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Phillip R. Steel left a comment for Elbert "Jr" Bonner
"It has been years since I actually signed onto your site.  I did not like all the bigotry I saw on your site and was disappointed by the number of members who lacked tolerance and imposed their religion on others.  I was wondering if…"
Aug 30
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Please check out the Nashville Teaparty videos

Please check out the vidoes at:
Feb 13, 2010
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Watchdog on Election and Voting Fraud

Get involved and be part of the solution as we head into the 2012 Election November 6th. A lot of valuable info and links here to make a difference. Share this group with others and post valuable info here!See More
Jan 27, 2010
Elbert "Jr" Bonner added a discussion to the group Colorado Resistance

This is the hour for Resistnet Patriots to act

Our time and resources are limited for all of us. Therefore, our efforts must be well spent and targeted to the most crucial of events. This is one of them. This is the hour that separates the sunshine patriots and fair weather friends from real patriots and those who get it. This is the hour that separates the slothful, apathetic, whiners and excuse makers from the doers and those of noble spirit. We are not asking anyone to cross the frozen Delaware on Christmas Eve at night, make up the…See More
Jan 14, 2010
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Dec 29, 2009
Elbert "Jr" Bonner gave a gift to Karen Knaub
Dec 28, 2009
Elbert "Jr" Bonner received a gift from Karen Knaub
Dec 27, 2009
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Getting Started

Getting Started! Welcome new members! Tips and ideas for how to utilize the Patriot Action Network.
Dec 23, 2009
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New Mexico Resistance

Working together to resist the left's socialistic agenda!
Dec 23, 2009
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Nevada Patriots

Nevada residents join in unity against liberal "change"!
Dec 23, 2009
Elbert "Jr" Bonner joined Steve Elliott's group
Dec 23, 2009
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Working together to Resist, Rebuild and Restore our Country and our State.See More
Dec 23, 2009
Elbert "Jr" Bonner added a discussion to the group Colorado Resistance

Icaucus training at 6PM on Wednesday 12/16

This is message I received from Scott Streit to be sent to all members of Colorado Independence Caucus!There will be a Precinct Caucus Preparation webinar training tomorrow, December16th at 6:00 p.m. The information for the call is listed at the bottom of thee-mail. We encourage you to invite your precinct chairs to participate in thetraining.Colorado Republican Party – Precinct Caucus PreparationJoin us for a Webinar on December 16Space is limited.Reserve your Webinar seat now at:…See More
Dec 16, 2009
Elbert "Jr" Bonner joined Darla Dawald, National Director's group

How to Take Back the GOP!!

How to instructions and insight for winning the Presidential Election (2016), winning the Senate and holding the House in 2014, to taking back the GOP/Republican party from the inside out!  Instructions to become a Precinct Committeeman included. Want the power to influence real change and solutions, become a PC! This is the REAL AND ONLY ANSWER!See More
Nov 11, 2009
Elbert "Jr" Bonner added a discussion to the group Colorado Resistance

We people to step up to leadership positions now. This includes CD, county, city and precint. Things are getting interesting..

My fellow patriots. After the House passed that government takeover of healthcare insurance bill, some people are going to get real concerned and want to join up with likeminded people. We need folks to step up and be able to deploy their skills and abilities to the max. We don't have time to dawdle. Therefore, we are going to need to have people who are going to have to have people in communication with each other. We need leadership especially in the 1st and 4th CDs. We need recruitment NOW!…See More
Nov 8, 2009
Elbert "Jr" Bonner added a discussion to the group Colorado Resistance

If you ever took off for work part of the day, Thursday is the day! Call your relatives, friends and everyone else you know!

My fellow Patriots,The day has arrived that all the possible peaceful political pressure must be applied to the process. The stakes are extremely high and we may never get a chance to recover the liberties generations before us have enjoyed. Please stay tuned until we hear from national and other Patriot and Teaparty organizations. Be prepared to move on Thursday. Be prepared to leave your home that day and visit the Capitol and, or, politicians offices. Don't forget your video cameras. Don't…See More
Nov 2, 2009

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Illegal Alien Amnesty & Open Borders, Globalism, Socialism, Judicial Activism, Gun Control, Social Liberalism
My biggest concern about the current administration, congress, country, and or the leftist agenda is?
Everything. How are we going to survive the next 3.5 years? What is being imposed upon this country is nothing less than the proper definition of fascism at best and international socialism at worst. These malignant policies must be opposed now or we well may never have the chance to again.
I affirm that Patriot Action Network is for principled, patriotic activism opposing the leftist ideology and agenda and is not a forum for personal attacks, lewd or profane language, or militancy (inciting violence) against Barack Obama, members of Congress, members of this forum, or others. Inciting violence, a call to arms, flame baiting, and trolling are reason for denial of membership and or banishment from the site. Furthermore, this is a private forum and the owners of this site set the policies and have moderators and admins to enforce said policies. As such, I accept the No Tolerance Policy and the Terms of Service of Patriot Action Network (former ResistNet). I understand that such postings will be removed and members responsible will be banned without further notice. I will report such postings to the site administrators.
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At 10:45pm on August 30, 2014, Phillip R. Steel said…

