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DR Rowe replied to Jimmy Z's discussion • Defeating Ebola: Hysteria And Worry Is NEVER A Good Thing
"There is a difference between being overly cautious and being hysterical. Maybe all of these folks with ebola should have been a little more hysterical about the possibility of catching it????????? "
5 minutes ago
DR Rowe replied to G. Zorn's discussion Shock Video: James O’Keefe Exposes Democratic Voter Fraud in Colorado
"Only real Americans take voting seriously as their Constitutional duty. However we are just putting a band-aid on a problem that needs stitches. All of this fraud needs to be prosecuted as it is happening, being recorded, exposed, whatever and the…"
12 minutes ago
"Relax folks, the government has it all under control.... the doctor called the CDC and got the OK to go bowling, ride the subway and take a taxi. Because the CDC can "track it" better here as it spreads rather than keeping it isolated in…"
10 hours ago
DR Rowe commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

Wild Bill for America: Behind Enemy Lines

"Right there Roy is lying to himself and to God! You can't be pro-God, pro-Constitution, pro-life and be a democrat! I had it out with my lifetime registered democrat mother who is still a democrat yet claims she is a christian.…"
12 hours ago
DR Rowe commented on Marlene's blog post HOLDING IT TOGETHER - NO MATTER WHAT
"Again, I will vote as I have always done, but until we prosecute, fine and jail EVERYONE (R or D) for voter fraud, voting will never make a difference ever again.  If that video showing the guy "stuffing" the ballot box was true then…"
17 hours ago
DR Rowe commented on Van Guard's blog post Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Back In The Voting Booth...
"If there are no charges or arrests being made, then we will continue to see this happening. What good is being a poll monitor, witnessing fraud occurring and reporting it only to have NOTHING done about it?  This is unbelievable! The machines…"
23 hours ago
DR Rowe commented on Marlene's blog post HOLDING IT TOGETHER - NO MATTER WHAT
"Marlene, From what I keep hearing, the military does not have to follow UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDERS! And no where in the Constitution does it state the military is used to build hospitals or fight a health outbreak in foreign countries! Sorry but having…"
DR Rowe commented on Marlene's blog post HOLDING IT TOGETHER - NO MATTER WHAT
"From what I have been reading about the fraud, we have already lost and it is not even November 4th! Thanks to early voting, absentee ballots, computer voting and voter fraud.....Voting will NOT save America! 2010 was the last election where we had…"
DR Rowe commented on Van Guard's blog post Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Back In The Voting Booth...
"It was obvious since 2012 that this election was going to be stolen yet we just keep putting our hopes in the election process don't we? So as predicted, the dems will steal the House and will hold onto the Senate.  Voting is NOT going to…"
DR Rowe commented on Van Guard's blog post Are They Stealing The Election? Is It Time For Plan "B" ?
"Since the 2012 debacle, I have been saying NOT to put our hopes in the elections in order to stop the fraud(s) in DC from continuing to destroy our country! Been saying that they are going to steal 2014 because in order to finish off America, they…"
DR Rowe replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion NYC Mayor de Blasio: Geller’s ads are bad, but celebrating murder of Klinghoffer is “free speech”
"I live in Cali yet I understand what Debrajoe is saying with her comment. Yes there are conservatives in NY and in my state of Cali too but we are the minority and getting minor every year because all the liberals live in the large populated…"
DR Rowe commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

Wild Bill for America: Hard Head Michael

"After working in the pro-life arena for 3 years, I saw the same mentality. Christians/Catholics refused to vote for anyone who was not 100% pro-life! So instead of backing the 80% pro-lifer, they didn't vote at all. So we lose every time. In…"
Oct 17
DR Rowe commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video

CDC Director Frieden: If We Ban Travel From West Aftrica Ebola Will Spread Across Continent

"We need to ban things like this: Americans who are not using their brains need to be banned from flying to Africa....PERIOD!"
Oct 14
DR Rowe commented on Bill Bissell, Admin's video
Oct 14
DR Rowe commented on Van Guard's blog post THE END OF THE LINE
"To everyone on PAN, please be right with God. Nurture your relationship with Jesus and pray your family does the same."
Oct 14
DR Rowe commented on Prof. Charles Xavier's blog post The Hyphen - By John Wayne
"Damn he was great! And he truly loved America! We need more "true grits" in America NOW!"
Oct 13

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I am concerned about the future of my children when Obama is selling out our liberty and freedom to fascist and communist slavery by putting America into a debt she can not get out of.
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At 11:43am on May 13, 2014,
N. Director
Darla Dawald, National Director

Of course and I know him personally. We may not always agree on everything...but then I don't agree on everything with anyone... But Jimmy Z is a conservative I promise you that.

At 11:27am on February 21, 2014, Tina Fiedler said…

That is disgusting, what they tried to make you do at that Girl Scout training.


What a perfect way to break down Christianity and our culture.  You are damn right:  then the Jehovah's Witness girl's parents can start their own group!


We MUST stick together FORCEFULLY, or be scattered to the winds.  

At 9:48am on April 30, 2013, Robert John Daehn Jr. said…

I to had to jump through hoops for the Immigration Authority to bring my now X wife over here. There was tons of paper work and so much they made me do and promise. Why now do they wish to give a blanket coverage and with benefits to those who are here illegally?


It is my understanding that our president was over here on a student visa and he to is a illegal in this country and that his family is here illegally has well.


One can only wonder where we shall end up with all this illegal activity in our Federal Government!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Robert John Daehn Jr.

At 1:52pm on March 22, 2013, Rose0622 said…
Hi fellow Patriot Rowe,
I have hit a few and a lot of other conservative websites.
Let's be friends, I am sending you friend req ;)

M Whit
At 1:02pm on December 21, 2010, Melissa Kaye Ortiz said…

Diane, you can reach me at I'd love to mentor your daughter.

At 10:02pm on November 30, 2010,
Bill Bissell, Admin
Miss Brinkley read carefully I hear what you are saying,but according to No tolerance Policy I have to delete this.This is not against free speech,pc and is not offensive to me but it is about No Tolerance Policy located right above this box.

Reply by Diane Brinkley 2 hours ago
hd rider is right! I think "LOCK AND LOAD" and "HANG EM HIGH" is the only thing that will make our reps listen to us!

Man I really pray our military is "taking notes" about who has NO LOYALTIES to America and the Constitution in the current government AND administration! If the commander-in-chief and members of Congress are traitors they get NO RESPECT!!!!! And that includes having to obey any UNLAWFUL orders.
At 4:15pm on October 17, 2010, Chuck said…

At 6:37pm on May 10, 2009, Paul said…
Hi Diane,

I see that you are from Sacramento. I've joined the District 5 - Matsui group so we can better organize and take action on a local level.

We'd love it if you were to join us.

Thanks, Paul



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