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Herman Cain Just Surpassed Romney in Latest National Wall Street Journal Poll

Started Oct 12, 2011 0 Replies

Herman Cain just surpassed Romney in latest national Wall Street Journal poll and in a poll from south Carolina.Continue

Breaking News on Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney's Aids Met With Obama to Construct Obamacare

Started this discussion. Last reply by Christy Oct 12, 2011. 8 Replies

Breaking News on Rush Limbaugh Mitt Romney's advisors met with Obama to help him construct Obamacare based on the Romney care model. Continue

Tags: Obama, Romney

Stinky Anti-Semetic, Anti-Free Market Block a Public Bridge

Started Oct 11, 2011 0 Replies

What the lamestream media fails to reportThanks to the new media the liberal protesters have been recorded saying "Jews own Wall Street" and other dispicable anti-semitic speech. They have been…Continue

Congratulations Herman Cain On Winning the Straw Poll in Florida!

Started Sep 24, 2011 0 Replies

Herman Cain was great in the debate and congratulations to Herman Cain for winning the straw poll in Florida!


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Marguerite McCausland replied to Christy's discussion Heritage Foundation Condemns Mitch Mc Connell/Reid/Obama Debt Ceiling Plan in the group Kentucky Patriots
Jun 12, 2013

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My biggest concern about the current administration, congress, country, and or the leftist agenda is?
This administration and congress is leading this country in the wrong direct toward European style socialism while it is failing in places like Greece. I am opposed to the irresponsible spending, tax increases, nationalization of industries, push for open borders, ant-capitalism, anti -constitution, and about everying they are doing.
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Congressional Budget Office Ranks Boehner and Reid Bill as Almost Identical

Posted on July 31, 2011 at 11:12am 1 Comment

Larry Kudlow of MSNBC and John Boehner are good friends.

Larry Kudlow work for MSNBC and he is good friends with John Boehner. 


Larry Kudlow just reported this Saturday that Boehner's latest plan is almost identical to Reid's plan according to the CBO and that the McConnell/Reid/Boehner plan is back on the table.


The McConnell/Reid plan does have tax…


Mc Connell/Reid Deal Back on Table, Boehner in Talks with Them

Posted on July 31, 2011 at 11:10am 2 Comments

Larry Kudlow of MSNBC and John Boehner are good friends.

Larry Kudlow work for MSNBC and he is good friends with John Boehner. 



McConnell announced today that his deal is back on the table and he is working with Boehner and Reid right now. We will not know the details until after it passes.


Larry Kudlow just reportedyesterday that Boehner's…


If Boehner's Plan Is So Wonderful Then Why Did Boehner Attack Tea Party Conservative Today for Not Going Along With His Plan

Posted on July 27, 2011 at 9:54pm 5 Comments

If Boehner's plan is so wonderful then why is Boehner attacking Tea Party Conservaive Jim Jordan today for opposing it?


Boehner changes his deal yet again.

Boehner's deal gives authority to committes that will be populated by people appointed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who can intorduce tax increases and decrease any moderate cuts.

Do you think they will not put taxes back in? Do you think Boehner's incremental change is going to work unders tha…


The sky will not fall if we do not raise the debt ceiling

Posted on July 14, 2011 at 10:30pm 2 Comments

Obama is proposing 110 billion in NEW spending increases in addition to all the tax increases he wants the he calls "closing tax loopholes". Everyone knows that is democrat code for "raising taxes so we can keep spending off the backs of tax payers" liberal speak.


A majority of Americans do not want to increase the debt ceiling, know that the sky will not fall if we do not raise the debt ceiling, and understand it would force Obama to cut spending.


Tea party…


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At 2:50pm on March 9, 2012, Cyrus J. Mallinson said…

Hello Christy -

Why do we continue to allow the Federal Government to have the power to tax and borrow to raise money? (Article I, Section 8, Paragraphs 1 & 2 of the Constitution, plus the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.)

For over 80 years the Federal Government’s irresponsibility with money has been beyond comprehension.

With such easy access to money through taxation and borrowing, what incentive do "the Feds" have to spend carefully? None whatever. The hard, cold facts of over 80 year’s experience confirms this beyond any doubt.

There is a proposal on the table to shift to a States-based system for funding Federal expenditures and in the process ending the Federal Government’s power to tax and borrow.

The CONSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TAX (the CST) is that proposal. The website is Please read it


In summary the CST does the following:

1. The power to levy Taxes, Imposts and Excises Congress currently has would be repealed from Article 1 Section 8, paragraph 1 of the Constitution, along with the 16th Amendment.

2. Paragraph 2, giving Congress power to borrow money would also be repealed.

3. Once Congress sets the Federal Budget each year, the Budget will be divided among the States by a formula that is fair to all States. This five-part formula is explained on the website in the HOW IT WORKS section.

4. At the State level, the people and State officials would decide how to pay their State's mandatory share of the Budget.

By using the States as a critical checkpoint on the flow of money into "the Feds" coffers, We the People will have much greater control over the Federal Government. Please see details of how the CST will work on the website,

Political pressure point 4 of 8 in the PRESSURE POINTS section is key to reining in Federal expansionism. Point 4 of 8 will create a whole new, on-going structure to keep Federal spending and the Federal/State relationship within the parameters the Founders envisioned when drafting the Constitution.

With uncontrolled, unlimited access to America's income and wealth through taxation and borrowing, the whole U.S. Government has no incentive to restrain spending. The 89th Military Air Wing (with much over use of Air Force One) is just one of thousands of examples.

Overspending will go on, and on, and on until this uncontrolled, unlimited access is ended. Period.

Please take some time to re-read this e-mail and the read the website. Let it "mentally digest."

If you lie what you read, please forward this e-mail to your friends and contacts on Patriot networks and other places.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Cy Mallinson 1311 Manor St. Kalamazoo, MI 49006-2143 269-342-0410

At 8:21pm on August 5, 2011,
Admin II
Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II

Thanks for the "Friends" invite.  I've liked your posts fora're a valued Patriot at P.A.N. .


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

At 5:14pm on June 06, 2011, TONY SALAZAR, SC DIST.#5 COORD; gave Christy a gift
Christy: We need you in our camp... how can we succeed and get Allen West to become a candidate for 2012?
At 11:12pm on May 22, 2011, Candace Dainty said…

Long isn't the word! I'm in WI where we are still settling the Supreme Court race from this past April!


If you are curious about me do a web search for my name. I'm up to my eyeballs!

At 5:47pm on May 22, 2011, Candace Dainty said…
Hi Christy!
At 3:05am on May 21, 2011, mikeymike143 gave Christy a gift
At 2:44am on May 21, 2011, mikeymike143 said…
christy, it sure is a pleasure to be friends with someone opposed to the left wing cancer that ron paul and his dirtbag paulbots are trying to spread in our tea party movement. and the more people learn about this pro muslim, pro open borders idiot and his moronic ronbot followers, the more they oppose him. so please keep up the good work and long live the tea party. mike
At 10:42pm on May 5, 2011, Debbie said…
At 11:47pm on October 27, 2010, Chuck said…



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