It has been years since I actually signed onto your site.  I did not like all the bigotry I saw on your site and was disappointed by the number of members who lacked tolerance and imposed their religion on others.  I was wondering if your site has changed and if its main goal is promoting constitutional values and ideas.  It did not previously seem that way.  As I said, it has been years since I have been here.  Phillip Steel

(Author of the Deer Trail Drone Hunting License)

At 2:23pm on October 2, 2010, Geoff Pace said…
My company has opened iets internet doors this week and I should be available to do some patriotic work soon.. Call me: 801-420-4380 (cell)
At 5:23pm on June 6, 2010, Ime said…
You recently contacted the Help Desk Group about:..........Hi,
I was adding another video to the CO state page. When I tried to save it, it wiped out everything under that edit category. All videos, the radio connection parm and the state coordinators. What has to be done to resolve this matter? I added Firefox and updated my Adobe and the problem did not resolve itself.

is this still an issue.................sorry for the delay, we are trying to clean up the help desk questions

If the response above didn't help, or you need more Group assistance Click here and If you have tried to correct your settings or email and it still isn't working right contact Ning directly with this link
At 2:24pm on March 21, 2010, Sally O'Boyle said…
Dear Elbert

I found you through Angela's page. Thank you for working for Freedom and a return to Constitutional governance in CO and the U.S.

Voting out the old deaf, dumb and blind guard and voting in freedom candidates is our greatest hope for real change. If you know of any Liberty Candidates not already listed at, please send them over to apply. We are looking for liberty candidates in all 50 states. There is currently one liberty candidate listed for Colorado. I would love to add more!!!

God bless and Let Freedom Ring!

Sally O'Boyle
At 4:51pm on February 15, 2010, David McElroy said…
Elbert! I am preparing to launch a network radio program in the next few weeks.
I'll be looking for guest activists and sponsors. The program will be carried by broadcasters, a satellite, and the world-wide web. I will host a controversial and politically incorrect news/opinion program from the perspective of a Christian libertarian striving for Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All! I hope to quickly acquire sponsors by offering low-cost advertising! Please respond!
At 6:41pm on February 9, 2010, Elbert "Jr" Bonner said…
We could use two things for starters. We could use an assistant state director, congressional district coordinators, welcoming committee, events and coalition committee(ECC). These are all important functions. Whatever you do, we want to make sure that you don't overestimate your contribution. You could work at the county, city or precinct level...or street level for that matter. I you will send me your email, I will send you an attachment to help you clarify these matters. Thanks for your willingness to "stand in the gap" for the people of Utah.

In the cause liberty,

Elbert "Junior" Bonner"
Resistnet SW Regional Coordinator
303-678-7177 (home)
303-709-8527 (cell)
At 6:22pm on February 9, 2010, Mickie Johnson said…
Junior, I will have to think about that. What exactly do you need me to do? Thank you for making me one of your friends
At 10:31pm on February 7, 2010, ILEE CARR said…
Hi Jr.

I have to wait for approval to gain access to the Leadership Group... but in the mean time I wanted to get this program out to you ... I already sent it to Liz ...
At 11:11am on February 5, 2010, TillerBee said…
Hi Junior, we now have the Colorado Resistance Leadership Ning group. This is a private, closed group where we can all have discussions with no one else seeing what we're saying. Is this what you were asking about?

Do you want a second closed, private group for all the county coordinators?

If not, should we have all of them join our private Colorado Resistance Leadership Ning group? Or would you rather have the county coordinators work with just their CD coordinators?

Jane the TillerBee
At 2:20pm on February 3, 2010, Elbert "Jr" Bonner said…
Hi Jane,
The meeting last night was very productive thought Gordon and Craig were the only other two ones on. I like the courage of Gordon and the type A personality of Craig, combined with his competency. Anyway, Craig is going to get the tax info for us and also conduct some onsite recruitment classes along the front range in a couple weeks, including in Denver and Ft. Collins or Greely. We are growing daily and things are looking good.
I like your ideas about the photo's etc. However, I would like to keep the mustangs unless you really think they should go. We've gotten numerous compliments on the top of the site. It adds character that most of the country can't claim and I sort of view it as a CO and the West kind of thing; emblematic of freedom, beauty and self-reliance. In attempting to separate myself from the CO State Director position, I could submit it to the rest of you to decide. (BTW, and we have the ugliest flag in the nation. lol) The matter of keeping the page fresh was one of the items Darla spoke of. So I really like most of your ideas. We will have some instructional events coming up soon but I'll give those to you later.





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