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Christine Rae Moylan
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Christine Rae Moylan replied to Jimmy Z's discussion • Huge Solar Farm In California Is Blinding Pilots & Killing Birds - TheJimmyZShow
"The EPA is nothing but a broker for the politicians who make deals for land grab across America. The Bundy's of NV are being forced to sell like many other farmers under the guise of EPA to save endangered animals, birds, plants, fish and…"
Christine Rae Moylan commented on Topcat's blog post An interesting AP post , maybe its time to start rethinking our stratagies and picking our fights more carefully
"The TP is only 5 years old. We are still babes in the woods compared to the hardened demigods of the political arena. We have built a force dependent on the Constitution. We are long on principles and short on tactics. We began with 40 million…"
Nov 6, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan commented on Douglas G. Pollard Sr.'s blog post No Title
"We cannot hope to take the higher ground without taking the lower ground first. It would be nice to believe it would be only a matter of taking "Pork Chop Hill" but, the government forces have been embedded for decades. The top is…"
Nov 6, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan commented on Darla Dawald's video

Judge Jeanine Pirro - What Did Obama Know? Obama Admin & "The Land Of Oz"

"I watched Sebelus and the Democrats follow their scripts and almost laughed as one continuously panded to the other. I had to wonder if Sebelus gave the script to the Dems questioning her, did the questionors give her the questions or did…"
Nov 6, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan replied to Topcat's discussion The Baby Boomers government has written off , we are coming again
"I recently heard that the America of our youth is no more and we must adapt and change with the World. In simple terms we must join the 'One World Order'. He who controls the money has great power. You are right, 2014 is our 2010…"
Oct 25, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II's discussion The DMV, Post Office, and a Rock Fight.
"My first week in training in a hospital system I told the instuctor that the concept was great with their system but the programming was crap. It took over 5 years for the hospital to scrap the system and start with a fresh one. Five years of hell…"
Oct 24, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan commented on Darla Dawald's video

O'Reilly Goes There: Accuses Democrats of Pushing Communism in America

"So, Communist/Socialism is becoming vogue, who would've thought. I was around 29 when my euphoric bubble was burst for kumbaya. My Socialistic utopian idea for free healthcare and free schooling for every person was questioned…"
Oct 23, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan commented on MOTUS's blog post Putting the Tea Party Anarchist Shutdown of 2013 “behind” us!
"I watched Stossel this week-end, repeats of the past. Bob Beckel, whom I'm sure pays off his debts first, touted no Debt ceiling. Then Beckel spouted how Social Security should have a means test, Military budget should be cut and other…"
Oct 21, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan replied to Terry Taylor's discussion Found this on another website
"I came across two such Liberal taught brainless walking and know these people cannot be reasoned with with common sense. I went to Dunkin Donuts in Maudlin SC one day last week and asked for half a dozen creme donuts at the drive-thru. The…"
Oct 12, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan commented on Steve Lindsey's blog post Obamacare: Designed to Fail
"Anyone with an active brain understood what Obamacare was from the beginning. The big push to get people enrolled was to gather the flock under one roof. Anyone who doesn't know the Communist/Socialist are working towards the single payor…"
Oct 10, 2013
"I think we have been infiltrated from the very beginning on many sites not only by the Lefties but from the GOP. You can tell by their comments they don't belong on sites like this one and The Constitutional Conservatives. They are not only…"
Oct 9, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan commented on Ralph V. Cutolo's blog post BARRY'S Dark Warning to Wall Street: "Be Concerned"...., INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I've never heard such a blatant threat of intimidation from an American President before in my life. He may have as well said he will destroy this Country before he gives an inch to the Republicans. It looks like he is willing to put all…"
Oct 3, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan replied to Darla Dawald's discussion Barack Obama to CNBC: 'I Have Bent Over Backwards' For GOP and Kept My Rhetoric Down" What a CROCK!
"His Obamacare song and dance performance is another smoke-screen. What is he doing with the heads of companies and the financial markets? His game is the debt ceiling. There is no doubt he is putting a scare into the markets so he can blame it on…"
Oct 3, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan replied to Jimmy Z's discussion • "Liberty" by Jordan Page: Music for America
"Perhaps it's time to take a few minutes to thank every Tea Party patriot who has staved off the take-over of America for the past 5 years by the Communist/Socialist. Millions across the the U.S. have sacrificed their time, savings and some…"
Oct 1, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan replied to Bill Bissell, Admin's discussion Liberal” Kirsten Powers rightfully rips Churches
"It's true that with pro-lifers there are still the Gosnells of this world yet, with pro-choicers like Kirsten, who have given women carte blanc to kill their unborn, it's hard to garner support for the persecuted Christians…"
Sep 30, 2013
Christine Rae Moylan commented on Darla Dawald's video

Judge Napolitano: Think Twice Before Giving Apple Your Fingerprint

"I really don't think it matters at this stage of the game whether one uses the Internet or not. Everything about each of us is in cyber space for any who are interested in tracking us. If one shops with cash you may be less likely to…"
Sep 24, 2013

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My biggest concern about the current administration, congress, country, and or the leftist agenda is?
The disregard for the majority who disagree with their agendas. A dictatorship towards Socialism.
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Christine Rae Moylan's Blog

Tea Party Express Coming to Greenville SC

Well, we are finally getting to meet those couragous private citizens who are standing up for the Silent Majority who have only started to make their voices heard. I don't support the Tea Party Express a 100% but, then again, I don't support anyone or any group a 100%. However, I must give credit for how the Tea Party Express has united us on smaller Government and fiscal responsibility while they have travelled around the Country.

Their fifth crossing will start in Napa Ca, then onto…


Posted on August 8, 2011 at 11:09am

They Seek Her Here, They Seek Her There, They Seek Her Everywhere , That Darn Sarah Palin Can't Hide Anywhere.

The media just can't get enough of Sarah Palin. Unlike President Obama who always wants to be in front of the camera while directing himself from behind the camera, Sahah just has to be. It must be her perfume they whiff-out all the time because they can't get enough of her. She has them chasing her tail no matter what she is doing and this bus tour have them all going crazy. The propaganda media even have Fox commentators agreeing with them that Sarah Palin is unelectable and she hasn't…


Posted on June 8, 2011 at 10:00am — 7 Comments

Main Street Walk of Courage to Show Support for Israel

A walk down Main Street every Saturday from June through September to show our support for Israel. This would not be a march or a protest, just a few people walking down Main Street showing armband with the Star Of David for all to see. Prior and during WWII Germany's Government mandated all Jews were to wear patches proclaiming their lowly status in  society. Over six million Jews were anihilated during WWII while the Nazis confiscated the lands and possessions of the Jews. Now, this evil…


Posted on May 26, 2011 at 6:29pm

Runaway Slave Teaser, The Tea Party emcompasses all races. Let the Race Begin to Blossom.

We don't hear anything about the different races at the Tea Parties because that would mean there is a united front against the Communist/Socialist agenda. The Obamaites propaganda media only pick and choose what Tea Party they cover to get the most effect for the leftist brainpower. Fortunately for us Tea Party patriots, we are as diverse as our Republic and, join across the nation to spread our words of salvation. As well as Hispanics starting to stand up for our freedom we have the Black… Continue

Posted on July 23, 2010 at 1:32pm

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Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you liked the song.



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