!!...... 2 Explosions @ Boston Marathon at least 3 dead.....GRAPHIC IMAGES.......
"Patriots Day, so someone is the opposite of a patriot obviously, so must be a terrorist of some sort.  Father God, please undertake for each dear person and their families thru this horrific tragedy.   I really call into question…"
Apr 15, 2013
di - OR replied to Michael CHILDS, Admin II's discussion SHOCKING!!!!!!..... 8th Grader Bullied And Shot With BB Gun In Class-TWICE-..........
"So sad, this is such a good looking boy with a bright future, shameful is this bullying!"
Apr 14, 2013
di - OR commented on Darla Dawald, National Director's video

Stabbing at Lone Star College- Student: Everyone was bleeding

"So crazy sad, what a terrible bloody tragedy these poor kids are suffering.  This will terrify kids on all campuses I would think.  The only answer is to arm the teachers, administrators, guards and janitors I would think.  Our…"
Apr 9, 2013
di - OR commented on MOTUS's blog post Obama Announces Plan To "Map a Brain" - If He Can Find One!!!
"It's not gun control, it's people control.  Just heard some Sheriffs on-line saying that and also that we live in a nation of wolves, so making more sheep won't help us. "
Apr 7, 2013

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Di - OR's Blog

Town Hall Mtgs G.P. & Medford

Posted on August 4, 2009 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

I'm told by their offices that the town hall mtgs. will be posted on their web sites in about 1 1/2 weeks as they are not scheduled yet:

Sen Wyden:

Sen Merkley: merkley.senate. gov

Rep Walden?

The video I've seen on the turn out and protest on this health care bill have been tremendous, and I think we all should do our best to find out when and where and attend with educated questions in hand! If we don't take this opportunity, we will be stuck… Continue

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At 10:59pm on November 8, 2010,
Bill Bissell, Admin
At 5:26pm on September 22, 2010, Darla Dawald, National Director gave di - OR a gift
N. Director
Thanks for all you do and for participating on our site! May the Lord Bless you and yours and all our efforts to restore our country! God Bless! Darla
At 5:41pm on September 6, 2009, georgia dalon said…
Hello Patriot,
We're missing you in Oregon Patriots! We were glad to see you join the fight for Liberty and against the Tyranny we are experiencing with this Administrtion. We need to support each other in this, the greatest challenge our country has faced perhaps since WW2. Therefore as a show of support and in the spirit of those heroic Patriots of our American Revolution in 1776, we ask you to join forces with us in OREGON Patriots.
Please come over to the Oregon state group "Oregon Patriots" and join in the resistance with us there. Here is the link:
"There should be no hurdles to restoring freedom. But when Congress attempts to restrict it, the hurdle should be high, if not impossible to clear. It's chilling to watch as men with authority and influence prefer to instead crash their way through. The power to tax is the power to destroy, as is the power to regulate and limit choices. These powers should be wielded judiciously, and only within a system that safeguards against excess and demands accountability. The overly ambitious and unelected can't be allowed to govern by walking over the governed."
We must stand together!
Sincerely, Georgia Dalon, Oregon State Welcome Wagon

P.S. If you haven't already joined your district, please do that too!
At 2:46am on August 5, 2009, Pam Cook, District #2/South/Coor said…
Hi, see, my blog about the town meeting on the 12th. We need to get a lot of people there. It is not our district but so far our rep has not scheduled one. Nor have any of the senators scheduled a town hall meeting this way. If they don't we need to set up an appointment at their office to take in a load of protest letters.
At 8:26pm on August 2, 2009, Pam Cook, District #2/South/Coor said…
Hi, I am going to try and get 3 groups together to rally outside of the congressmne's offices here in Medford. There is going to be a nationwide rally on August 22 at noon. I will be sending out noticfes to everyone in the 2nd district, but for those of here locally it will impact us more. This will be on the scale of the origianl tea parties with any luck only spread out in 3 locations. We will need to send a letter to the Newspaper editors, the tv nteworks, and local conservative radio stations. I am already in touch with Bill Meyer, so I will stay with him. This has to hit them hard as neither of the senators are holding town meetings down our way... we don't count I guess.
At 4:06am on July 26, 2009, Pam Cook, District #2/South/Coor said…
Welcome to Patriotic Resistance. Although Federal issues are a huge priority, we also have to focus on state and local issues at the same time. I urge you to join the Oregon Patriots and then your congressional district. We as the silent majority need to become vocal and let our elected officials know that we are happy with their performance and we want them to start listening to us. They need to represent all of us and not just selected groups.

You have taken the first step, now is the time to take the next step. Welcome and get involved.

This Sunday Another member, my hubbiw and I are meeting at Witham's truck stop in Medford (62 and I5) at 1pm. if you are interested email me. Thanks
I can be reached at
At 12:52pm on July 24, 2009, georgia dalon said…


Hello Mrs. Kirkwood,
Please come over and check out the Oregon state group "Oregon Patriots" and join in the resistance with us there. Here is the link:
Then once you have joined "Oregon Patriots" you can join your congressional district as well. We are glad you are on board with us. Resistnet is now asking that every district and large town have "Community Coordinators", or "CC's". We have already created a job description for it. It would be mostly starting up meetings, handing out flyers, education, gatherings, events, and the like. So if you would like to volunteer please contact Joan Calhoun Oregon State Director or Claudia Kinman Oregon State Director. Please make sure that you also join your Congressional districts group so you can stay informed on what is going on in your area. Here is the link to your District page;
Oregon’s Second Congressional District

Second Congressional District Southern Coordinator/ Pam Cook

We plan on winning elections from the ground up and reminding those ELECTED officials that they work for us. We would really appreciate your help and input.

Sincerely, Georgia Dalon , Oregon State Welcome Wagon
At 12:19pm on July 24, 2009, Jeff McQueen said…
Welcome. Check out my blog "OBAMA Destroys the Democratic Party!"



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