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Sep 2
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Bill G replied to Jimmy Z's discussion • Michael Brown Apparently Stole $50 Worth Of Swisher Sweets: Jimmy Z
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Cape Coral, FL
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Illegal Alien Amnesty & Open Borders, Globalism, Socialism, Tax Increases, Climate Alarmism, Judicial Activism, Universal Healthcare, Gun Control, Social Liberalism, Constitutional Infringements
My biggest concern about the current administration, congress, country, and or the leftist agenda is?
That, because of the collusion between his administration (specifically Rahm Emanuel) and the news media, they will be able to distort reality into getting support for policies which will rob us of our liberty. With a Democrat controlled congress and activist left leaning judges, our "checks and balances" are nearly moot.
How I would like to Contribute:
Original Blog Contributor, Attend Local Meetings, Educate Myself, Educate Others, Visit Elected Officials, Call and Fax Legislators, Share on Facebook/Twitter
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Birds of a Feather?

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 11:47am 0 Comments

My Dad always said that "birds of a feather, flock together", meaning you will be judged by those whose company you keep.

I think we can pretty much agree that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson  are race hustlers.  They appear at any incident they think they can profit from, stir up animosity, and then later disappear.  These two are probably the worst examples of racist hucksters we've seen…

"GUN FACTS" Guide to educate and dispel myths

Posted on March 22, 2013 at 10:49pm 0 Comments


 Our 2nd amendment rights seem to be under constant attack.  With a complicit news media promulgating inaccurate information, many people don't know what's fact and what's fiction.  
There are a number of gun rights organizations; all doing their part.  Most notable, and recognizable, is the NRA.  Because of their huge membership, fiscal…

Our Budget and An Out of Control Congress

Posted on March 22, 2013 at 10:28am 13 Comments

Paul Ryan, and others in the House have made a number of recommendations to cut the Federal budget.  For the most part they've been scorned and attacked.  The fact is that Washington has become so dysfunctional, that we now have the proverbial fox watching the chicken coop.  The majority of the Washington politicians have become so invested in perpetuating themselves in office that they justify selling their character, and our descendents' future liberty,…


Losing our liberty through Regulation, Taxation, and Gun Control

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 1:14pm 24 Comments

It's almost as if we are living in a dream world.  We actually have UNITED STATES SENATORS and a PRESIDENT who think it is perfectly alright to…

Fiscal Cliff or a previously agreed and negotiated compromise?

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 8:45am 31 Comments

Have you noticed the media frenzy to get us all so upset and frightened about the "fiscal cliff" that we'll be willing to accept whatever "compromise" congress comes up with to kick the can down the road?

Why hasn't anyone been questioning HOW we got here? Why are the "Bush Tax Cuts" now being touted by the media as having a major impact on the middle class when back when they were proposed and instituted, the left, the media, and the Democrats--including then Senator Barack Obama,…


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At 10:35am on October 1, 2009, greg wood said…
I was glad to meet you last night.I hope the next time we meet,we get some ground work to start moving forward.I am glad that you bring great insight and personal knowledge to the group.I agree,this may be a small and new group,yet I will be willing to do my part to get more involved.If you have any more suggestions or advice,get back with me.Take care.
At 9:51am on September 28, 2009, greg wood said…
Bill,we are meeting at the Perkins on Del Prado the 30th at 6:00pm.Hope you can make it.
At 9:48am on September 28, 2009, greg wood said…
Hope to see you at the meeting on 6:00pm at Perkins on Del Prado in the Cape.
At 2:32pm on September 18, 2009, greg wood said…
Bill, we will meet at Perkins on Del Prado the 30th at 6:00pm.Please try to make this.
At 9:23am on September 2, 2009, greg wood said…
Thank you for getting back.I will be praying for the Tea Parties.I will not be able to attend due to having surgery on the 10th.We will be meeting again at the end of September.
At 10:32pm on August 25, 2009, Chrissy, said…
Hi Bill, yes I hope you can make it. I wanted to get together with the both of you and hopefully a few members. I am so glad to hear from you. I'll meet you at Perkins-just look for the American flag on my table!
At 8:07am on August 25, 2009, Chrissy, said…
At 12:36pm on August 7, 2009, Chrissy, said…
Greg, I would like you and Bill to set up a meeting soon. Things are happening fast and I need you to get a group together in you area soon.
If possible, I will drive down and attend.
At 5:57pm on August 6, 2009, greg wood said…
Bill,will try to set up so we can meet and plan things.I am a working man and I do not get weekends off.Days off are tue and wed.THANKS for the e-mails and I want to see what I can do to help.
At 8:33pm on August 3, 2009, Chrissy, said…
Hey Bill, I need your e-mail. Need to send you something. Thanks



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