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Judy commented on Van Guard's blog post YOUR VOICE IS BEING HEARD! Congressman Ross To Intro A Bill To Ban Flights/Visas From Ebola Countries...
"Have called my Senators and Rep twice about this and was only able to leave messages.  Thank you for the petition."
Oct 18
Judy commented on Standup4urstate's blog post Tune In: J. Johnson for AZ Governor on Fox 10 News at 9pm & 10pm
"I'd be very wary of this guy. He says "I'm a conservative when it makes sense and a liberal when it makes sense".  I'm not finding anything on where he stands on illegal immigration."
Sep 23
Judy replied to Anneta's discussion THIS GUY CAN BEAT HILLARY!!!
"Agree. "
Sep 20
Judy replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion Quo Warranto: Will It Work?
Sep 18
Judy replied to Darla Dawald, National Director's discussion POLL: Ben Carson: Favorable? Unfavorable? Electable? Opinions Please!
"I agree Karen C."
Sep 9
Judy commented on Van Guard's blog post The Politics Of Polarization
"Great article Van Guard.  This needs to go viral."
Jul 28
"Wake up, this is Communism!"
Jul 21
Judy posted a discussion

Buses Heading to Oracle, Az.

Irene LittletonMaricopa Tea PartyBuses to OracleHi All, I am forwarding the following press release that Bob Skiba has prepared. Bob has researched multiple Public Health Agencies in Pinal county, the Pinal County Manager, Utilities for sewage, waste,…See More
Jul 13

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Judy's Blog

"Buried History"

Posted on October 14, 2012 at 1:11pm 0 Comments

Got this in an e-mail and found it very interesting. I wonder if our children are learning this in school...doubtfull.   Be sure to view the video.

"Buried History Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 Well, any so-called educated person should know all of the following information since it is factual, but a good informative you tube video to share, none-the-less. Some interesting forgotten History here. I think that I remember some of this back when they had history classes in school. They have been…


The Power of Prayer

Posted on September 23, 2012 at 7:38pm 0 Comments

I don't know who Romney has running his campaign and I don't know if they think all the money they have will put him at the top.  (just sent him my mere pittance) but he and his campaign really need to do one thing and that's PRAY!  Pray before campaign meetings, rally's and especially before these debates coming up.

I have seen the power of prayer in a campaign for our county sheriff in Illinois almost 40 years ago.  Yes, he wasn't running for POTUS, but nonetheless, the good Lord…


"Islamic Supremacist Group Holds First U.S. Conference"

Posted on July 18, 2009 at 1:39am 3 Comments

Found this on during my lunch hour today. They entitled it as "Breaking News" and it was on there briefly but I managed to get the site.,2933,0533525,00.html

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At 10:58pm on July 5, 2010, Chuck said…

At 3:03pm on May 25, 2010, Anthony Tolda said…
At 8:17am on December 23, 2009, GENE CORNO 4 the Constitution said…
That is terrific that you have the fires burning for 2010. Please spread you message all across this land. We have an enemy within and that has to be gotten rid of. We need to get our country back which we have been losing since Reagan was president. No more accepting RINO's as Conservatives...the change we need is not what Obama fooled the people into believing. We need to get back to our Constitution and hold polticians to that Constitution. We need to get rid of CAREER POLITICANS...all of them. States need to take back their States powers as per the constitution and suck the life out of our centralized Federal Govt. in DC. THIS CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER.
At 7:32pm on December 21, 2009, Beverly L Ottney said…
Hi, Thanks for responding. Yes I would like to know more about your Tea Parties. Bev
At 2:07pm on August 21, 2009, Sassia Tears For America said…

Thank you!
At 2:13am on March 28, 2009, Daniel O. Christian said…
Hey Judy,

I think its time we kicked the Republicans to the curb and start looking at third parties. I'm looking at the Constituition Party and thinking about getting on board with them.

At 8:28pm on February 14, 2009, Fira said…
Hello and Welcome, Judy!

Please take a moment and join the "We the People" March on Washington DC Group. This group is a grassroots planning and organizing effort to put on a peaceful demonstration on May 30, 2009. We are looking for conservatives to join us and assist us in preserving our Consitution and holding our elected officials accountable to the oath of office they have sworn to. We need you to join us and get involved on the State level marches also!

Don't you think it's time we fire any elected official who doesn't uphold, protect, and preserve our 'We the People's" Constitution?

Please join now by clicking here:

Once you arrive at the group page simply click on the JOIN this group!

Thank you for joining us in the Patriotic Resistance to take America back to the people!

We the People Restore our Constitution March
Welcome Committee

P.S. We have many tools including contacts of all your elected officials and letter templates, links, and organizations in our Resource Library. Once you join the We the People Restore our Constitution group please join the Resource Library as it is essential in taking action on an on going daily basis!
To Join the Resource Library click here
At 3:51pm on February 12, 2009, David K said…
Join Reagan's Renegades ....

Reagan's Renegades National Recruitment Message

One of the best ways we recruit for our group is to
ask new members to send our meetup web link to
their e-mail contacts, friends, family - all contacts
you can. Below are the links for signing up and joining
Reagan's Renegades. Just cut and paste this message
into an e-mail ' compose', add your personal note
and send.

Click here to join Reagan's Renegades:

Also see and send to contacts my new website :

~ Your Political Wings ~
A website of empowerment for Reagan Republicans
Click or cut and paste here :

Our goals :
1) To recruit nationally a political army of volunteers
to help all Republican Consevative candidates
in all U.S. House of Representative and Senate
disitricts across the country for a 2010 majority victory.
A. To encourage those volunteers to also help recruit
by -
1. Sending this message to all of their
e-mail contacts and any group's
websites e-mail contact features.

2) To show how to be a Regan Republican talk
radio activist from anywhere in the country,
to anywhere in the country. Become a National
Reagan Republican Talk Radio
Activist from wherever you are in the Unites States ...
toanywhere in the United States ....

Resist the harmful amoral, stealth,
corrupt Obama radical leftwing agenda
by helping to expose it to America -
Expose Barry Barrack Obama and his
cohort corrupt devious Democrats in
Congress, which includes their plan of
giving illegal alien amnesty to make
them eventual Democrat voters at your
expense and subversion of your
Constitutuional voting rights.

Now you can find radio stations all across the
nationwide by clicking National Radio locator
Websites here, search by State :

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At these sites you will find radio stations all across
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3) Encourage Volunteerism and monetary
support for local Reagan Republican
candidates across the nation for 2010
for a Republican majority victory.

4) To encourage volunteers to be an internet

5) To show others :
A. How to run for office.

B. How to start your own Non - Connected Political
Action Committee :
1. Search FEC website for Non - Connected Political
Action Committee ( Are a 527 non -profit
organization ) link -
2. See

C. To show how, as an individual ( without filing as a
candidate ) with your own unlimited amount of money -
How to do your own ads ( radio, tv, internet, youtube )
mass mailers, billboards etc. against Democrats,
moderate Republicans, and promote Conservative
Reagan Republicans on the Local, State, and Federal
level anywhere in the country from anywhere in
the country following Federal Election instructions,
guidlines, and reporting rules - link
Search FEC website for ' Independent
expenditures '.

Need questions answered from the FEC ? Specialists
are there toll free to answer any questions you may have .
Phone 1(800) 424 - 9530

Also go to - Your Political Wings
See link:

David K.
At 8:40am on January 29, 2009, Kenneth Allen said…
Welcome Judy, bet its cold up there.



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