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43 minutes ago
John commented on Darla Dawald, National Director's video

Idiot - Sheila Jackson Lee Blames GOP For Ebola Outbreak, Claiming They Cut Funding To CDC…

"Can this Country survive the Low Information, don't know & don't care voters that continually re elect Shelia Jackson Lee and her like minded fellow travelers to Congress?  "
Oct 16
John replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion What Price Liberty?
"Last election I took five new voters to the polls. I did my best to educate them as to what is being done to our Country and I saw to it they were registered to vote. I called each one the evening before the election and offered them a ride to the…"
Sep 20
John commented on Marlene H. Klim's blog post PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR A SHORT TIME MEMBER
"Prayers are on the way Ranger, and will continue. Semper Fi my Brother!"
Sep 19
John replied to Darla Dawald, National Director's discussion POLL: Trey Gowdy, Favorable? Unfavorable? Opinions Please!
"A republican with a backbone - how absolutely refreshing! I back Trey  Gowdy 100%! "
Sep 9
John replied to Darla Dawald, National Director's discussion POLL: Ben Carson: Favorable? Unfavorable? Electable? Opinions Please!
"I would gladly and enthusiastically support Ben Carson for President. He is a moral man, and obviously has a high degree of intelligence and common sense. Unfortunately these very attributes will bring scorn and vilification from the Democrats."
Sep 9
John replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion Voter ID: Aint Racist, It's Right
"ID is required for most, if not all, government services - so is the government racist? Get food stamps, housing assistance, cash a check, open a bank account, enter a federal building, board an airliner - all require a photo ID. "
Jul 19
John commented on MOTUS's blog post Move Over Jimmy, America’s Worst President Now Available in Black
"BHO, and those that support him, are a Clear and Present Danger to the USA. "
Jul 19

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At 6:39pm on July 30, 2012, David A. Bullock said…

John - Please do me the honor of accepting my “friend request” and ALSO my personal INVITATION to read my ENTIRE short mini-book FREE at

At 4:10pm on March 14, 2011, John Spooner Sr said…

I am the wrong John but want to say I sent my comment direct to the Sharia in spite of being a retired Vet. I also sent a note to Darla. Today my comment  to the "commentators"  is to start delivering koshered pork chops or other cuts, to the Sharia, just  to remind how we feel about their sensitivities.

Cap'n John


At 10:06pm on July 5, 2009, Dr. Thomas Giberson said…
You may read my discussion, "What are you willing to DO?" on the Georgia site and you will see one man's opinion on what needs to happen and how to do it. There are numerous concepts regarding voting, throwing people out, howling at the moon, etc. Voting occurs one year from now and we need to stop these particular creatures in their tracks right now. Read it and let me know what you think.
At 9:15pm on July 5, 2009, viking03a ( Oath Keeper ) said…
Hi John,
I do not have a really great answer to solve the communication problem in one pass, but I do think that it is "OUR"
responsibility as Citizens, parents, neighboors, church
members , and just plain ol human beings, to make the
conveyance of any and all information to all who will listen a
prime responsibility, and this is conversly looking at the
problem and analyzing why is there a problem, and what
is the root cause of this problem, and then we will all get
our heads togeather, and brain storm the problem.
If we attack this in a scientific manor, we can succeed.
Throw all the ideas into the pot, and then pull them out one
at a time, and examine each for feasability, inplimentation,
resource requirments, and probability of actually working.
Same way we attack problems in engineering.

If we start at home, with family and bring them up to speed,
we have succeeded in getting a start, then move to next level.
But it is upon all of our backs to learn as much as possible
about our aggressor, our enemy, and his thinking , his
advisors, his philosphy, his history of past actions, and then
watch and record all data on this enemy. From this, we will
learn what new information we need o know and understand,
and then teach to others, or make available for others, as it
will be up to everybody initially to determine their needs and
what they need to learn.

I know that i am repeating myself, but I am looking for a start
point. Maybe we need to put togeather a questioneer on basic
knowledge of each member, and see where we stand, and
what needs to be made available.

As i said in my earlier writing, lots of folks know that ther is
a problem. They feel this, hear about this, but have no
comprehension of the why's wherefore's, and how come's.
If we were to take this to a standard crime scene, we would
look for: Who, what, when, where, why, and how come, and
is this a single unrelated event, or a repeating action. do we understand where the philosophy has been used in the past,
is being used today, how has it affected those subjected to
its control in the past, or currently.
How many people actuall understand socialism, or know about
Marx, or lenin, or have followed the rise and fall of the German
Third Reich under Herr Hitler. or have any idea of the Russian
revolution, and collective life under Joe Stalin.
I wouold say a first step would be to learn the level of knowledge
of our membership, and then provide the information for the
membership to bring them selves up to speed. Add a
requirment for acertaining a level of expertice, so that one
might be up to speed to take about this information, or teach
it. Before one moves to a higher inner circle this group,
one must learn the reasons why we are in the situation
we are in today, and the probable cause of these problems.

Just thinking out loud John.
My email address off site is:

Have a great day.

TJ da Viking
At 2:57pm on February 12, 2009, Holli Nass said…
I am sure they do and I also belong to six different sites as well and can get some people over or just tell me what you need.I am in Utah not mormon my husband is retired military not bad it is the reddest state in the nation. I am sure we can lure Bojangles over from her Glenn Beck site for any help we need
At 2:47pm on February 12, 2009, Holli Nass said…
I agree totally and we could get the word out more. It is no fun being on a resistance group and not resisting. I know a few people who would join
At 1:02pm on February 12, 2009, Holli Nass said…
There are those of us who are thinking of a new group.Saw your post in I resist gun control there are only a few of us really willing to do anything besides faxing and emailing.Let me know what you think. They are attacking us everywhere and we have to try and stop as much as we can
At 6:26pm on February 3, 2009, Kathryn K said…
Hello and Welcome,

Please take a moment and join the "We the People" March on Washington DC Group. This group is a grassroots planning and organizing effort to put on a peaceful demonstration. We are looking for conservatives to join us and assist us in preserving our Constitution and holding our elected officials accountable to the oath of office they have sworn to.

Please join now by clicking here:
Once you arrive at the group page simply click on the JOIN this group!

Thank you for joining us in the Patriotic Resistance to take America back to the people!

The Welcome Committee



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