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John Hanson and Jeff Larkin are now friends
Mar 30, 2009
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Feb 25, 2009
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Feb 21, 2009
Jeff Larkin commented on RC's video

How Obama Got Elected2

"Well all I have to say is CLUELESS!!!!! Like all sheep they will walk right into the slaughterhouse! Unfortunatly they let these clowns Vote! The Media just leads them around by the nose! Keep up the Fight Jeff"
Feb 20, 2009
David K left a comment for Jeff Larkin
"Join Reagan's Renegades .... Reagan's Renegades National Recruitment Message One of the best ways we recruit for our group is to ask new members to send our meetup web link to their e-mail contacts, friends, family - all contacts you…"
Feb 17, 2009
Jeff Larkin commented on Richard M. Keefner's group "Boycott Liberalism" Movement
"Harry I couldn't agree with you more! Do you know why your Postal Rates are Climbing all the time? Did you know you can't fire a postal Employee even for hitting a Supervisor? Did you know that The Postal Union Forces equal Pay for unequal…"
Feb 13, 2009
Jeff Larkin replied to Bojangles's discussion Our Boycott List....Stamp Out Liberalism, Greed, And Socialism! in the group "Boycott Liberalism" Movement
"OK Folks you need to understand that lots of these Companies are not Political at all! They run their Adds through an Add agency. That said they are wittingly or unwittingly supporting they Propaganda Mill. Most of these companies will pull their…"
Feb 11, 2009
Jeff Larkin and Freedom Is Not Free are now friends
Feb 10, 2009

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Well the Biggest Concern is that he gets no criticism at all from the Leftest Propaganda Media.We don't get News anymore just what the left wants us to hear! We are no longer being served by the Press they are now pushing a Leftest Agenda down our throats! My solution well for now we still have an open market and with properly done Boycotts we can take them down by denying sponsorship! Remember if we unite and stage effective Boycotts of the Sponsors of these Leftest News outlets we can shut them DOWN!!! Remember over 56 Million of us said NO to this and if 56 Million of us Boycott we have Power! Thnik about it!
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At 7:38pm on June 11, 2009, Greg Graves said…
Jeff, on Wed June 17 Greg Zanetti will be the guest speaker at the GOP meeting at the Red Barn. I think it starts at 6 pm. Drop by and meet Greg. You will like him.

At 9:57pm on February 17, 2009, David K said…
Join Reagan's Renegades ....

Reagan's Renegades National Recruitment Message

One of the best ways we recruit for our group is to
ask new members to send our meetup web link to
their e-mail contacts, friends, family - all contacts
you can. Below are the links for signing up and joining
Reagan's Renegades. Just cut and paste this message
into an e-mail ' compose', add your personal note
and send.

Click here to join Reagan's Renegades:

Also see and send to contacts my new website :

~ Your Political Wings ~
A website of empowerment for Reagan Republicans
Click or cut and paste here :

Our goals :
1) To recruit nationally a political army of volunteers
to help all Republican Consevative candidates
in all U.S. House of Representative and Senate
disitricts across the country for a 2010 majority victory.
A. To encourage those volunteers to also help recruit
by -
1. Sending this message to all of their
e-mail contacts and any group's
websites e-mail contact features.

2) To show how to be a Regan Republican talk
radio activist from anywhere in the country,
to anywhere in the country. Become a National
Reagan Republican Talk Radio
Activist from wherever you are in the Unites States ...
toanywhere in the United States ....

Resist the harmful amoral, stealth,
corrupt Obama radical leftwing agenda
by helping to expose it to America -
Expose Barry Barrack Obama and his
cohort corrupt devious Democrats in
Congress, which includes their plan of
giving illegal alien amnesty to make
them eventual Democrat voters at your
expense and subversion of your
Constitutuional voting rights.

Now you can find radio stations all across the
nationwide by clicking National Radio locator
Websites here, search by State :

Click link -

Click link -

At these sites you will find radio stations all across
the U.S. and their e-mail address lists.

3) Encourage Volunteerism and monetary
support for local Reagan Republican
candidates across the nation for 2010
for a Republican majority victory.

4) To encourage volunteers to be an internet

5) To show others :
A. How to run for office.

B. How to start your own Non - Connected Political
Action Committee :
1. Search FEC website for Non - Connected Political
Action Committee ( Are a 527 non -profit
organization ) link -
2. See

C. To show how, as an individual ( without filing as a
candidate ) with your own unlimited amount of money -
How to do your own ads ( radio, tv, internet, youtube )
mass mailers, billboards etc. against Democrats,
moderate Republicans, and promote Conservative
Reagan Republicans on the Local, State, and Federal
level anywhere in the country from anywhere in
the country following Federal Election instructions,
guidlines, and reporting rules - link
Search FEC website for ' Independent
expenditures '.

Need questions answered from the FEC ? Specialists
are there toll free to answer any questions you may have .
Phone 1(800) 424 - 9530

Also go to - Your Political Wings
See link:

David K.
At 11:26am on February 7, 2009, RC said…
The 8 heads on Fedzilla are the key ones. Any more & the effect would be somewhat dissipated
At 4:01am on February 6, 2009, wally said…
Jeff, Thank you for serving our country for so long. I'm hurt that it left you disabled. We need more patriots like you to take charge. I'm with you 100% on the boycott. Sounds like your/our next step is to get a list of them and publish their phone numbers, e-mail address and any means to communicate to them that we will not support them.
Keep up the good work!!!!
At 5:19pm on February 3, 2009, TommyD said…
Hey Jeff, thanks, I only looked like that after I heard Obama won the election!!
At 1:06pm on February 3, 2009, Richard M. Keefner said…
Hey Jeff,
I enjoyed it, sure does say a lot about the idiots getting control. I guess because they are so stupid they don't know what's really happening. Their egos are valued more than their freedom & country. What a poor state we are in. By the, the message you sent to me about this subject, up till that point, was it the first or the last one I received. LOL
Why is it or should it be so hard to rescue our country from these numbskull, eliterate, morons?
Let's take our country back, OK?

At 9:01am on February 3, 2009, George P. S. said…
So Jeff is what you are saying we write letters to co.s that advertise on these networks saying we are going to boycott thier products ?
At 8:38pm on February 1, 2009, Rand Cardwell said…

The "Last Patriot" was some artwork that was used with a short story to provoke thought among those that don't share our views. Here is a link if you care to check it out - click here

Personally, like you, I'll kneel for no one. It is better to die a free than live as a slave.

Stay the course bro.

Semper Fi,
The Voice
At 6:55pm on February 1, 2009, Richard M. Keefner said…

Am proud to be your friend, thank you for serving our great country. I am a veteran also. We must protect all of our rights under the VA. current, former & retired military personnel. We are now called on to defend our country again. Onward...

Your friend & patriot buddy,

Richard M. Keefner


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